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Kanye undergoes some of the most horrifying shape-shifting I’ve ever seen in the below video. He shape-shifts his ASS OFF during his Grey-Magick-heavy Sunday Service. He’s putting in straight work for the devil. The same way Yeezy also drops truth, mixed in with his blasphemies and baphomet gang signs. No one has ALL the answers, but instead everyone has a piece of the puzzle, but mixed in with bullshit so that no one can ever truly get a firm hold onto the TRUTH TRUTH.
Have you ever heard Q talk about Jesus? I think they’ve dropped his name ONCE and it was only because his name happened to appear within the context of a Bible quote they were referencing. (And NO, quoting from the Bible does not prove anything. In fact, the practitioners of “Grey Magick” use that tactic all the time to entrap luke-warm Christians. I believe that Q is in-fact imploring a type of Grey Magick and casting it’s spells upon its followers along with the implementation & utilization of certain aspects of “Chaos Magick”. That’s how Kek came to be).

So the fact that Q’s wildly popular catchphrase, “Where we go one, we go all” is the literal mantra of Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels, that alone should be enough for Anons at the very least to be prudent and initiate the emergency braking system, take a step back, and give another, more probing look at QAnon(the military & St. Germaine), the history & background of Big T, and more specifically, how he fits into the long term agenda of the Anti-Christ and the occult organizations that are controlled by him[the Anti-Christ]. Specifically the groups known as, the “Golden Dawn” and “Order of the Phoenix”/”Phoenix Order”. (The Beast vs The Harlot).

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Safe to Say that Gaige Grosskreutz Might Be The Most Cowardly Bitch-Ass Toolbag & Wannabe Badass The World Has Ever Seen. He FAKE SURRENDERS Then Pulls a Gun to Kyle Rittenhouses Head Before Almost Getting His Arm Blown Off & Running Like a Fairy 🧚‍♀️

Wow. It doesn’t get much lower than that. He FAKE SURRENDERS to the kid before proceeding to pull out his pistol and point it at his head! Yet despite this jaw-droppingly despicable and cowardly act of cheating and complete disregard for any semblance of the “rules of engagement”, he is still SO inept at handling a firearm that he is unable to fire first & ends up getting his bicep blown off as he then proceeds to run off in the same manner he would when forced to run away from his boyfriend with a dildo still stuffed up his ass, trying to squeeze the thing out while begging him to please stop trying to force such large objects up into his anal cavity.

It was alleged that Grosskreutz was upset and had become manic that evening after this boyfriend of his had came in his mouth earlier without warning him and that’s one of the reasons he was acting so crazy and running around with guns that night. Neighbors & friends had said they had heard them arguing about this earlier that evening as it had been a common occurrence for Marshall to cum in Grosskreutzs mouth like that without warning him beforehand & he had been overheard several times begging him to please stop doing it and to please tell him ahead of time before blasting such a huge load of semen like that into his mouth.

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STARTLING FIND: We Are Witnessing a Bloodline War | PROOF: Hanx, Celine Dion, Madonna, the Bushes & the British Royals are ALL the Same Bloodline. Trump Too! Trump is Wiping Out his Own Family Members, Just as the Bible Warned us Would Happen
This was not an easy thing for me to discover and then subsequently come to terms with. Finding out that Trump is a part of the very same demonic bloodline as the Royals and the Bushes, AND that Qanon is just another tool for him and his fellow occultists to use in their game of deception was a CRAPPY realization to make. But I don’t lie to myself and neither should you. It’s all about deciphering truth and taking care of yourself and your family. Right….? Right?????……

I your the kind of person that flicks away content/information that doesn’t fit neatly within your world view and/or political purview, then my blog is not for you.

Trump vs. “the Cabal” is a reptilian bloodline war.
I’m not sure if anyone else has made this realization yet, but it seriously startled me when I came across this.

Do any of these celebrities and politicians who are related to each other and part of this ancient “elite” bloodline also happen to have something else in common? Perhaps relating to certain ongoings with a little organization named after a specific Alphabet letter?

They’re all part of the same serpent seed bloodline. A bloodline that happens to trace back to one Aliester Crowley, as well as even all the way back to the Pharohs.

You know who else is a part of this “elite” bloodline? You guessed it. Big T himself!

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<The crater earth theory is so very silly as to believe the earth inside a tiny crater on a giant super-earth, as seen in reflection of the moon. No really.>
I will look for any excuse in the world to talk about my beloved creator Earth theory and I couldn’t help but notice at the following verse from Genesis provides tremendous supporting evidence in the way it describes the types of light. The “Crater Earth” theory postulates that there is not just “light” but in fact 2 kinds of light. White light & black light and that our sun is a “black sun”.

