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Question: How much faith would it take to believe that a puddle of primordial soup eventually grew into living organisms, which adventually evolved into male and female human beings?(The myth & faith of evolutionists) To believe that a puddle of primordial soup would become living cells and organisms would require a leap of faith in the first place, but then for these simple organisms to evolve into complex cells and organisms would require another giant leap of faith, but then to believe these complex organisms divided themselves into male & female organisms, which is required to produce new life would require gigantic leaps of faith, which is what evolution really is based on by many atheistic Scientists who don’t want to be accountable to a Creator, whether there’s a Creator or not. Evolution has failed to explain how life is made up of male and female species, which requires both to reproduce, which makes life impossible to spring forth from primordial soup as evolutionists believe with their gigantic leap of faith in the religion of evolution.

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I’m a little surprised that none of you have mentioned “Intelligent Design”. Science has proven that a single cell is irreversible complex, being that it is impossible to have evolved. Both Christian and Non-Christian scientists now agree on this fact. AS a matter of fact one atheist scientist has give a person better odds of rolling dice and coming up with six’s every time fifty thousands times in a roll.

Intelligent Design has changed my faith life forever and I thank God!

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Some aspects of relativity seem to bear out, but relativity is not a fact. Black holes are not generally accepted as a fact. Recent observations bring the existence of black holes into question. The things you see on the Discovery channel are quite obsolete, as well as the theories put forth by academia. I wish I could tell you more but I don’t want to go to jail.

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These Senators are like a bronco rider that think that there is not a bronco or horse that they cannot ride, or no bronco that they cannot tame. These few Senators are like these bronco riders, which don’t like the agony of torment from any kind of - defeat. After still bear the bruises and injuries of defeat, they are like these bronco still bare much hatred within their hearts, from this they’re own prior put down. With these same partisan Senators they will this time be coming out with blood in their eyes, this is when this our new nominee will need all the prayers that they can get, with this great yoke that they shall now very soon be bearing.

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Many fossil dinosaur skulls contain unexplained, empty passages. Scientists have not been able to guess the reason for these passages. Would it make sense that some dinosaurs used these passages as “gas tanks” for the combustible mixture used to “breathe fire?” We believe it does.

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I got a chance to visit New Orleans for the first time ever July 2005 and I couldn't believe the wickedness that was <u>allowed</u> and <u>accepted</u> throughout what they called the French Quarters on Bourbon Street. All of the accepted sin and wickedness that went on for blocks in the downtown area seven days a week looked and smelled just like New Orleans looks now. Everything from the Hustler women dancing exotically in the streets (Hustler Maganize had their own building territory), transvestites performing in the night clubs, bars full of drunk people, women flashing their breasts throughout the streets-no Ma'de Celebration needed, people drunk like zombies walking into buildings and parked cars, females dancing nasty just to get men to buy alcohol from them in test tubes, and worst of all, all of this sin has been done and handed down for many generations to where it became sin done up and down the public street tamed and accepted by the city, the law enforcement officials, the entire government of the United States, etc…<u>as the norm</u>. Everybody saw, knew it was going on-and looked the other way. Maybe no one every attempted to stop it because of the value they placed on the people in the city. Now that lack of value is about to cost a hefty penny.

Not only that, almost everything in New Orleans has the name “Voodoo” on it. From the stores to the restaurants. Something is wrong with that. <font color="blue">How can a so many people who know God, still worship powers of darkness?</font>

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Almost everything you described (apart from the audible voice) I went through - actually, I forgot this until I read your story: there was once after a long 3hour debate (we argued Buddhist thinking - which he supports - vs Christianity), he paused and looked at me and said, "It's like you're Married to Jesus Christ." That took me by surprise - he GOT Christianity on some level - human marriage IS a reflection of our first covenant with Jesus.. and I said really quietly, "yes". And he just shook his head and said, "I don't want to marry Jesus." I remember sitting there with tears in my eyes, he was so near and yet so far! The agony was so intense! I mean, I feel sad when I think of friends or family members who are not saved, but that grief was different to this horrible feeling - and I knew it's because I wanted him so badly to be saved, not only for him, but so that I could stay with him. I wanted my way instead of God's way. God was telling me, this is not your job, walk away.

