Congressman Paul Gosar & Various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #racist

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Biden Administration: "Inflation has 'peaked' at 6.8%" in December 2021!

Just announced: Inflation is 9.1% and likely to rise.

Biden's Solution: Spend more money!

The America Last Effect

Gee, perhaps if everyone understood what is happening here they'd realize its up to us to fix the system... Not them.

@DrPaulGosar The Democrats, led by the fake president Biden, are dedicated to ruining the economy. This is no accident; it is a deliberate betrayal, done as a strategy of political war used to destroy America, their enemy.

And this is just one among many such strategies, all of them being carried out by a ruthless enemy disguised as a legitimate government and real news media, and all of them carried out for a single purpose: to reduce America to absolute despotism.

@DrPaulGosar They're intentionally looting the country as it decays. Plus, embarrassing us on a global scale in hopes to punish people for electing Trump.

@DrPaulGosar He’s actually performing splendidly for the Bolsheviks who installed him in office, he is destroying the economy even better than they hoped, a solid tactic right out of the communist playbook, so that a society can be brought to its knees, making it easier to institute their communist dictates!

Biden gets a solid “A” for his performance in helping to further bring America into the NWO!

If we had an actual CIA, that did what the people believe its function was, to covertly protect our interests instead of being a part of the globalist cabal, Biden would be getting neutralized!

@DrPaulGosar 🙏 🇺🇸

Pretty obvious he’s destroying the country on purpose. He can do anything he wants even as a faker and still walk around grinning!

@DrPaulGosar Biden is the Anti-Christ.



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