Charlie Kirk & various commenters #wingnut #sexist

(submitters note: refering to the protests against the overturn of Roe v. Wade)
( Charlie Kirk )
Notice who is marching in the streets: single, unmarried, mostly white, college educated “women”

Frankly it’s foolish to call conservatives racist—who we actually can’t stand are angry, liberal, white women.

( @chuck724 )
And all of them are too ugly to be worried about getting pregnant

( @Ross55 )
And ugly as anything on top of that! All liberal women are didgusting, self hating garbage!

( @MimiM1 )
You should have put college educated in parentheses considering they don't seem educated enough to use birth control or cross their legs

( @TimetoAct )
I too noticed that. Have viewed coverage from Live Streamers who were in DC at the moment the ruling came down. On the Pro-Life side you saw a more diverse side.

( @Iaiamonius )
Some of them aren’t fit, look like slobs, or are kinda freaky. What self respecting man would touch them?

( @WinstonBlack )
Well all see them, know, and understand what they are.

Ill say it for you.

College SLUTS.

( @MimiM1 )
Exactly... But having a college degree now doesn't mean much... It usually just implies indoctrination

( @TheRealDarkVoid )
And then you have to actually question just how many of them are "women."

( @sunrays )
Most white college educated young people are liberals, their skin color means nothing they are the backbone of the BLM group, taught by liberals who hate this Country and they cannot reason out for themselves but mindlessly believe what they hear

( @Patriot1895 )
College education is a euphemism for indoctrinated .....and they suffer from hitting the ugly tree......repeatedly

( @Littleboy2020 )
You mean liberal Women that fell out of the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down before hitting the ground face down then became known as fugly liberal women



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