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"The idea that God created the universe is indeed logical and while we as finite beings, may not be able to comprehend the infinite existence of God, such a preposition is logical given the evidence of the physical universe.

The thought that the universe created itself is not just illogical but absurd based on what we know about space, time and matter.

Your preposition that God just "popped into existence" is wrong and itself an absurd idea. What do you suppose are the chances of yourself just popping into existence from pond slime? Even the most deluded evolutionist would not propose that man could instantaneously 'evolve' from a chemical soup. So how could God, who is infinitely greater than man, form from nothing?"

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If every person in the world was a Muslim there would still be wars, terror and unrest because they would simply fight amongst themselves to try and enforce each others 'brand' of Islam upon each other as we see in many Islamic countries today.

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Can science explain the glorified body of Jesus Christ? By that I mean, can science explain how a body can exist that is flesh and bone without blood and how a body and move through walls/doors yet have a need of nourishment and eat food?

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God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrow.

God sent Jonah to Ninnavah and told them to repent
still judgement fell (on later generations after they repentented)
because God is a just God and won't let sin go un punished.

Pray for our country for it is a wicked country with open homosexuality
And the aborted babies "WE" have allowed to be killed, not to mention
the organized crime and drug trafficing.

Yes, I would dare say God is judging this Country. God sent Israel into
the land of cannon and gave their land to the Israelits, Cannon was
wicked to say the least, they were offering their new borns to Dagon
"IN THE FIRE" God said not to be like them.

this country should repent and in a hurry

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1. Why did the Freemasons put so many evil symbols on the dolloar bill, the Capitol building, throughout Washington D.C., etc... such as the eye of the devil in the mountain/pyramid?

2. It is a fact that many of the presidents of the U.S. were all masons as well as the current one, his father, and Chaney-Why does Bush always make the symbol of the devil with his fingers in worship to Lucifer? Is he being pressured by the others Freemasons in Congress to do so? Do you make the same symobol, or are you not at the same level he is on?

3. It is a fact that the Freemasons who are members of the Bohemian Club participate in Canaanite occult rituals. The president and many other wealthy elite males are members of this organization where human blood offerings are still done. Are Freemasons capable of worshipping spirits of darkness and God at the same time?

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the g*y man that "discovered" the g*y gene admitted later to having made up the whole story. He followed with that saying that it didn't matetr that anyone now knew he made it up becuse the damage was done.

I'm afraid I'm not willing to but into any of that. NASA also calimed there was a huge ozone hole over the US. Later they admitted they lied. Point is, trusting doesn't come easily anymore unless it's what you wanted to believe all along.

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They also have sensors that are so accurate that they can tell the difference between a human walking on all fours and an animal.

All Aliens are in Roswell N.M.

I don't care what happens at area 51, secrets are a good thing.

CERN is an Illuminati ran orginazation. Dr. Robert Langdon proved it. He also showed how they work closely with the Vattican.

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The theory of evolution requires billions of years of constant violations of the 2nd Law. Evolution from chaos to organization is like an explosion in a print shop which somehow produces a dictionary or a blender transforming itself into the Starship Enterprise.

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Even scientists have admitted that the dating of fossils is faulty. I find it very confusing when I am told that we were once monkies, yet there are no fossils proving this. As someone said the make up of a monkey is close to ours, but still not the same.
Another thing that puzzles me is that scientists try to tell us that humans existed at the same time dinosaurs did, yet there is no mention of this in the Bible. I am sure as big and mean as they were, there would be a mention somewhere. I am also sure that IF they existed at the same time as man, that man would NOT be at the top of the food chain. Also, if they existed where are they mentioned in all of the historical writings?
God Bless.

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You've got to realize that an atheist's perspective is by definition irrational and not therefore subject to "rational argument".

What I mean is this: Atheism is a universal negative which is a logical contradiction...and to affirm a logical contradiction is irrational...therefore there isn't a thing in the world that you can say from a "human" perspective; because any argument you present will be filtered from a view that has irrationality as its very foundation.

