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I think women need to start being better partners to their husbands...particularly with regard to financial matters. Women have the right to earn a living and have the same financial obligation that a man does. To take care of themselves and their children. Women who sit around on their asses all day while their husbands go to work and then complain about how their job is the hardest in the world just make me roll my eyes. I have worked full time...raised two kids...and have a beautiful immaculate home. And although its not always easy, cleaning a house and raising kids (once they're in school) is NOT even remotely close to what it takes to earn a living. I'm also sick of the blatant disrespect of men on commercials, shows, etc. Like they're incapable of doing household tasks or rearing children without some bitch nagging at them all the time. I would NEVER speak to my husband that way. He deserves my respect...he works hard, he's brilliant and although I may do some things better than he does...he does things I'd never be able to do. We each have our skills and together we're greater than the sum of our parts. Being a feminist isn't a license to disrespect or take advantage of men...especially not good, hardworking, kind men.



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