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Sylvain Marcoux[…]first raised the possibility of starting his own political party[…]Stated his intention to name this party the Parti nationaliste chrétien[…]
In a video posted to YouTube, Marcoux discusses the threats of “kosher messianism” and race-mixing, which he argues are promoted by the World Economic Forum and the United Nations in a “full-frontal attack on the white race”[…]
Founded in 1967, the original PNC courted rural voters and clergy members with its theocratic platform for a period of nearly three years[…]
A detailed platform published by Tremblay in 1969 decried the existence of “satanic propaganda” promoted by the media and foreign agents, which he argued was pushing Québec towards “national suicide”[…]Tremblay also described Jews as the “mortal enemies” of the Québec independence movement[…]
Reached for comments by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, Sylvain Marcoux explained he was not initially aware of the history of the Parti nationaliste chrétien, but that he read its platform and “was comfortable with it”[…]
Marcoux proposed prohibiting the practice of Islam in Québec, calling the religion “incompatible with parliamentary democracy.” When pushed as to whether he would support the idea of deporting people who practice Islam in their homes, he responded, “we have psychiatric asylums. They can get cured, there’s treatments for it”
In the same interview, Marcoux denounced the “devaluation’ of families, notably through the promotion of the ‘LGBT program,” which he said pushes “12-year-old men to wonder whether they are men because of gender theory”[…]
Marcoux’s accounts[…]often displayed neo-Nazi symbols. In one Facebook post, he even goes as far as saying that “Hitler was the most beautiful soul to have walked this earth”[…]
In 2021, Marcoux was arrested for publishing the address of then-Québec Public Health director Horacio Arruda

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Footage of James Sears receiving a “free speech” award from a long-time neo-Nazi includes remarks from the former doctor and jokes about the Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam being publicly executed[…]
Sears, who was on parole after serving four of his 12-month sentence for promoting hatred in his newspaper, Your Ward News, was arrested by the Toronto Police Service on Thursday for breaching his release conditions[…]
In November 2021, Paul Fromm presented Sears with the 2021 George Orwell Free Speech Award. Sears took this as an opportunity to launch into a long and winding talk[…]
“If the Nazis were in charge [the pandemic] would’ve ended in two weeks,” Sears told the small crowd, cheering crowd

He went on to describe a scenario where Hitler would have found Dr. Tam guilty of treason and sentenced her to death for being behind a Communist plot. Sears[…]described a truly Canadian public execution which he imagined would take place during halftime at a hockey game

“[Dr. Tam] would’ve been tied to a pole in center ice and she would’ve been sentenced to death by high sticking”

He insists he is “only joking” and doesn’t want real harm to come to her, but went on to suggest Hitler would have made a joke that “there’s a face-off in the corner”[…]
Sears’ problematic views of women were on full display when he expressed bewilderment about his conviction

“I wrote[…]that men treat their cars better than their women and I wrote that if men thought of their women as possessions they’d treat them better,” Sears explained. “[The judge] said that’s dehumanizing towards women and it’s one of the worst things. It’s like, what? There’s no logic to any of it. I don’t understand. Nothing I’ve even said so far is a negative statement about Jews or women. I didn’t even say anything negative about them. And I said ‘precious chattel. Precious’”

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(Submitter's Note - “Duck Hunting” is a deadly euphemism for, “come across our border with your guns and kill the people I've decided are bad,” in this case, anyone advocating for vaccines or pretending that this charlatan isn't actually the Queen of Canada.)


The Kingdom of Canada,
To We The People of Canada.
Duck Hunting Season in the Kingdom of
Canada Opens Tomorrow - Monday, 11 /22 /
2021 at 6:00AM!!! All Time Zones
Please and thank you.
Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.
I don't play Politics.
HRH Majesty Queen Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chiet
Head of Government of Canada,
President and Queen of Canada