What you can do however is to speak the word of God...let that word do God's work. It has been my experience that people forget what I said...but once they hear the scripture it gets into their head and heart and can really "nag" at them.

Your friend probably gets quite agitated when you start quoting scripture (I've had people come completely un-glued on me)...but that's a good thing...because it tells me that the Holy Spirit is doing His job of bringing conviction to a hard heart.

If that wasn't the case, they wouldn't be so bothered by it, would they?

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I studied witchcraft for 3 1/2 years until three weeks ago when I gave my life to Christ for the first time in my life. Satan is trying to get me back. I've heard voices to hurt myself and I have been pushed to the ground when no human being was around. He won't leave me alone. I am also on felony probation and still have 2 1/2 years left on my probation. If I screw up I get 1-5 years in prison.

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[Replying to a story about <a href="http://www.plenglish.com/article.asp?ID=%7B5D73A227-85CA-4E0A-8F21-F63B4CA18C90%7D)&language=EN" target="_blank">650 Shiite Iraqis who died in a stampede</a> resulting from a suicide bomb threat.]

But Iraq is a demonic place and especially the area around Baghdad and The River Euphrates which is around Babylon.

River Euphrates, that is where the 200 million demons would be released.

These 4 Angels were probably fallen angels who had been bound / locked up at River Euphrates.

A very dark evil force brewing up in Iraq..........the chaos of idol worshippings.

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All elements in the universe (periodic table) get their properties based on their combinations of 3 specific sub-atomic components. Protons, Neutrons, & Electrons. No element has the same combination. (ie...Gold has 79 protons, 118 neutrons, 79 electrons)Carbon (man) has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. [666]. This will be the number in which the Anti-Christ will be identified by. And because a clone does not have working sexual organs, this explains why a "cloned" Anti-Christ will not have need for a woman.

How do you think this was written in God's word about the anti-Christ being a man that his number will be 666? When the knowledge of protons, neutrons, and electrons was not even known? It is because the word was written just like God said. It was inspired by God, to where man could write it without flaw. And the knowledge was God knowledge, not the knowledge of man.

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I’m a little surprised that none of you have mentioned “Intelligent Design”. Science has proven that a single cell is irreversible complex, being that it is impossible to have evolved. Both Christian and Non-Christian scientists now agree on this fact. AS a matter of fact one atheist scientist has give a person better odds of rolling dice and coming up with six’s every time fifty thousands times in a roll.

Intelligent Design has changed my faith life forever and I thank God!

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[On gambling]

World Magazine (a mag like a Christian Newsweek) wrestled with this question once. A Christian somehow won some amount of millions of dollars playing some lottery game in his state. At his press conference he announced that since he was a Christian, he intended to give ten percent to his church. Many churches were delighted with this announcement, seeing it as a real gift & blessing from God & evidence that the dude was being such the wise steward. World Mag said the church should refuse to take it, as "Jesus doesn't build His church on the backs of the poor".

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Therein lies the problem. You obviously spend much time in fantasy (TV, movies). If you spent half as much time in reading the bible as you spent watching fantasy, I don't think you'd have these ideas about aliens and such. Earth is the only planet in the world that can support life. Even NASA will tell you water is not found anywhere in space other than planet earth. No life can live without water.

AFSweetie777 #fundie bibleforums.org

Now, as to the question of will there be animals in heaven? Yes. I'm sure there will be. God wanted them here, there might be some there. I don't know if there would be venomous snakes or black widow spiders or scorpions, locusts or even mosquitos. He made those too, but in a perfect world would there be a need for what we consider deadly animals? Of course, in a perfect world they wouldn't kill us (obviously), but then again they are selfish creatures only caring about survival.

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And, yes, there were unicorns in the middle east before Christ's advent. But what the unicorn is is still up to debate. I don't think its a wild ox like the new versions footnotes say but rather perhaps a distinct species like a large rhinoceros or (as Kent Hovind proposes) a triceratops or one of its kind of family.

