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YAHUAH, YAHUSHA, Moshe, all the Prophets, all the Hebrews, and all the translators taught and preached that the earth is a stationary, plane, set on 4 corners with pillars, enclosed by a glass firmament, within which the sun, moon, and stars were all placed inside of, on day four of creation, just as the Scriptures maintain from Genesis to Revelation.

So do the Scriptures teach Gnosticism, Kabbalahism, and Luciferianism . . Because that is exactly what the Big-Bang, Heliocentric, spinning Globe earth cosmology is. Apotheosis and Enochian Mysticism.

For thousands of years, concepts such as the idea of traveling through portals, dimensional doors, gateways through the stars, etc., were confined to the realm of divination and sorcery… Yet today such concepts are considered a logical extension and achievable goal of modern physics, and Copernican cosmology… Constantly reinforced by NASA and Hollywood…

Why would YAHUAH create such an infinite and chaotic universe that could only be eventually discovered by the technological advances of humanistic agendas and Occult organizations…???

The entire Luciferian dream of ascension, of apotheosis, of man becoming god, is embedded within the very fabric of Copernican cosmology…

Their synthesis has worked perfectly. The One World Religion is everyone unknowingly worshiping the Feathered Serpent, while under the delusion of that through this, they are destroying the New World Order who (they do not know) worships the same.

This is their Hegelian Dialectic perfected.

The Vaulted Earth #crackpot #fundie #magick #conspiracy vaultedearth.wordpress.com

While plain science is not, and never can become, dangerous to a Scriptural literalist and realist, Scientism has been determinedly at work to over throw the foundations of faith, and has succeeded in deceiving thousands to their eternal detriment. An accomplishment of which Scientism is especially proud is the successful destruction of faith in the scriptures as the real revelation of YAHUAH. Disguised as the 6th Enochian Mystery of astronomy and geology, Science has demonstrated triumphantly that the very first chapters of the Divine Book (Scriptures) contain nothing but myths, which are of no greater historical value than the cosmogony of any pagan people. This was the inevitable result of scientific speculation. No mind imbued with the errors of pantheism, deism, or monism, could by any possibility reconstruct the history of creation along the lines laid down in the record of which YAHUAH is the author. It matters not that all the real facts of the 6th Enochian Mystery of astronomy and geology agree very well with the mosaic presentation and the point of view prevailing in the whole Divine Book (Scriptures); since Scientism has decreed that these facts shall be utilized for deductions based upon other points of view, and has declared its deductions to be facts, thousands of deluded sinners have been led to discard as antiquated the entire revelation of YAHUAH in the Scriptures, including the Savior YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH and His salvation.

The Vaulted Earth #conspiracy #fundie #crackpot #wingnut #dunning-kruger vaultedearth.wordpress.com

Note: This is not a flat earth debunking page, the earth is most definitely a flat and stationary plane. This page is about the current flat earth movement that I believe does not represent the real Biblical flat earth model.

Do not be so quick to just blindly jump on the Zetetic flat earth model without questioning any of its mechanics, just as we did with the Globe model. It is my own opinion that the Zetetic flat earth model was a controlled release by the United Nations to co-opt the flat earth rediscovery and revelation by subliminally getting flat earth believers to unknowingly promote the United Nations dominion over the world through the legitimate Truth of the flat earth.
Do you want more people to realize the lies of NASA, Heliocentricism, and that the rotating Ba’al earth in “outer space” is a massive deception? Well one of the major reasons why they don’t, is because the official Flat Earth Society/Azimuthal Equidistant/1-poled circle earth model IS NOT reality, and is quite easily proven as false from both the Word of YAHUAH ELOHIYM and real life observations.

When people look at the Azimuthal Equidistant projection/United Nations flag model and realize it can’t even explain night and day properly, they don’t believe any of it and remain exactly where they are, under the illusion of the occult mass programming/globe indoctrination.

Being unable to investigate your own beliefs, or to debate ideas without emotional outbursts, is the sure sign of occult programming/brainwashing, especially when you didn’t formulate the ideas yourself and they actually came from someone else.

This video presents the earth a flat square, proved from Scripture, evidence and reason, for your consideration