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RE: ‘Anti-White Watch’ Is the Racist Answer to Surging Hate Crimes

Can't have White Americans being pro white and actively and aggressively fighting against their genocide, can we?

Because hate crimes against Whites are not really hate crimes. Let the gaslighting of genocide roll on!

I had a liberal laugh at the idea of white genocide, but then told me he was glad South African Whites were getting killed. I said, "Wait, you just denied whites were being genocided, but now you're glorifying it?" God, I test white liberals with a passion!

What, the left thought that white people wouldn't respond in kind? Every action has consequences, and it's time for people of color to realize that. They're not the only ones utilizing 'social justice wars.'

I wish White Americans would respond as they did to the Tulsa Riots or the Zoot Suit Riots or how we dealt with our Indian problem 100 years ago.

I live in the Tulsa region. It is incessant coverage leading up to the one hundred year anniversary of the riot (now everyone must say Tulsa Race Massacre.) It is insufferable.

Background: A black man was accused of raping a white woman. When white and black men met outside the courthouse to protest, the blacks came with guns and one of them opened fire on the white guys. THAT is what set off the riot. The white guys really didn't give a rip if the blacks were wealthy or not. If whites were so oppressive, even back then, why would they even allow blacks to get wealthy? Furthermore, it shows that blacks actually did better UNDER segregation (they had businesses, schools, 2-parent families, etc) Their neighborhoods weren't perfect, there was crime there, yes, but not nearly as bad as today.



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