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What you refuse to do is to acknowledge intelligent design when it comes to all of creation. You look around you and see these things and can't help but admit to the intelligence of their design. Ok, maybe you can, but not honestly I don't beleive. Chance just isn't that good, and if you disagree, take your entire life's savings to the nearest casino and put it all down at the roulette wheel and let's see just how much you trust chance to be in your favor then.

<p>What the real problem here is that people refuse to acknowledge God, therefore something else, anything else, we'll think of something, had to have been behind creation. Nevermind that it shows all the markings of great intelligence behind it. We can refuse to admit this and move on with our theories and claims.

<p>I'm afraid my commonsense overrides this nonsense!

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I've been doing a lot of comparing lately with the universe, the human body, and the bible. As small as string theory and dna to stars, galaxies, and universes. There are so many duplications of creation how can it not be by Intelligent Design.
I woke up this morning thinking about belts. The equator around the earth, the rings around Saturn, Orions belt, the way the universe circles the sun, the way universes circle around in the cosmos. I went backwards and found the egg of the matter.
The yoke is surrounded by the white which is surrounded by the shell. always seems to be threes. spirit, mind, body. heart, mind and soul. inner core of the planets, the mantle and the crust. hell, earth, and heaven.

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[This poster is a Christian]

An unbiased study of the Quran shows that far from being a "miracle", that book is a hoax. The Quran is replete with scientific heresies, historic blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities, grammatical errors and ethical fallacies. Could possibly the author of this Universe be as ignorant as it appears to be in the Quran?

StarscreamX-2 #fundie bibleforums.org

Can one person observe "evolution"?

I can make assumptions about Nature and how it works, But i cant live long enough to observe "evolution" So....What Darwins Saw was Some animals that were like other animals but adapted to their enviroment....Is that evolution....nah I dont think so...I think thats God being smart enough to make life adaptible. Darwin NEVER saw a Dinosaur turn into a Swallow....nor any other lifefoem change into a new species....

Look how we as a species can adapt to almost any enviroment in just a few generations...Thats not evolution....the American Indians didnt become a new type of human....They just adapted.....Adaptation I beleave in....Evolution is as real as Trolls, Hobbits and Elves....

Jorge S #fundie bibleforums.org

Evolution is based on analogy and extrapolation of observational data. The more Evolutionists dig the more they bring out information saying: "look, folks, there are so many variables and conditions necessary to enable and sustain life that we can't really figure out how it happened." Worst of all, it was a once-off phenomenon without witnesses to rely on except the One they want to erase from the picture: The Creator Himself.

We should thank them, though, for confirming that our Heavenly Father is, indeed, VERY SMART!!! [...]

Talking about our Heavenly Father, let us give our tireless Evolutionists a hearty piece of advice. The Courts of Heaven are going to be really busy with this Evolution Lawsuit at the Final Judgement. There is a long queue of defendants, as you may expect. Please, be considerate and prepare your defence in advance. The Supreme Judge is known to ask every defendant in a very benevolent tone: "Son, why have you wasted so much energy in denying My Authorship when I openly left so many proofs of My Handwork? As you can see now, I just made you in My Own Image and after My Likeness, and I also made a perfect world for you and your fellow humans. Why did you despise My Word in The Bible!?"

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[Bizarre explanation for how Christianity and evolution cannot coexist]

Light is energy bound up in a circle. That is the true importance of Pi. (Light is also the flaming sword which turns every way)
Life is energy bound up as a double logrithmic spiral. That is the true importance of Phi, and the heart - my avatar.
They are the same energy, treated in two different ways.

First Phi, to create Life. Square root five plus one, divided by two.
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light:
Then Pi to form the energy of Life to provide a particle nature, Substance, for that Life.
A soul is born, and Light IS.
...and there was Light.

Only one, the Son.

MISTY #fundie bibleforums.org

After compiling many scriptures, this is what I think may happen
chronologically in the coming years.

