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I’m afraid you don’t know Jesus at all to try to declair His character. He was not a doe eyed hippie like portrayed by most folk. He was much different than most people like to presume. Much to the the contrary. Incidently if you were to meet him in the flesh, you would be most likely to decide that He was not a Christian at all by your standards! Again, I dare you to read for yourself His own words!! Too simple for you??? (old KJV version of course)

The Welder's Wife #fundie cseblogs.com

On the other outer perimeter is the goal of presenting the Creation Science message to Jewish people. Among them the same problem stands as among us. They have ditched the first eleven chapters of Genesis! Every year they go through the first 5 books of the Old Testament. They start around Sept-Oct & they have the whole system divided up into 3 to 5 chapters per week. When it was first developed people didn’t question the first eleven chapters of Genesis. The very first Torah portion goes from Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 6:8. That whole section is covered in a couple hours!!!!! Then on the next week the scripture portion is Genesis 6:9 to Genesis 11:32. & only an hour or two is taken to cover that section!!! Then 10 weeks are used to go through Genesis chapters 12 through the end of chapter 50. Genesis chapters 1 to 11 was very important to Abraham & Moses, but it doesn’t seem to be important to this generation. If a person has the notion that Adam & Chavvah [Eve] is a fairy tale, how are they going to come to the understanding that they need Yeshua [Jesus] God’s lamb? The Jewish people need the Creation Science message desperately! How can they completely put their trust in HaShem if they don’t know if He lied or not concerning Genesis 1 to 11? They don’t even know if they can trust their own Jewish calendar which claims that this is the year 5766? [The Jewish calendar begins with the creation week!]

P.A. #fundie cseblogs.com

[Explaining why the post recommending learning something about radiometric dating before dismissing it was truncated]

[EDITOR’S NOTE: We did have a raging creation vs. evolution debate for many months. Go back but one month and look at this blog’s history, if interested. A few of the skeptics resorted to incessant name calling and using “liar” a lot, when confronted with the real scientific evidence. Many remained willingly ignorant. Unrepentant folks are they.

If we had a blog on particle physics and a few detractors wanted to keep asking overly basic questions about why electrons spin around the nucleus (demanding photos for proof of this) and how come euclidean geometry makes so many straight lines, we may eventually realize that such uneducated questions and distractions hold the rest of us back.

Samphire needs to go back and study, as I stated a few times previously. We do not need unscientific evolutionary beliefs re-re-re-re-stated here as it reduces down to what it really is as a mental hiding place from God.

Either the universe just kinda exploded from nothing into something for no reason and then began to improve itself; each step of the way in defiance of the known laws of science. Or a Supreme Being made all that is, and for some divine purpose. If one chooses something in the middle, a weak-god evolution, that is fine for them, but then that excludes Biblical knowledge of our all-powerful God.

Just as one cannot truly combine voodoo with Christianity, one cannot combine the beliefs of evolution (heartless suffering for “improvement”) with what Christianity teaches.

Editor #fundie cseblogs.com

The end is CREATED by the means. Evolution, with its “might makes right” fosters meanness. When it takes over in men’s minds no more of the: “There but for the grace of God go I.” Instead it’s: “Survival of the ‘fittest’ and slavery and death for the weak.” Pain, suffering, and death are exemplified as purifying and building up, when they actually pull down.

gravy1 #fundie cseblogs.com

[re: Hovind's imprisonment]

I’m trying to figure out how to organize something. Right now, I’m calling everyone I know. I started emailing the white house when I found out. I contacted them yesturday and I plan on contacting them every day! I contacted the Voice of the Martyrs, no response yet. I don’t know if they will say anything because this is a political issue and there are those who would like to say that he’s done something morally wrong. The Devil knows scripture and it doesn’t suprise me that he’s using it to his advantage. This is a spiritural battle. We are all in trouble if our president doesn’t veto the “hate crimes” act. We may all end up like Dr. Hovind, if we have the guts to stand like he has. If we don’t shake something up, we’ll all be even more persecuted than we already are.