I know, I know. The “black sun” is worshipped in certain occult(in this context, occult simply meaning “secret”, without a negative esoteric connotation) circles and was famously worshipped by the Nazis. There’s plenty of evidence that Nazi leaders were privy to all sorts of secret ancient knowledge. The existence of this “black sun” was likely just one of many secrets they kept close to them and withheld from the rest of the world. It’s an important part of the theory in that it explains how the reflection of our giant Earth is seen in the form of the moon. This Bible verse seems to cooberate this. So just because it has a history of being attached to nazi occultists does not make it inherently evil as a scientific hypothesis. It just happens that that was one of the pieces of secret knowledge that they kept close to them. Nothing more. In fact it actually helps to cooberate the theory since the nazis were known to possess quite the scientific accumen and may have even hinted at this theory in the past.

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Hunter was nowhere to be found at the debate. Maybe they finally had enough of the low quality clones they kept getting and just scrapped any plans they may have had to feature one in the audience. Joe had plenty of support from his augmented reality contact lenses anyway.

I’m sorry, but this is just insane. How many different versions of Hunter Biden have they used up to this point? Whoever is in charge of cloning copies of Hunter needs to get some better source DNA material or improve on the quality control aspects of the process because this is downright embarrassing. Those 4 Hunters look COMPLETELY different.

That boy is DEAD.

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While the Christian in me still has me running around cautioning everyone to not fall for the deceptive “New Age” aspects of “Great Awakening”, that doesn’t mean I am not going to acknowledge the reality of what’s happening here and that JFK Jr. is very much alive. I’ve even gone as far as to speculate that he will be this long anticipated, highly charismatic Anti-Christ figure who will soon take the reigns as world leader. He fits the bill PERFECTLY. But I’m not going to lie about what’s going on. That boy is living…

The debunking efforts are PITIFUL & outright EMBARASSING if you ask me. The people attempting to debunk this, in one instance by using Gematria decodes, oidn’t even know what Gematria was(his “subs” told him to do it) and couldn’t even pronounce it right.
I realize that this may be new information to many out there. I’m not going to be an arrogant little prick and not post about just because it’s old news to me. Its still fascinating that they have been able to pull this off for as long as they have. The fact that Trump is hated so much by the press is why they have been alt to stay under the radar for so long. I can’t wait to see what the DemonRats establishment does when this finally comes out. That’s what I’m so anxious to see. The DemonRat leadership squirm.

Especially when they also realize that Jimmy Carter is JFK Sr. A conspiracy that I seem to be quite alone, yet still content with.

I’m also pretty sure that JFK Jr. is Juan O’Savin at this point

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First, that atmospheric oxygen is being denatured by microwave transmissions and that the amount of atmospheric oxygen has been depleted from 21% in 1950 to 16% now?

That’s 5% in 50 years, versus 8% total since 250,000 BC? Ya think we have a problem here, Houston?

You are starving for oxygen on a daily basis, and now you are putting on masks and further depleting your ability to breathe. Brilliant.

Second, the idiots in charge of the military created a monster vaccine and deployed it through the military during the second Iraq War. It was a vaccination that has caused the victims to develop “super coagulation syndrome” Also known as “thick blood disease”.
Remember that the US Surgeon General doesn’t condone the use of masks?

There’s a reason for that. He knows they don’t work. Masks only make things worse.

Thank you, Jerome Adams, for being the only responsible adult in the room.

So, let’s cut to the chase.

There is a real problem — reduced atmospheric oxygen. That’s a problem for all life on Earth.

That problem is being made worse– quickly — by pollution of the oceans, deforestation, and broadcast microwave technology.

And there is also Coagulation Disease, brought to you by the Frankensteins being allowed to experiment on our military personnel.

But there is no distinctive “Covid 19” virus in evidence and no proof of any viral “Covid 19 Disease”, either. None.

This is all bushwah based on nothing but the Common Cold Virus we’ve all lived with for centuries.

We are so confident of that fact, that The United States of America is offering a fifty billion dollar reward to anyone who can prove otherwise.

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Is AOC Really an Undercover DOD Asset?

I know this clip was from a few days ago, but I had to point out the look on her face. Does that not look like the victim of some MK-ultra mind control programming to you? That blank stare?

Plus, just the flat-out craziness of what she said lends even more credibility to the notion that she is in fact an undercover(willingly or unwittingly)GOP operative that was installed within the Democrat establishment by the Golden Dawn/General Flynn inspired Justice Democrats. Created to destroy and sabotage leftist politics in perpetuity. The extremity and cringiness of the policies that come out from the Justice Democrat think tank serve as kind of mocking performance art.

Pelosi & her DemonRat establishment has really been getting their asses handed to them of late with the sabotage of the party by the progressives and the execution of so many of the Veteran rats. RBG is the latest victim(EVIDENCE: wrinkled flag on her coffin👇).

All of that would certainly explain this ritual suicide that I’m constantly asserting must be taking place by the leftist establishment as the only way for me to come to terms with what I see as the inexplicable and nonsensical politics of certain DemonRat leaders. Far more than the lamestream media would like to admit with their assinine polling statistics that audaciously show Biden with these double digit leads over Big T. Literally NO ONE is showing up to the Joe Biden rallies and most of the “protestors” and “activists” out there running around for ANTIFA & BLM are Soros bankrolled ex-cons. Kinninigan even suggested that many of them had came directly from the cloning center and out onto the streets. They could care less about politics.