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RE: instinctively repelled by trans people

( actualdyke )
I think it's absolutely a primal thing because I experience this too and I know a lot of other women do as well. you can thank millennia of evolution for hardwiring your brain to spot threats / danger / poison etc. if your brain reacts with disgust and repulsion when you see a balding middle-aged man with his beer gut spilling out of his crop top and PVC skirt, then congratulations, you are an evolutionary success!

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Oh this is definitely an evolutionary response.

I think we react with even more revulsion (compared to non TIMs) because what we're seeing is a fundamentally dishonest man, and dishonest men are dangerous and unpredictable.

( actualdyke )
not just dishonest dangerous and unpredictable, but almost certainly sexually perverted as well.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
I mean, they're inherently repulsive. They've deliberately chosen to reside in Uncanny Valley.

(XX_Power )
I have the same reaction to trans males, it's visceral. I think it's a mix of the uncanny valley response which is innate, and the experience that they're always huge misogynists. Female trans people i don't have that reaction at all, i mostly feel pity.

( MissMilotic )
Yes I have definitely noticed that MTF men are often far more narcissistic and difficult to deal with than FTM women. Obviously some FTMs can be insufferable but it seems quite a bit rarer, whereas MTFs often seem to want lots of attention and to feel sexually desirable.

( AGP_awareness )
Most of them are AGPs, so it goes with the territory.



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