(emphasis added)

Three Crosses #fundie cseblogs.com

[I can’t help but think that committing fraud, getting convicted, and going to jail is quite a strange way to spread the gospel.

Besides, Kent Hovind’s conviction got a high profile in the press, and I fear has confirmed the opinion of many Atheists and Christians that evangelists are just crooks. Kent would need to witness to half the US jail population to make up for all the people he has driven away from Christianity by his fraud and conviction.]

Sir I’m so so so… sorry for the position you will be in when what you’ve said comes to bear. Why didn’t you say “I can’t help but think that preaching the Word ,getting convicted, and being hung on the cross to die while beaten and ridiculed is quite a strange way to spread the gospel.” I don’t mean to imply that Kent Hovind is the same as Jesus Christ but if you beleive that loving your brothers is a crime and that teaching the truth is a crime ….

JakobHarper #fundie cseblogs.com

I have been watching Dr. Hovind’s tapes for about 10 years now and I have always thought to myself that he would be assasinated for sticking it the man(evolution theory). I volunteer for personal body guard when he gets out and starts dropping the hammer on them once again. I wonder what they’ll think of next time to shut him up. Truth can’t be silenced.

Istvan #fundie cseblogs.com

Evolutionists teach that there is no perception after death. So it only smarts while you die, but as soon as you are dead, it is quite alright. No perception. As Hamlet said: ‘The rest is silence.’ According to what you believe those people who are already dead feel no pain whatsoever. You should not worry about them. They are fine. They are so fine they do not even exist. Can you imagine yourself not existing? I cannot. Yet this is what your evolution theory teaches. It also teaches that those who are already dead were no more than a bunch of molecules arranged to make a living being we happen to call man. Why feel sorry for a bunch of molecules.

Kent Hovind #fundie cseblogs.com

Knee-Mail between Kent and God 4

From: Kent Hovind
Sent: August 30, 2007
To: God & Young Boy
Subject: Re: God’s Awesome Power

GOD: Hey, Son, good morning! I love you!

kh: Good morning, Lord. I love you, too. I’m sure ready to get back out preaching for you, Lord. Can I go home now?

God: Do you think I need you out preaching for Me?

kh: No, Lord. I know You don’t need me, but I need to be used. Even the dogs get the crumbs, you know (Mark 7:28).

GOD: I know, Son. Good answer. I’ll send you back out soon. I want you to knee-mail a very excited seven-year-old for Me.

Australian: Phillip-George (c) 1974 #fundie cseblogs.com

I don’t think you even understand the depth of depravity of these people. In the Greek the words for “put asunder” can simply mean to physically separate - and that should not be done! But in the Hebrew the language is much stronger; meaning that you shouldn’t even think of those married as separable from unity. Even to mentally conceive of division is evil.

The prisoner movements Brother Kent has undergone is nothing short of torture - and that against both husband and wife.

But the fact that there is even a separate set of charges for husband and wife is evidence that the brains of the people constructing the charges are deeply depraved.

This is biblical law and it is also inherent in natural law - the law straight from the observation of nature - to separate husband and wife even for a custodial prison sentence is wicked. All hands involved are covered in wickedness. This is the law of the Bible and God shall hold every man accountable for this wickedness.

CreationCD #fundie cseblogs.com

I know a former Assemblies of God member who was a pastor’s son, he got saved and preaches about the tongues heresy. One thing that opened his eyes was that he was in a back room at a rave concert in San Francisco and a guy in a black robe started leading these teens to speak in tongues. He says it was the same power that he felt at his church when people were speaking in tongues, but he knew this wasn’t of God. He’s a skydiver and called the sermon “Skydiving at Night.” It made him afraid. He also says after he got saved, he lost the “power of dance” that allowed him to dance with such power during the worship services.

Paul Abramson #fundie cseblogs.com

Only a few short years later, the teaching of evolution over Genesis began to take its toll. In 1962 and 1963, prayer and the Bible began to be removed from the classrooms. Premarital sex, divorce, drug use, violence, and general rebellion filled the 1960s as evolution’s conclusions were taken and applied en masse.

