Andrew Anglin #psycho #conspiracy #racist #homophobia

[From "The Fate of the Brave Foreign Heroes Who Went to Fight for Glorious Aryan Gay Child Rimjobs"]



The base we came from was struck by rockets in the early morning hours. People we lived with for a couple days are confirmed dead. It is only a matter of time before our location is targeted. We are about to be cut off by a Russian tank column any day now…
Food, water, and ammunition dwindle slowly. The mood is somber, people are sending their last messages to friends and family
Where is NATO? Where is the supposed good of western civilization?
2:50PM Mar 13, 2022

This is a Ukraine shill account. He’s been shilling the heroism of the brave heroes who went to fight in the Ukraine for gay pride or the glory of the Aryan race[…]
He has no reason to lie about this

It definitely sounds like what would happen if a bunch of retards went to fight in a war in a country they can’t find on a map because they saw sad pictures on TV

The Ukrainian Jewish occupation regime and Western media obviously knew these volunteer soldiers would get slaughtered. They wanted more corpses[…]so they could do human interest stories about the devastated families who lost their Aryan anal retards to the dastardly Russians they signed up to go shoot guns at

I truly believed that Zelensky’s Aryan Empire would succeed, and finally restore the glory of the Aryan race[…]
Could the diabolical Russians really crush the Jewish NATO plan to build a true Aryan empire?

All of these people will for the rest of their lives be military deserters[…]their children will be the sons of deserters[…]
Deserting used to be a shame comparable to homosexual actions or patricide. But I guess these redditors support homosexualism and take pride in hating their fathers, so maybe desertion is also our values and who we are?



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