Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #racist #conspiracy #magick #wingnut

Operation Warp Speed was Trumps baby and he considers it one of his greatest accomplishments and routinely brags about having infected so many millions of people with genocidal A.I.D.S.-inducing, DNA-altering synthetic poison.

Donald J. Trump… “father” of the Covaids quackcine and Zionist / Jesuit pig. Those were his words. He calls himself “the father of the vaccine“. Another one of Israel’s hand puppets.

Of course do not forget about the Vatican and the Society of Jesus and their Black Nobility. They are the true head of the snake and videos like this one do too good of a job making it seem like it’s only the Jews who are at the helm of the world’s Saturn-worshipping, Kabbalah-practicing, veil-hiding crime syndicate. Zionists represent a very powerful sect but are not the only or even largest tribe within that crew. That being said, they still do indeed represent a huge chunk of the Geopolitical power players on the world stage and were a huge part of the Trump deception.

Even DeSantis recently publicly endorsed and recommended getting the vaccine! He’s another Jewish hand puppet.



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