1. Pope Benedictine may make a peace treaty between Syria and Jerusalem in 2007.
2. 3 1/2 years later, the Jews are going to building a Temple on the Temple Mount.
3. The Syrians are going to get Angry with the Pope for allowing the Jews that priviledge and will Destroy the Vatican.
4. Then they will go down to Jerusalem and Capture it for 3 1/2 more years.
5. Europe will attack the Syrians and the Moslem community and there will be a War.
6. The Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which Rosetta will encounter in 2014, will be nocked off its Trajectory by the Landing of an American Lander will go around the SUN and come back and hit the Earth .
It will Land in the Mediterranean Sea and Destroy many nations.
And just before this happens, the Pope will flee to another country.
7. Christ will arrive and land on the Mount of Olives and take over Jerusalem.

Whispering Grace #fundie bibleforums.org

I simply can't bring myself to watch anything that mocks or makes fun of our Lord. It just makes me feel sick when I see it.

Actually, I was in a restaurant with my family the other day, and someone in the booth next to us was goofing off with her friend and shouted "JC", and it was all I could do not to jump into her booth and throw down with her.

ou812 #racist bibleforums.org

[Arguing that race mixing is wrong, because only white people have souls]

The truth is, God created three races, and created them separately. The black and brown races were created in Genesis 1:26 on the 6th day of creation. Adam wasn't created until after the 7th day of rest in chapter 2, a Strong's concordance will straiten this up for you. The truth is, there are 7 differend Hebrew words in Scripture that get translated into man. In chapter one of Genesis, the word is "ish". In chapter two, it is "adam" (Strong's Hebrew word #119). Proof of this is the definition of "adam" as an adjective, "to have ruddy skin or to show blood in the face", only caucasians can do this completely. The reason for not mixing is simple, only Adam recieved the "breathe of life and living soul", the others didn't. Therefore a hybrid would be incomplete or corrupted from the original design.

recoveringpunker #fundie bibleforums.org

There was actualy 1,666 years (I think) from Adam to Flood. Which closely resembles the Artist Formerly Known As Prince's album entitled 1999 .

What is crazy to think about is that Adam lived long enough to know Noah's dad. In fact Adam died like 60 years before Noah. So we can think that Adam talked to Lamech. I can see all the children, and grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc sitting around a camp fire listening to Adam talk about the begining and the Garden. Crazy...

Acroyer #fundie bibleforums.org

I believe that God's acts can range from very small to very large, it just seems very odd that the majority of that coast was a pit for gambling, prostitution, sexual immorality and other things.

It was WELL KNOWN for this. Yes, those same things happen in very small towns all over the world, but perhaps God chose this location because it is known as a "BIG" location for those things.

radelster #fundie bibleforums.org

For the record, I have not read any of the Harry Potter books. I have watched I think ONE of the movies, and I am totally against it. What is the entire premise of the series?? Witchcraft??

Remember an old show called Soap? Billy Crystal played the gay-child? He did WONDERS in desensitizing the American people to the homosexual lifestyle! I mean he was cute, he was lovable and he was funny!!

Isn't the same true with Harry Potter? Look folks, step right up, there is nothing here to harm you!! So you dabble a little here and a little there, and then the next thing we know our Christian-raised children are questioning their religion and wanting to look into Wicca, or some other rituals.

Argono #fundie bibleforums.org

[what you all would expect to see in a "transitional species/fossil"?]

I'd expect to see things that are partially-formed, like wings, or beaks, or eyes. Remember, we're told that species like dinosaurs evolved into other things, like chickens. That's a pretty big change, so I'd expect to see where a Tyranasarus Rex started to sprout wings and grow feathers.

And to take it another step - where's the first instance of wings? If evolution were true, at some point we should see fossils that have the beginnings of wings or spines, or bones, even.

EarlyCall #fundie bibleforums.org

['Remember that according to evolution, species don't change into ideal forms, but into whatever form is most advantageous at a specific time. In other words, there were probably some very specific advantages to become land mammals for a while, and that reason might have disappeared, or a better reason might have appeared for them to begin to go back into the ocean.']

