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I’ve heard many iterations of the “true” mark of the beast. I guess the “Mark of the Beast” and the “mark” or “seal of HaSatan” would essentially be 2 separate things we’re talking about. The Seal of Saturn 777, also represented by the 9-3 Thelema. But then we have the “Mark of the Beast”, which could be referring to Lucifer and the 666. I’m still unsure if the Fallen entity known as Lucifer/Abbadon/Azazel is the same entity as the annointed “covert agent of God” known as HaSatan. I see evidence for both paridigms. Which one runs the Saturn Matrix? Who’s more powerful? Does it matter?

I’ve also heard that the original number of “the Beast” was 663, 660, 606 and 616.

Rose says 660. That certainly scores a big point for the 660 crowd. A crowd that seems to be made up of only her since I could find no other sources who claimed 660. Lots of 616 and 606 claims, but not 660. She should get sole credit for this.

When I playing around with the “Comirnaty” Gematria results, I found that “Comirnaty Vax” comes out to 990. So thats a bit creepy too. 990 is 660 inverted. *”Comirnaty” is the new name for the “approved” version of the vaccine.

Like I said, I’ve heard a lot of claims for a lot of different numbers and one claim that it wasn’t even supposed to have been translated as having meant an actual number to begin with and was mistranslated from Arabic to Greek at some point.



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