No longer could one neglect to lock their home, auto, and business. Evolution in practice encouraged “survival of the meanest” and “survival of the most deceitful” instead of “honesty is the best policy”.

Then “no fault insurance” became the norm as enough persons (believing evolution, whether consciously or subconsciously) decided to lie when recounting an auto accident. Wall Street deals used to be done on a handshake. No longer. Eventually it has become necessary to have drivers pay for gas first, then pump, as evolutionary tenets took hold in men’s hearts and minds.

The Welders Wife #fundie cseblogs.com

This past spring I attended the R.A.T.E. conference in Bozeman, Montana. The research that they have done absolutely & totally debunks the theory of evolution!!! The problem is that most of the women at the R.A.T.E. conference didn’t understand 75% to 95% of what was said. I’d walk into the women’s bathrooms during the breaks & listen to the conversations. It was always, “Can you understand what he was saying?”, & the other one would reply, “No. Can you?”. And the first one would reply, “No! It’s way over my head!” [As for me personally, I have been studying Creation Science intently for about nine years & I could barely understand it! And at this point I definitely can’t regurgitate it!!]

overcomer #fundie cseblogs.com

[response to Kent Hovind's blog]

I just watched your video “The Truth about the age of the Earth and Evolution. I really enjoyed it and think you did an awesome job, however, I think you (Kent Hovind) and your researchers should dig more into facts about a geocentric vs heliocentric universe. Scripture says the earth is not moving. There are some good books and websites dealing with a fixed earth. This heliocentric theory opened the door for evolution and its acceptance. This could just be another weapon in your arsonal to promote Jahshuwah’s Kingdom and fustrate the NWO bankster plans!

rusosure #fundie cseblogs.com

I work in a hospital that pays homage to the acronyms daily. You know, the FDA, the CDC, the USDA. Not to mention BigPharma. My coworker with whom I have many a “debate” still is having a hard time digesting the fact that the word “witchcraft” in Gal5:20 is “pharmakeia” in the Greek. Yep the Pharmacy is no more than a witch’s cauldron. I know you won’t agree, but if you would let your eyes open just a little, the light could get in.

Editor #fundie cseblogs.com

[Re: the Hovind/Youtube dustup]

EDITOR’S NOTE: Folks, there were a few groups of desperate skeptics who had chopped up parts of Dr. Hovind’s seminars in hopes of trying to convince others to hide from our Creator too. They then posted those edited portions on-line. They’ve been there on-line, deceiving folks for some time. CSE recently asserted its rights and asked major video hosting sites that the chopped up seminar parts be taken down.

A win for the good guys! Now we with CSE are getting even more hate Email than usual this week. The bad guys are mad and they are getting loud about how their mental hiding place is absolutely necessary. They don’t want to face the truth. They demand to hide behind evolutionary pseudo-science and to dishonestly deceive others too. It is their “right” they contend. Belief in unscientific evolution is such a great way to deny our place in the universe. How can CSE want to expose them with real science, they contend.

Kent Hovind #fundie cseblogs.com

[Another one of Hovind's imaginary conversations. This one is between himself and Hitler.]
KH: How is it decided which race is superior and what is it based on?
Hitler: It’s all based on the science of evolution! Since the strongest survive and the weakest die off, we have decided to speed up the process by eliminating the inferior races of Jews and blacks. War itself will demonstrate which is the most fit race.
KH: But the Bible says that all men are of one blood (Acts 17:26).
Hitler: Oh, that Bible is outdated. Our scientists have proven man arose from apes by evolution. Only the strongest survive, and we will show the world that we are the strongest!

gravy1 #fundie cseblogs.com

You know why he’s REALLY in prison. It has nothing to do with taxes! ... This is not a political free feral. As Christians we are at war with all those who want us silenced.

My family finally found out the status of Dr. Hovind. He’s in solitary confinement and the government is trying to put him in prison overseas. There is only one reason for this, THEY WANT HIM DEAD! I’m done being quiet, I’m ready to stand with him and the God he serves!!!!!!!!

