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What did the Romans think about Egypt?
Romans were astonished by the black negroid women of ancient Egypt, they were seeing them as a model of ideal beauty. it was very surprising to see women perforating their lower lips and fitting big wooden drums into them. was fascinating seeing the black Egyptian women walking nacked and shaking their big butt cheeks while going to their farms.

on the other hand ancient Egyptian black negroid men walking completely nacked showing their private organs were seen as a model of super virility.

on the cultural level Romans were shocked and started to ask big questions about Egypt as the origin of civilization, how those idiots built these marvels how those scums could have any contribution to mankind's civilization!!!

since then the Romans decided to clean the land of Egypt from that rubbish, the Romans committed the biggest genocide in human history, 8 million black livestock were massacred in one night. and the Romans established the first gametocyte bank in history where they mixed sperms and ova from Romans, Greeks, Arabs, and Levantines and created the modified Egyptian nation. Since then life became more logical, history became more aligned with reason and planet earth became a better place to live in.