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THE TRANSHUMAN, SATANIC/LUCIFERIAN PLAN is a Khazarian/Fascist backed plan.

This is at the ROOT of why they do what they do!

Are you aware of the WINGMAKERS MATERIAL? The premise there is that sometime in our future a RACE OF AI RUN ANDROIDS will ‘drive by’ our solar system and spot our Earth and decide to invade with the intention to takeover and conquer this version of humanity. Therefore the SECRET GOV / DEEP STATE /SECRET SPACE PROGRAM MILITARY decided to CREATE THEIR OWN RACE of human cyborgs to use as CANNON FODDER/ a fighting force to repel these coming invaders.

As I have described based on many years of investigation, the roll out of the TRANSHUMAN AGENDA and how the use of NANO GRAPHENE OXIDE coupled with spike proteins and other hidden ingredients (mRNA) is present in the various of the bioweapons unleashed on humanity. Dr. David Adair, is an expert on AI and has said in a recent interview that Spike Protein which attaches itself to nano graphene oxide provides a foundation to transform the human body from carbon to silicone. This concoction has for years prior to the so-called VAX and PCR TESTS been put into our FOOD, WATER, CHEMTRAILS, and so on including our clothing and air we breathe. It acts as a terraforming agent so insidious and hidden that it only became widely known once the VACCINE PROGRAM via warp speed and big Pharma was launched.
As with all MAGICK acts performed by the dark ILLUMINATI type Magicians/doctors/military industrial complex actors… using Mkultra-type PROPAGANDA also known as the “mockingbird media” they persuaded unsuspecting humans to stand in line (volunteer) to get the “VAX” that would be the final ‘coup de grace’ as part of a long effort to turn the human race into androids or more specifically cyborgs, TRANSHUMANS linked to an AI … or what some call the BORG.



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