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Carl Jung’s Gnostic Revival, Abraxas, and the 20th Century Cult of Mithra, the gnostic underground stretching from the Sodomite Rituals of the ancient mystery cults tied to Isis and Demeter, to the Templars, Franciscan and Jesuit inner initiates to the Hellfire Club, the Illuminati, 33rd Degree Freemasons - most Secret Societies are all Sodomite through the performance of Satanic Sodomy Rituals.

From the Rosicrucian takeover of Britain with the the Aleister Crowley Thelema Sodomy Rituals to inject Demons into the Anus, ALL Secret Societies believed in a cosmology which held that Psychopathic absolute nothingness devoid of love, reason, intention or any other quality (see: Newton’s assumed infinite space) was the essential character of reality.
All Satanists are Sodomites but all Homosexuals are not Satanic!

The Thule’s Vril Society was essentially an order of clairvoyant priestesses/witches who would service sacred ritual orgies as Whores of Babalon of initiated New Aryan Templars while also channeling spirit entities from the ether and messages from ‘the secret Chiefs’.

Please note that the Demon Baphomet is transexual and all LGBTPS stems from Satanic theory and practise.
The Rites and Rituals that developed over the eons to facilitate this breaking free of moral constraints, involved rites of initiation, and elaborate mystery plays, sacred mind-altering drugs, human and animal sacrifices, the castration ritual, cutting the breasts off, hysterectomy ritual, perverse sexual exercises like the Sodomy Ritual or Sex with the Whore of Babalon and other exercises that brought those who survived the rites of passage into a new identity as an elite order of human gods.

As I said in my Book Against Satanism 3 the purpose of Satanic Ritual is to implant evil energy blockages into people to turn them into Psychopaths, to split them into more subpersonalities, to implant demons into them, to make them more and more Evil so that these Evil people can be promoted.

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Infiltrating Bloodline Phoenician Aristocratic Families have existed for over 5000 years before the Birth of Christ. Using emotional rhetorical religious concepts to control, they worship all the Pagan Gods, including Lucifer, Satan, Baal, Bel, Molech, Ashtoreth, Cybele and Attis including all the Satanic Rituals in Against Satanism Volume 3 - RITUAL SEX, RITUAL DRUGS, RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICE, RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE, RITUAL PEDOPHILIA, RITUAL TORTURE, RITUAL CANNIBALISM, RITUAL CASTRATION.

In this book - AGAINST SATANISM VOLUME SIX - we find that over thousands of years, spook, Bloodline Phoenician Aristocratic Families like Springmeiers "Twelve Bloodlines of the Illuminati", which starts off with the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires the Rothschilds infiltrated every country, every Empire, taking over or infiltrating every ruling aristocracy and aristocratic, bloodline family, in Europe, Britain, America, India, China and in every other country in the World.

Every famous person Generals, Politicians, Priests, Policemen, Professors, Presstitutes, musicians, spooks, is a Phoenician Aristocrat related to the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires...
The far simpler truth is that the 10,000 year reign of the Satanic Phoenician Mega Trillionaires demands - it is their religion - it is their means of survival, the fall of empires failed by infiltration, from within. Thus the current fall of the Anglo-American Empire and the rise of the Chinese Century. We have the histories of seventy-two Empires which failed in the same way. Recently failed Empires include the British Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire.

The purpose is to stop the rise of humanity, to degenerate humanity, to retain total control. The purpose is the Control of humanity so that they cannot evolve, they cannot break their chains, they cannot know the truth, that they are maintained, those who could be Gods!