It Was a really dark time - I don't ever want to go back.

I sometimes still feel it in the pit of my stomach when I think about him, and it's what makes me not feel like eating or sleeping or going about life in my normal cheer. And I know it's a spiritual fight inside - but I don't want any more of it. It is getting better, it's not as bad as 2 months ago.

One day at a time. I know one day I'll be ok. :hug:

Thank you.

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['The materials here today didnt come directly from the Big Bang, except for maybe some hydrogen and helium somewhere. Just like you can't say humans came from the Big Bang. But everything is a result of the Big Bang.
So as time went on and things were formed they got their age. The same thing with brothers and sisters. I came from the same source as my brother did, but our ages are still different.']

Nice try. Your comparing living and non-living material as if they are the same. Living material ages from the day it becomes alive. Non-living material ages from the moment it exploded into existence.

So this means that all non-living material should date close in age. But a 4.3 billion year old earth, in a 18 billion year old galaxy, does not fit with current views of the Big Bang. That's like having a baby that's older than you are. The concept does not work.

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Have you thought about the logical consequences if everyone was an atheist like you? If everyone followed their "own path" what sort of world do you think we would have? If people are not willing to abide by God's laws or that of the government the result would be total anarchy which would ultimately result in the destruction of all mankind.

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All quotes by creationist, against evolution, will always be referred to as misleading. As well as any information that does not conform to a evolutionist view.

The scientific view of the comparison of evidence, and the people, base solely on what it supports, and nothing else.

If said evidence supports evolution, it is always viable in scientific circles. The person who brought it to mind is always well educated, never uses fraudulent information, and only goes to the finest schools available.

If said evidence supports creation, or it's God, it can "never" be viable. Is always misleading. And the person who always brings it up, is always a fraud who is uneducated. And goes to a school that does not exist.

A evolutionist scientist who jumps the boat for creation, is a fraud. And even though science had no questions about his or her education, it is in question now because of their decision. The school they went to becomes a diploma mill, and is now considered not accredited. Even though, as long as they believed evolution, all of this was "no problem".

Don't believe this?
1) Does science ever give any credit to a creationist for finding evidence without mocking them in the next breathe?

2) Does science ever speak kindly about someone changing their mind from evolution to creation, even though it is their choice to make?

3) Will science ever accept creation evidence without first putting creationist education on the chopping block, as a means of determining of whether said evidence is viable before even looking at it?

4) Will science quit trying to compete with a religious belief on something they claim is not religious?

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The creation does not lie and numbers do not lie.JESUS,the Creator,left His numerical stamp over everything.
I could list a long list of examples but a few are:
7 days in a week Why not 6-8 or 9?

28 days in a creation month[7x4] 29th day new month[full moon to full moon] Why not 25 or 35 days in a month?

The are 12 different notes in a chromatic scale of music. [12 tribes-12 disciples-12 months in a year] Why not 11 or 13?

The NUMBERS do not lie

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God is not mocked. We are to reverance and homor our Lord. Making fun of God is outright blaspheme and disrespectful to Him and He doesn't just sit back and laugh with it like I see many christians doing. God is a Holy God and deserves our reverance and honor, if we are reverancing Him and honoring Him, why would we want to watch T.V. shows and moives that make fun of Him?

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[Wow... I took a look at that site [FSTDT.com, ed.]... people like that make me MAD!]

Don't let it get you mad. It shows that there are devout christians on the net who are making a difference. The devil is mad. If the devil is mad, then we've have made a difference. So far there has been 29 submissions from Bibleforums. So we know the Lord is doing a work at Bibleforums.

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The theory of evolution's greatest enemy is death. They hope to explain life, but I would like to hear them address the reason for death! Now where - outside of the bible, are they going to find evidence that any have lived beyond the 70 or so years we seem to have? And where in those 70 years has anyone seen this spontaneous eruption of some evolved attribute which we do not yet have? Except in butterflies that is... which always seem to come forth in a predictable manner.