Appeared to whom? Or is it to what? Did the whales weigh their options? Discuss it amongst themselves? Take a vote? Made it a voluntary choice? Or was it evolution that decided it? If evolution, what thought processes went into it? How was the decision made? How was the decision ever thought necessary to make in the first place? Wisdom? Knowledge? Experience? If exeperience, from what? Memory? That evolution must be one smart cookie, unless the whales decided on their own of course.

ET Guy #fundie bibleforums.org

not too long ago I posted something about G-d Judging those who would Divide The holy land. This hurrican is a direct judgement from G-D against those involved in messing with His chosen Nation, Israel.
The post I put up said if The Jews are removed from the Land, Gaza is part of the land, just watch the news because Some disasster will follow this tragic event. And I said it won't take long to see it take place.

cherith #fundie bibleforums.org

I got a chance to visit New Orleans for the first time ever July 2005 and I couldn't believe the wickedness that was <u>allowed</u> and <u>accepted</u> throughout what they called the French Quarters on Bourbon Street. All of the accepted sin and wickedness that went on for blocks in the downtown area seven days a week looked and smelled just like New Orleans looks now. Everything from the Hustler women dancing exotically in the streets (Hustler Maganize had their own building territory), transvestites performing in the night clubs, bars full of drunk people, women flashing their breasts throughout the streets-no Ma'de Celebration needed, people drunk like zombies walking into buildings and parked cars, females dancing nasty just to get men to buy alcohol from them in test tubes, and worst of all, all of this sin has been done and handed down for many generations to where it became sin done up and down the public street tamed and accepted by the city, the law enforcement officials, the entire government of the United States, etc…<u>as the norm</u>. Everybody saw, knew it was going on-and looked the other way. Maybe no one every attempted to stop it because of the value they placed on the people in the city. Now that lack of value is about to cost a hefty penny.

Not only that, almost everything in New Orleans has the name “Voodoo” on it. From the stores to the restaurants. Something is wrong with that. <font color="blue">How can a so many people who know God, still worship powers of darkness?</font>

Deep_MindQuest #fundie bibleforums.org

Here's a little bit more of the proof that UFOs are demonological. [...] The most well known verses of Revelation 13 are quoted here -- the stamped image/666 verses.
Read them carefully. Verse 17 says that 666 in Verse 18 "stood for its name." So, what is the famous "name of the beast" that 666 stands for? Watch

So, treating 666 as what is referred to as a simple "atbash" code with the English alphabet as the key decodes "666" to the "name of the beast," "UFO."
Before skeptics jump all over this, I should point this out...
There are different version of the Book of Revelation in the ancient scrolls of the world. In one of those alternate versions of the Book of Revelation, the "number of the beast" isn't "666," but "616."
A.............................1 b c d e f g h i j k l m n


"UAO" is the British version of "UFO." So, both versions of the famous "number of the beast" in ancient scrolls decode to UFO-related terms.


1 through 36 inclusive are arranged in the shape of an equilateral triangle, with 8 digits on the edge, like this...

<div align="center">1

I separated the numbers by periods to try to insure even placement after the MSN system finishes "chewing-up" and "digesting" my post.
Now, here's the key: The natural numbers 1 through 36 add up to 666.
So, Pythagoras' equilateral triangle stands for "666."

FearGod #fundie bibleforums.org

picture this you have a 2 year old little Boy - its brain / SOUL / and MIND are naturally Genderless, (cause when we get to heaven we wont have a genitalea / making it male or female)

imaging taking this pure minded boy, and making it were female coths and play with female toys or EVEN putting headphone on it well it sleep's playing a tape saying your a girl your a girl. Now would that stuff the kid up of what.

its kinda like those gay marrage familys beating into there brain every second that its ok to be gay or that they are gay? its like telepahicly saying to child every second of there life - F*N FA*OT, F*N FAG(T
(sorry can we swear on this site or is it classed as a sin?)