Ekkman #fundie cseblogs.com

Jesus said to the lukewarm believers that he is going to spue them out of his mouth. Some tell me that doesn’t mean hell. I play their game and tell them, “I don’t care if you think it is hell or not, I don’t want to be spued on the other side of heaven by the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to hear him say, “Well done”.

GaryMurray #fundie cseblogs.com

{... speaking about a visit to the Coca Cola Space Science Museum. I just lost 10 IQ points reading the discussion in this thread so you don't have to ...}

Of course we left the video early and slipped up the darkened corridor towards the exit which is typically lit after the video, dropping Chick/Hovind tracts “In the beginning” and “Big Daddy” everywhere.

It wasn’t a ‘full house’ but people came out had the other side as well. ;)

On that note, I also enjoy visiting my local Walmart from time-to-time and shop for groceries, on my way down the drink aisle to get my Mt Dew and Coca Cola on the left, I turn to the right while passing the beer and wine aisle. Its amazing how easily those tracts fit snugly inside the box handles of the 12/24 packs ;) Something everyone should do is take a hand full of tracts with ya to the store… Slip those in from time to time… Easy witnessing, you can make good use of those prepaid solicitation envelopes you get in the mail also, forget the return credit application, just pop in a gospel tract, make the soliciting company pay for sending gospel tracts to the receiving department employees. :)

CampusPreacher #fundie cseblogs.com

Daily on campus, students try to legitimize their addiction to alcohol by saying “well, Jesus turned the water to wine.” Their Jesus is a hippie longhair bartender that is all too willing to feed their illicit lust for mind numbing intoxicants. They conclude, since Jesus turned water to wine, now it’s o.k. for us to go to our fraternity keg party AND GET WASTED!

Yes, many of the early American immigrants drank a lot of hooch. If they were practicing drunkenness, they were not saved and did not go to heaven!

Editor #fundie cseblogs.com

You need to be corrected on something which is quite foundational. Don’t come here expecting wishy-washy “oh gee, maybe the Bible is wrong” … “maybe we are smarter than God…” At this time you have aligned yourself with being a part of the problem...

There are some 40 authors for the 66 books in the Bible. A part of it was even written by God’s own finger! Doesn’t it seem like if just “some of it, gosh, might be, you know, nice to read and learn from, when we feel like it, except when it differs with human consensus…. (is that what you believe!?)…” - (To continue - ) Doesn’t it seem like if just “some of it…” is true, that this would include the part written by God’s own hand!?

Then read and learn from the middle of the Ten Commandments: Exodus 20:11a “For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is…”

In other words Creation is a non-negotiable. Think Biblically. Think scientifically. Become a creationist.

dutchsinse #fundie cseblogs.com

For years, people like Samphire, were saying the whole bible was false and made up. But once the archaeological sites were found, they said that Jesus didn’t exist… once Josephus’s writings were found, they said that Jesus wasn’t Resurrected…

People like Samphire used to say that the Old Testament was “lost in translation”… that is .. er… until scholars found the dead sea scrolls, which matched almost word for word the modern translation… thus disproving the “lost in translation” BS.

People like Samphire used to say King Herod wasn’t real… now they found his temple.

How much more goal post moving are they going to do before REAL belivers make the PHYSICAL discovery, lay the ultimate smack down, and prove that Jesus resurrected?

Maturekid #fundie cseblogs.com

Those in the lower income brackets in the USA have a tendency to have more children. They also don’t have the money for private and parochial schools hence they send them to the public schools. In the public schools, they teach humanism, atheism and a lot of other garbage with express purposes of driving Christianity out. Generation after generation goes by - the population of the lower income bracket out numbers the others hence the public school drivel is rammed down even more throats.

P.A. #fundie cseblogs.com

During the Great Flood, many creatures appear to have been buried and then reburied weeks or months later. This is one evidence supporting the “continent-crossing tidal waves” contentions regarding the Flood.