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[Scribe believes this is an original "argument"]

According to the theory of evolution, we evolved from apes. If that were true, then why do apes exist today? Wouldn't they have evolved into humans as well? To me that itself is proof that the theory of evolution is a sham. I believe that God created the world myself, as do most people on this board. I have never heard anyone mention this before though and it just occured to me.

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[If the Bible said the sky was green, would you accept that or would or assume somehow your interpretation of the Bible was wrong?]

I would wake up every day and thank God for His beautiful green sky.

You are attempting to naturalize a supernatural God. The Bible says the wisdom of man is foolisness to God. I assume God knows far better what color the sky is than fallible, imperfect men do.

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it also makes me laugh(SERIOUSLY!) when people say,'well, in this day and age'. SURE!!!!!! you believe that God was able to create the universe and everything in it, but you can't believe that He'd be able to cause something to be written down that is timeless? you've trapped yourself in your own weakness of logic! you just got PWN'D n00B!!1!!

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"Why is it that you can tell a kid that God created him and that the Bible is true, and he'll believe it so fiercely, yet tell that to an "educated" individual, or that is a "Free Thinker," and all of a sudden he'll question EVERY SINGLE THING that God said. No matter that the Bible lays it out htere so clearly, he will question it. The Bible says that we have to have faith, but who cares, right? I mean, if we can rationalize everything away, then there's no need for faith"

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I got hands laid on me by a minister and church and I felt a power like a lightning bolt kind of. It sunk into my head and I wondered has anybody else felt this.... and is this God's power. I know it sound like a silly question but I need to know.

I was sitting in my chair and the lady went to get some oil and she put it on my head and laid hands on me because demons spirits was telling me to kill myself and they wanted me to speak against God but I wouldn't do it. then I felt something shout through my head like a power or something. I also kept speaking in tongues and I'm starting to feel a lot better. My mind has calmed down a whole lot and I had a spirit crushing my skull and it lifted off of me a few days latter.

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[On the movie "Ice Age." No, it's not sarcasm.]

Yeah, and it proves man existed with Sabre Tooth Tigers and Mammoths and that animal trying to get the acorn was some prehistoric Squirrel or Raccoon. And with the animals trying to reunite the kid with his tribe it proves we lived with them doesn't it ? Weird huh ? I just love producing hard evidence for these born again evolutionists.

And for those of you who wonder why i refer to you like that, it's because your betting your soul on evolution so you must be born again evolutionists, see how clear it is?

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Astronomers have discovered a blue ring around Uranus. This is impressive because it adds credence to the idea that the "waters" of day two in Genesis, while the Earth was "without form and void", might represent a description of the early solar disk's appearance.

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They also have sensors that are so accurate that they can tell the difference between a human walking on all fours and an animal.

All Aliens are in Roswell N.M.

I don't care what happens at area 51, secrets are a good thing.

CERN is an Illuminati ran orginazation. Dr. Robert Langdon proved it. He also showed how they work closely with the Vattican.

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I recently completed a spiritual gift test, and the #1 manifested gift on the list was miracles. Does anyone else out there have the gift of miracles? I currently cannot walk on water or anything, but I won't put it past God to use me sometime to help provide faith and sway people to believe.


I guess the main thing is I would like some proof that He's not going to make me look silly. Like, if He wants me to yell out and command the rain to stop (for example), I would like the rain to actually stop so people will not laugh at me or lose faith.

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If you mean there's a genetic variation between African Elephants and Asian Elephants, yes they each have unique DNA. But all the African Elephants in the herd have the same genetic makeup which is why they look identical to each other, as do the Asians making them different to Africans but similar to each other.

The same rule applies for lemurs, turtles of the same species, Tigers, antelope, Zebras, Giraffes and all other animals on Earth. But answer me this, why does ONLY MAN have unique DNA and Genetic coding within each individual on Earth with no 2 matching each other at all ? How does that discrepancy fit into the unflinching science of Evolution.

And before you cop out by saying how i don't understand science, explain why all animals of the same species look identical to each other, except man of course.