Unworthy Servant #fundie bibleforums.org

Actually the primates you mention are the best evidence in existance that evolution is a false science. If we have truly been here for 65 million years or more, and if we all started from the same linneage such as a single cell organism, and if because of our surroundings all hominids evolved in unique ways to become Arangatangs, Chimps, Gorrilas or Homo Sapien then why in all these additional millions of years of evolution haven't these other creatures at least learned to communicate, build social infrastructures, economies, or even monogomous families for that matter ?

always #fundie bibleforums.org

Feminists have to be the most frustrated women in the world, we were created as a vessel being to recieve, men were created as vessels to give.

The ideaology of feminism is from the enemy and comes to kill, steal and destroy.

abortion kills, homosexuality steals natural affections, and same sex marriages destroys the normal family unit,

these are the main issues of feminism, silly women have tried to usurp power that does not belong to them instead of using the God given power that they possess spiritually,

MY Place is beside the man that God gives me to, we are to be one, male authority came about because of sin, those joined together by God are to not be torn asunder, they walk as one.

JC33andDivine #fundie bibleforums.org

Hitler was one sick puppy and managed to brainwash millions of people into his sick ideology. It is my contention that Hitler was demonically possessed by 5 or more very powerful demons. Sounds like a fairy tale to you, but for somebody who has had encounters with these things it makes perfect sense.

Slug1 #fundie bibleforums.org

Soon as the atheist started talking I'd have to pull out my dictionary to understand some of the words they used... that's why they have a hard time believing in Jesus... cause we need to be like children and just have faith and trust... it's that simple

FindingFaith27 #fundie bibleforums.org

I would like pro-homosexual parties to ponder this.God created S&X. Surely he must have known how pleasureable it would be for man, thus he gave us the format in which this very pleasureable thing should be enjoyed marriage. Man & woman. Who may I add fFIT together perfectly. I am assuming also a part of Gods plan. So if homo$exuality was apart of that plan as well, I ask you, why were there no provisions made for two men/ women to enjoy this very pleasureable act, in the same fashion a man and woman can?

threebigrocks #fundie bibleforums.org

Some evolutionists belive in the 'soup' theory where all living things simply evolved from a big pot of molecular chowder that somehow came together to form man, then woman. They then crawled out of a primal ooze and continued to evolve into the man we see in our world today. This is where the refutation of a tornado putting together a house arguement is used freequently with evolution.

mattlad22 #fundie bibleforums.org

all acts whether a building falls and crushes people or a enviromental disaster occurs are acts to have people repent. Yes God could have put His hand down and stopped the storm..He could have also stopped Adam and Eve from eating the fruit, but He gave us choices and He works with our choices, He is long suffering..very long suffering, but everything is done for His glory and our repentance so that we can have the gift of relationship with Him.

Thadd #fundie bibleforums.org

I think 1-12 grade could be taught out of the book of Job. I truly do. I am a doctor of metaphysics and feel as if it is my duty to let the world know of the invisible things of life. i.e the spirit. But, God is great and it was Him who created all that is, and he did it with His powers. Our science is only products of His greatness. I want many to read here some excerpts from Job. It is great, smart, and right on the dime, and was more than 4000 years ahead of our scienctific age.

PeterJ #fundie bibleforums.org

"So will I send upon you famine and evil beasts, and they shall bereave thee; and pestilence and blood shall pass through thee; and I will bring the sword upon thee. I the LORD have spoken it." Ezek 5:17

are the evil beast's mention here the Nephilim Reptilian off spring?

I also hear flying space ships went flying around are planet spraying trails. To change the atmosphere for the coming beast's to live in.

This could have created the sar's and in REV you can read the day's are shorten longer night's for these evil being to roam around the earth when they sting everyone.
Maybe they don't like the light.

Tom Lessing #fundie bibleforums.org

Women who belong to witches covens are known to gain occultic powers over the men with whom they enter into a relationship and usually succeed when they entice them into having a sexual relationship with them. In their covens they are taught to target Christian men and women with an intent to maliciously destroy their Chriistian witness and esprecially their relationship with Jesus Christ. Make no mistake, they have the devil as their father and they desire to do his will.