Perhaps not all land, all the time, was under water. Perhaps it was a series of tidal waves; worsening and lessening. Noah waited for months after landing in the mountains of Ararat before opening the door and exiting. He successively released birds. Isn’t that interesting? Perhaps (by theory) it was because he did not know if another severe tidal wave would lift and carry them again to land (again) later.

editor #fundie cseblogs.com

Does evolution teach/encourage one to commit adultery or not? …Shouldn’t one “spread their seed” as in “survival of the fittest” and all that? If “God does not see” (according to one’s beliefs) then this directly affects human behavior. // And again, this planet is owned; your soul is owned. FEAR God and keep His commandments. The oversimplified “God is luf, luf, luf” (love…) stuff is incomplete, poor theology, I would contend.

The Welders Wife #fundie cseblogs.com

The birds define where the face of the 2-heavens starts because some birds can’t fly.
Apparently at that time there were some birds that could fly on the edge of what God defines as outer space. I’m not sure if there are still birds that do this during migratory flights or not. Does anybody know?

Sade Tennyson #fundie cseblogs.com

[re: Hovind's imprisonment]

This looks like scenerios in communist countries in those days, when christians brother were accussed of something that makes them appear like law breakers, thereby justifying their being sentenced to 10years or more in prison & later the wife will be sentenced as well & the family find it hard to know where they are being held. As soon as the family know where they are being held, they are moved again, untill the family leaves all in the hands of the Lord. Is this tending towards the same style. This would only make it clearer that brother Kent Hovind’s major offence might be for standing against the religion of those who believe there is no God.
In that case, our Lord is more than able to sustain his servant brother Kent Hovind….the rest of us who still believe in God, should prepare for the coming persecution as well…..

warocuya #fundie cseblogs.com

Only evolutionists see something wrong with asking for your Constitutional rights. You see the Declaration of Independance says that we are endowed by our Creator… if you are an evolutionist then the Constitution would have little meaning. I mean it doesn’t say “endowed by the ancient prebiotic soup…”

The Welders Wife #fundie cseblogs.com

[I thought all the answers were in the Bible.]

When [Henry Morris] started writing, there was very little information out there. He’s the one who got the ball rolling. Secondly, it’s human nature not to research a thing out, if you are in total agreement with the speaker. You are more likely to search things out when you disagree with somebody. God didn’t give Dr Henry Morris all the answers for this very reason! It’s one of those things that motivates the research in the Creation Science movement to keep going.

Jersey Girl #fundie cseblogs.com

I believe that we may live to see the New World Order (unless we are raptured first). There are countless individuals that have professed themselves to be God just within the last few decades. There are signs of the world becoming increasingly corrupt almost every day here in New Jersey. Yesterday we had three “incidents” involving threats of violance in New Jersey schools. About three days ago we had a terrorist threat against Fort Dix (where I happen to work). It is almost impossible to get a permit to possess a handgun in NJ. More restrictive laws about everything are passed every day. Not long ago our former governer resigned his position and went public that he is gay. He left his wife, moved in with his gay lover, and now he is working towards becoming an Episcopalian minister because homosexuality is okay in that religion. Every time I go to the mall and see seven year-old girls wearing “bootie shorts”, tube tops, and loads of makeup I feel nauseated. The country is plagued with sin. It won’t be long before God has had enough.

We are living in a world where our precious little girls are being trained from the age of five that they are nothing more than objects of pleasure for men. Christians are ridiculed and very discriminated against. Schools are no longer safe. We are surrounded by violence and strict governmental control.

sonofjapeth #fundie cseblogs.com

I am convinced that during the days of Jared there was an initial group of about two hundred angels who desended into the reigon around Mt Hermon and married human women. Then there was a trickle down of angels up until the flood. After that (the flood) there was a continual trickle down until approximately 1300-800 B.C. My assumption is that by then, those that couldn’t resist the allure of women were just about all here on the earth. I suspect that there are still possibly an occasional angel that falls in love and decides “it’s worth it”.

pabramson #fundie cseblogs.com

[What to do if you're trapped in an evolution class]

There are some creationists who advise students to counter with “were you there?” but this is a bad idea. For one thing AiG (per above) does not practice this strategy with persons they are interested in attaining. They kept Jason Lisle’s beliefs a secret, publishing articles by him under a pseudonym until after he completed his degree.