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Go to mapquest.com, and look at a street map of washington D.C. and look at what the masons have done to our nations capital. Wiccans draw a pentagram on the ground for thier rituals. Well, the masons have drawn the largest pentagram ever constructed in the streets of D.C, the whitehouse is at the bottom tip, each point has a street circle at the tip. If you zoom out a little and know where to look you can see the mason compass raising this pentagram. Not to mention the largest phallic symbol ever constructed (wash. monument), masons have done alot for our great capital.

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We have a new single male neighbor, [shocked smiley] and another single male neighbor has lived a few houses down since we moved here. We have done our best to shelter our children from him. We belive that being single is sinful (God gave Eve to Adam, a womans purpose is to be with a man). We do not want our children to think its ok to go though life single. My husband thinks all singles are 'you know what' which makes this matter even more dire. We can't afford to move right now so we're both just at our wits end. We've been praying constantly and talking to our pastor who is very concerned as well. I will continue to pray [praying smiley] and I'm sure He will show me the right path, until then has anyone else struggles with this problem, any advise? ["HELP" smiley]

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I believe that all of creation is based on the giving nature of God, therefore, I understand gravity to be of a giving nature. I understand that every massive particle gives to and is in support of other massive particles. I believe that everything is giving one to another—I believe that giving is life itself. Giving in the Bible is charity. The workings of God in the Bible is energy.

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[Regarding the Truth of the "Left Behind" series]

I figured I'd get this kind of question. I saw it and it's the truth. I saw it maybe about 4-5 years ago on television. I don't remember if it was a news clip on national tv or what. I remember that as soon as I heard what he said, I switched stations because I don't like the series. I don't like seeing people making millions on unbiblical scenarios and portraying God the way the movie does.
In fact, Lahaye said it twice!

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You could also say that these alien abductions dealing with reproduction is an attempt to make more nephylum. It is also interesting to note that craft sightings seem to break the laws of physics and act more like interdimensional travel.

Remember the human genome has degraded since the fall [wink]

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because there are 100s of billions of stars doesn't say that they're all huge like our sun. The level of activity within an atom is amazing and if we were a neutron we may have an idea that the protons and the electrons are much farther than they are. Who knows how large or how small these other galaxies might be? No one. I would be guessing and so would you. You are basing your conclusions on data you don't have. You see, we will not know for sure until we actually go that far into space. That's why I say it's arrogant to say that we know what we really don't know.

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Area 51 is one of the Controversial area's in the US and in the world.

No one can go there or come close to the gate's without clearance unless you work there otherwise they will shoot on site.

Is it a weapon's test area? or where they built the newest Jets like the F117's.
Are there realy alien's helping them there ? or?

I think the Nephilim could quite easyly be working in there.

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[re: "Friends" TV show]

Here's the proble, why not watch "Ellen" also? Thats right, because it IS backing AND promoting UNCHRISTIAN, ANTIBILICAL, ways of thinking. Why stop at "Ellen" let's start watching the MOST antibiblical show that's on T.V. right now, "DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES"! The bible tells us to "TURN FROM SIN"! Not, "repent and watch what you would like on television".

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Hello Board,

I am currently fasting (Matthew 17:21) to overcome a spirit of adultery - I have not committed it, but I have been getting unwanted advances from women I do not even know (I go down the street to a Taco Bell, and I get bothered by some lady working there). While I was fasting one evening, I saw a spirit that looked like a woman in a blue dress - this spirit has been following me everywhere, and I assume it is the reason for the problems. I told the spirit to leave, but it is stubborn. I felt the Lord tell me to keep fasting and to watch my thought life more - even innocent thoughts can cause problems.

I am under a bit of pressure right now from work/job, and this is making the situation all the more problematic. I don't know if anyone else has ever seen this kind of spirit, but this demon is a light blue color and looks like a woman. I am doing ok right now, but I just wanted some encouragement and any advice you folks might have.

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Recently my mother had a chemical reaction to bad food and has been sick ever since (she's been getting better due to prayer though--she's almost 100% again). She feels God allowed her to get sick because I bought the Da Vinchi code. She saw a Christian guy on TV saying it has a "anti-Christ" spirit.

