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You touched on many points but missed THE point. From the World Wars until now, the world population has gone from 2 billion people to nearly 8 billion "people" mostly because of children surviving to adulthood in China, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Google a map of population density and you immediately see THE point. Although these people use resources, they do not create them. They eat, but do not produce food. Mostly, the children survive because White people have such advanced technology, we can create and bring them food even when there are no roads and no electrical grid to preserve food using refrigeration.

Afghanistan is not about which group of White people control the region, Russian or US. It is not about the "Taliban". There is no Taliban. This is one of the points you mentioned but failed to grok. There is no organized military or attempt at control of the region. Just a handful of fools riding a limited number of motorbikes with a few gallons of gas and smiling for the camera. The claim is audacious and similar to saying there is a gang of four or five high school dropouts with 2 guns and a car in the driveway that does not run claiming they control New York City. Just a lie.

So what is true? We have roughly 6 billion fools who are longer being fed by White people, who are about to die within weeks in a disaster no one imagined possible.

The goal, and this goes waaaay back to the British Empire, was to teach these people to at least grow food. They can't.

Now what.

Now they prey on each other and scream for other White people to send them aid, which we will do, and then tell us how evil we are. Will never stop until there are no longer enough Whites left to carry the non-White world. Just chalk this up to another useless area like Chicago or South Africa and keep in mind the meter just moved a bit further to collapse.



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