Also, the fourth grade teacher knows the fifth and sixth grade teachers. If a young student (rebelliously?) challenges his or her teacher with “Were you there?” it could easily be answered: “No, and neither were you. So quiet down and listen to what the experts teach us.” Is it a good thing for Christian students to get bad science grades when they may actually be good at science? If the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers decide to reward the “fittest” and to punish the “less fit” to survive, then a student who asks, “Were you there?” may never want to learn about real science in the future.

Three Crosses #fundie cseblogs.com

1.”The estuarine crocodile is 23-feet long, as reported in the Guinness Book of World Records.”
That’s a pretty big dinosaur! Or at least what the preachers of evolution, claim is the nearest relative of the dinosaur(along with finches of course!).

2. The Komodo Dragon “The largest verified wild specimen was 3.13 meters (10 ft 3 in) long and weighed 166 kilograms (365 lb)”.
That could easily be considered a “terrible lizard”(you know a “dino-saur”). Not only is it big enough to kill you with its mouth or tail, it’s even venomous!

3. Longest Anacondas on record are argued between 32ft. 9.5in. and 42.5ft. That is large enough to eat you, a friend and your pets. Hmmm. A giant reptile!

The only reason these aren’t considered dinosaurs is because they contradict the current state/world religion.

pabramson #fundie cseblogs.com

If you have heard much of Dr. Missler’s teaching you know that he periodically points out that the End Times will be like the times of Noah. He thinks … that the fallen angels may again (among those not bound in darkness now, Jude 6) take women whom they want.

We know that some very large “human” skeletons have been found (over 12 feet tall). There appear to have been some “Nephilim” after the Flood as well: Numbers 13:33 “And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.”

P.A. (editor) #fundie cseblogs.com

Peer pressure (peer review) combined with “publish or perish” holds back scientific exploration. If a professor wants to stay employed then he or she must submit to the consensus of evolutionary beliefs. Science then comes secondary. If a publication’s referees reject quality (but evolution contradicting) articles at the outset and then turn around and claim that “creationists don’t publish in the journals” that is a convenient contradiction. Some persons put their religious beliefs ahead of science. Thus creationists publish and teach others as we are able, but largely outside of the anti-God publications.

Campus Preacher #fundie cseblogs.com

[Carl Sagan died after three bone marrow transplants failed to restore his body’s ability to make blood sufficient to sustain life on earth].

Campus Preacher noted: God even had mercy on poor old Carl Pagan. He gave him bone cancer and time to think about it. It obviously didn’t work. Therefore we must conclude, that geniuses like Carl Pagan and others can (Richard Dawkins probably will) and do and did go to Hell.

Is Evolution v. Creation an issue in Hell?

On that subject. It looks like to me God also had mercy on Steven Hawking. God allowed/gave him ALS when he was 21 to get his attention. It didn’t work. Looks like Hawking will go to to Hell too.

campusministry #fundie cseblogs.com

THERE IS NO GAY DNA! HOMOSEXUALS ARE NOT RIGHT WITH GOD, AND ARE BOUND FOR HELL. In many cases, God has already turned them over to a reprobate mind. That means they CAN NEVER BE SAVED!

The Homo Song:

It’s not ok to be gay,
It’s not ok to be a homo
God didn’t make you that way,
His Word says it’s a big no-no.

It’s not ok to be gay,
It’s not ok to be perverted,
You need to be converted,

The Welders Wife #fundie cseblogs.com

I also celebrate The Feast of Dedication, because it provides an opportunity to talk about Messiah, and I also celebrate Christmas for the same reason. They are both open doors from the Lord to present the Gospel! The Lord gave me a ‘personal’ understanding of how this works: If it wasn’t for the Christmas celebrations, I wouldn’t have heard about Jesus being born when I was a very small child, because my parents were heathen evolutionists.