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[advice for medical depression]

Anyone going through depression, if you practice these principles, it will help you tremendously.

1. Focus your attention on Jesus.

2. Allow God to be first in your life.

3. Immerse yourself in the Word of God.

4. Tell the devil and his demon spirits to flee in the name of Jesus.

5. Have fellowship with strong believers.

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a few Sunday's ago our pastor was recounting the story of Johhny Cashes' brother,Tommy, when he was dying in the hospital he was seeing on the other side. I have tried to hunt it down on the net, but so far no luck....so have to go by memory hear of what our pastor said. Tommy lay dying and told someone he was on a boat going down a river and headed for flames of fire....he cried out...'wait a minute! I am saved! I am not suppose to be going this way'..then his boat suddenly turned and he was headed the other way.

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Bluerose, I looked at your profile and according to you, you are a Christian. I notice this is your first post. You came to this board and headed straight here to ask about this. So, I'm not going to waste your time or mine. And I'm going to be blunt. I think that's what you need.

Let me say first of all that I don't think anyone is here by accident, you included.

Now, God does not make mistakes. He created man and he created woman. Never, never in His word does he condone or even hint that its fine to be homosexual, or lesbian, or even bisexual. And Sweetie, you and I don't have time to waste like we once did. So bluntly, you were NOT 'just born this way.'

You marked that you are a Christian. Its time to act like it. The days of pretending are over. You don't have the luxury to ponder which sin you want to participate in any longer. I advise that you repent and stop this silly pondering. Don't mock my God again with that "If I marry my boyfriend, in my whole life I will never have even kissed a woman." Christ Jesus did not die that awful death so you can say you are a Christian and come here wanting us to say...what? Do you think a one of us here would advise you to go on with this?

Time is too short. Its time to repent and get your heart right with God. What you need to do is repent and pray and get into that Bible. If you don't have one, there is Bibles right here that you can read. You and that boyfriend need to be praying together and studying the Word together and find a good Bible teaching church for the two of you, whether you end up marrying or not.

Its time to stop this mockery of Almighty God. Here's some scripture for you to think on, rather than the foolish things you have been thinking on:

Romans 1:21-32
21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,

30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,

31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

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Has anyone seen the commercials for this new movie? It [a remake of the Exorcist] looks very disturbing and I feel like it might harm people who see it. It paints a terrible picture and everyone inside the theater will be immersed in that for 2 hours.

The commercial just came on as I type this.....

Come soon Lord.

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Even scientists have admitted that the dating of fossils is faulty. I find it very confusing when I am told that we were once monkies, yet there are no fossils proving this. As someone said the make up of a monkey is close to ours, but still not the same.
Another thing that puzzles me is that scientists try to tell us that humans existed at the same time dinosaurs did, yet there is no mention of this in the Bible. I am sure as big and mean as they were, there would be a mention somewhere. I am also sure that IF they existed at the same time as man, that man would NOT be at the top of the food chain. Also, if they existed where are they mentioned in all of the historical writings?
God Bless.

KennethDCollins #fundie bibleforums.org

1. The Bible says that God stretched out the heavens. What does this mean to you guys? 2. We know how fast light travels on Earth, but there is gravity here, and light is affected by gravity. They actually have no clue how fast light travels in the vacuum of space, so what does that do to your theory?

3D4ME2 #fundie bibleforums.org


true story.!

but you never ever hear about that.. UNLESS YOU READ HIS LIFE STORY.

I am not talking about a "click" to wiki or google!

do the research. read about his WHOLE LIFE!


Charles Darwin said. "when I THNK about these two things, they complelty DESTROY my theory.. (what is a theory?)



WHAT IS SO SPECIAL about the feather of a peacock?

you can actually SEE.. the "brushstrokes" of the ARTIST!!

