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How to Use the Desperation of Ukrainian War Refugees to your Sexual Advantage.
(The whole thing is too long, here are some choice samples)
“Unlike American women, who on average weigh 170 pounds at 5 feet 4 inches, Ukrainian women still possess a modicum of self-respect and have not gorged themselves into grotesque proportions like barnyard hogs….

Another stark contrast is that Ukrainian women possess souls. American women power wash away all semblance of personality via hormonal birth control, antidepressants, recreational drugs and social media.”

“Finally, the most important difference between Ukrainian and American women is that the former are capable of providing you with healthy, viable offspring, while the latter will misappropriate your DNA and birth a transformer whose only life skill is genital self-mutilation and attaching itself to ceiling fans in creative ways.”

“Uncle Vladimir has given us a belated Christmas present: hot, young, fertile Ukrainian refugees. …

The devastation of Ukraine was purposefully engineered to flood the West with cheap, high-quality labor. So why not benefit from the situation by taking advantage of cheap, high-quality Ukrainian sexual labor?”

“When you’re defeated in war, someone else takes your women and passes on their superior genetics to them. When a simple Ukrainian man gets conned into joining Right Sektor and fighting on behalf of gay Aryan Rimjobs by a country that shall not be named his wives and daughters flee abroad and get drilled by foreigners. That’s just basic War Bride Theory. We the Red Pill didn’t create the situation nor do we have any power over it. What we can do however is take advantage of it with our penises. After all these Ukrainian vaginas have to get fucked by someone. Why not us?”



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