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You think the police will beat and arrest gays going to bath houses and glory hole bars to flatten the monkeypox curve the way they did with Christians going to church and gyms?

@CosmonautKatyusha No, because they are also big gay

@CosmonautKatyusha no, they will flatten the monkeypox curve by beating Christians going to church and gyms


Who do you think is on the glory side of that hole?

More like the cops are going to join in bunch of fucking fagots!

@CosmonautKatyusha they shoupd gas them

No because police are all fags.

@CosmonautKatyusha The police are the henchmen of the Synagogue of Satan – they just don't know it because most are too stupid.

@CosmonautKatyusha no. Instead the gays will get billions in funding for vaccines and research, just like they did with aids. Can’t ask the gays to stop their promiscuous sex, that would be homophobic.

Let them sodomize themselves to death...who cares

@CosmonautKatyusha Actually, let's hope not. It will become a self-correcting problem. Monkeypox=Aids 2.0


Oy Vey! Not in the least as the satanic pedophiles enjoy butt blasting!

@CosmonautKatyusha lol fuck no they won't, that'd be filed as a gate crime against them and the degenerates would easily win that multimillion dollar class action case.

@CosmonautKatyusha queers are a protected class and Christian’s are an open season no bag limit

@CosmonautKatyusha I think they need to make it mandatory fo rthem to have their assholes stitched shut and give them colostomy bags since they clearly has no idea what an asshole is for. They have given the world HIV/AIDS and now MonkeyPox, i believe all of them need to be rounded up and placed in re-education camps. They are a threat to global health and the well being of the entire global population.



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