Charles Darwin was bed ridden in later years of his life. And his FAVORITE time of day.. was when RECESS started.. he woulld always ask his nurse. to open the window. so he could hear the children. SING ABOUT JESUS CHRIST.. while laying there in his bed.. WITH HIS BIBLE!

mmcneese #fundie bibleforums.org

My name is Matt McNeese. In March 2002 I was arrested for "the largest identity theft case in U.S. history". I spent 4 months incarcerated while spending time in a county jail, federal prison hospital and a detention center in Brooklyn, New York.

Through an incredible turn of events God spared me from the 45 years of prison time I was facing. He gave me 3 years probation instead.

My testimony shows how a Christian turned his back on God completely and the consequences that followed. However, God sat me down in a jail cell and gave me another chance.

jesuslover1968 #fundie bibleforums.org

It is ridiculous to me that intelligent human beings actually believe we come from apes. On the other hand, I do not mean to insult their intelligence. Evolution is more a religion than a belief. I think those who believe in it should be very careful and pray that they are doing the right thing. I could never believe in it unless God Himself told me it was so.

EarlyCall #fundie bibleforums.org

[Reviewing FSTDT.com]

Oh I think they are cute. I mean, let's be honest here. Whenever we are debating on here about anything at all, we do it for ourselves alone. Ah, wait a minute... I said debate - not witnessing or any such worthwhile endeavor.

Now, with that in mind, it seems a trivial matter what we do here when we debate a matter, but how less so is there any significance to what they do when they cut and paste something we've said and use that as ammunition to fire off their little quips?

So in summary then, if they consider us anything at all in a negative light, how much more so are they!

Now what I am thinking is it would be good fun to see them find this post, copy it to their site and try to defend their position against my claim. That ought to be very interesting indeed. But not likely they will touch this one. On the other hand, if they read this and consider it a challenge, then they just might, but then wouldn't that be me manipulating them in a fashion! A bit of a quandry this puts them in I should think.


I'm good with that. I suppose I even consider it good sport in a fashion - that is for me anyway.

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Posted in response to a question on Pokemon and Baukugon.
What would worry me are not the games themselves, but feeding your child's interest and involvement in the whole anime genre. It leads (and is designed to lead) to a lifelong preoccupation with Japanese cartoon culture, which is totally amoral. Eventually (and sometimes it doesn't take very long), this leads to preoccupation with manga and hentai, which are aimed at older kids, and which often involve the vilest pornography imaginable, including cartoon child pornography, which is enormously popular in Japan. Even in the "mainstream" anime world, the occult and, very specifically, homosexuality are treated as normal, acceptable parts of life.

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"A friend of ours discovered at 3 months pregnant that her child had only 2 champers in her heart. Therefore an abortion happened. What does this mean to GOD and our friends?

The baby would of never survived if the pregnancy went on."

Only God knows for sure if the baby would have lived or died, God could have healed the child in it's mothers womb if it was his will. It's not up to man to decide if an unborn baby lives or dies, it's up to God to decide.

Your friends can be forgiven for killing their unborn child if they accept Christ as their Lord and savior. Pray that they do.

KennethDCollins #fundie bibleforums.org

Now are you stating that there was no global flood??? Is there any part of the Bible that you DO believe??? Of course there was a global flood, and scientific evidence is proving this more and more all the time. You know those layers that were supposed to take millions of years each to form? Well, they realize now that that's not the case. If there was even 10 years in between, they would see evidence of insects and other small animals burrowed under each level. They would also see signs of erosion in between the layers. Guess what? They find NEITHER ONE. The only conclusion they can possibly come up with is a global flood. All the different types of minerals and everything else was caught up in this flood and slowly began to settle to the ground, the heaviest minerals first on through to the lightest. It's like mixing oil and water.

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I'm a writer for a national magazine. Following the popularity of "The Exocism of Emily Rose," we're looking for a teen (girl 0r boy) who has gone through a similiar experience. Either the teen was exorcised or was forced to go through a ceremony, but fought their parents or family because he/she didn't believe in it.

We want to tell your story in your own words. If you are this person or have any leads to this person, please contact me at [email address]. This is real and we are looking for teens who have actually had a priest perform an exorcism on him/her. It is not meant to offend. We are just looking to tell your story.