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Predators - paedos and pervs - must be unable to believe their luck! Not only can they get away with this shit, they have a load of WOMEN who are helping them! Effectively pinning the entire female sex, and children, down for men to rape! Forgive them mother for they know not what they do? They numb their own minds with the cultish chanting so as to prevent that suppressed realisation from taking hold. Kind of like Susie Green. The realisation of what they have done, if acknowledged, would surely kill them.

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When you think about it, it's so creepy. What makes a heterosexual man want to wake up and speak out on the needs of male-bodied people to access female spaces? Liberals want equality for all. Yes, we believe everyone should have the same rights as they stand in law. But when your main passion is access for cross-dressers (because that's all most trans people are these days) to identify into women's spaces, there's something wrong with you. Your wife needs to lock away her underwear. Your daughters need to watch out. That's not normal advocating for equality, that's campaigning for kinks and paraphilias.

I firmly believe there is a link between paedophilia and the current form of trans rights activism. Of course not all gender identity ideologists are paedophiles but I do see the link working the other way. I can see why paedophiles would be attracted to gender identity ideology. I know someone (a gay man in his 50s) who has an unhealthy interest in young boys. I stopped communicating with him a while ago, but, from his social media postings, it was clear he’s a strong ‘trans rights activist’. This seems to be connected with the ‘transgressive’, ‘I’m more on your side than your parents are’ vibe that comes with gender identity ideology. I was also speaking on Clubhouse a few days ago with a couple of women who have detransitioned. Despite being lesbian, both said that when they first identified and presented as “non-binary”, they had an unexpected and very uncomfortable amount of sexual attention from older gay men. One said it felt it it was all about their “young androgynous appearance”.