Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho

All based woke men need embrace kemonism

Between feminist cucks, who respect sluts and serve them, and tradcucks, who still in some way respect 'muh mother of muh children", and fuckboiys who respect no one with vegane, it is right path of respect those girls who deserve it, by being kemono friends, and so really based and woke man of culture is who refuses both feminism and tradcuckery, by choosing enlightened way of kemonism. Problem is findind 3d girls who deserve kemonism, and so mostly it is just ideological respect of idea what good waifu should be

Disgusting non-kemono foids, set them on fire, enslave, force-prostitute, and one nice glorious day, when artificial kemono waifus created - exterminate those inferior natural biocunts



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