Blair #sexist

I’m giving my point of view on pants from a man’s prospective.

Whether a woman wears pants that are skin tight or loose does not matter.

When a man sees a woman in pants, he is NOT looking at the woman’s face at the beginning.

If a man is looking at the woman who is facing away, his eyes are automatically drawn to her rear end.

If the woman is facing him, his eyes are automatically drawn to her lower waist area. (you figure out the area I am talking about)

It doesn’t matter how “Christian” the man is, pants on women are designed to draw a man’s eyes to those parts.
The pants legs coming up and joining together near the waist, are designed to “funnel” a man’s eyes to certain areas.

Its then up to the man whether he averts his eyes, or sins by continuing to look.

My elderly advice to a woman wearing pants is to wear a dress or skirt over top the pants.

And shame on all the “christian” women wearing skin tight jeans or jeans with rhinestones glued to the rear of the pants.

Please don’t tell me those “naive women” do not know they are dressing that way. THEY KNOW!!!!



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