BadBob #fundie cseblogs.com

I am a high school science teacher. So far I have been able to teach creation science a couple years without being stopped by administration. I spend as much time if not more teaching creation science as I do going thru the textbook they make me use. Of course, I skip all the chapters with evolution. I use Dr. Hovind’s seminar notebook and his book Are You Being Brainwashed. In a couple weeks I will be going at it again. I pray I can continue to do the same as I have been.

Dr. Hovind’s plight exposes how corrupt our judicial system has become. With the advent of Verichip we are now just that much closer to the mark of the beast becoming a reality. And there is the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming our next president. The future of America is very precarious at best. In the public schools and government all across our nation the wicked seem to be securely in charge while the righteous our at their mercy.

Our family prays for the Hovinds daily. It grieves us greatly that our government is treating them as such.
God’s judgment is heating up on America. In my life time I have witnessed drugs abuse, venereal and other fatal diseases, abortion, crime, rebellious youth, illegal aliens, oppressive taxation, perversion, etc. etc. etc.

We either are headed to revival or the end. Most those that claim to be Christians are so confused about what Christianity really is I fear the latter. God is not going to bless a nation and people who have turned their backs on Him and persecute His messengers.

Inthebeginningministry #fundie cseblogs.com

I have finished college for the summer but two weeks before the end of term I got a really good witness with my college tutor. I mean really good! He threw all his arguments at me for an hour and a half. He found himself cornered so many times that eventually he didn’t know what to say. He was forced to admit that evolution is a religion, that the big bang is not part of science and that dinosaurs lived with man. He also admitted that there is no real way to know that the universe is billions of years old. He is by no means a convinced creationist, but they are some major concessions to make. One thing that I think that he was surprised to notice was the amount of times that he said ‘we think…’ ‘it might have…’ it’s possible that…’ or something like that. I took full advantage of pointing that out to him, and that opinions are not part of science.

P.A. #fundie cseblogs.com

[to a poster who tried to direct readers to accurate information about radiometric dating]

One should study BOTH sides of a debate prior to engaging oneself as a proponent of either side. You have not done this, per your recent posting attempts, Samphire. :-( Please either study, then come back. Or just save your typing for other blogs. We don’t want ignorant skeptics to hold us back any longer. I have made that clear. Start your own blog and I will be glad to post its address here. (Or study, learn that creation is true, then come back.)

Mattwerk #fundie cseblogs.com

She was confused about Creation, he converted her to Evolution, leaving her more confused, but more worryingly, doubting the Word when it comes to Creation. And you know, once you have “reason” to doubt part of the Bible, what is stopping you to doubt any other miracle or unthinkable feat that our Lord has achieved? (like our former Methodist minister, who believes Jonah wasn’t swallowed by a fish, it’s a fairy tale!)

Timothy Fellows #fundie cseblogs.com

Most churches today are basically government opperations, allowed to opperate according to the “rules” of the government. Most preachers today not only have licenses to preach but they conduct marriages under the authority of the state, instead of traditional covenant marriages. We are increasingly living in not just a socialist, but a communist society where the government owns everything, and one must get permission to live, work, travel and freely conduct public affairs of business. Dr. Hovind is being persecuted in the Unites States of America and is a litmus test for the Christians out there — Watch out, They’re coming for you next; unless, of course you conform to a state church system, fully approved and answereable to the government. Whatever happened to the separation of Church and State?

Editor #fundie cseblogs.com

Biology teaches “heredity & variation” - i.e. built-in limits. Science teaches that variation is limited; that is what we see in real biology. Evolution though teaches unlimited variation over time, and that heredity can be violated.

At each step of the way evolution violates science.

At each step of the way creation is in sync with science.

A creationist can predict that we live in an orderly universe - and we do! It was designed.

An evolutionist has faith to believe that nothing exploded into something for no reason, and oh yeah, gravity invented itself for no reason, and don’t forget the laws governing light, momentum, thermodynamics, etc. You see, at each step evolution defies science. Devout evolutionists deny the Creator’s power because she or he badly wants to ignore His laws regarding our lives and our morals.

An evolutionist (to be consistent with his faith) should predict that we live in a disordered unlawful universe

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If DNA is simple, then why does it take some of our most advanced equipment in order to even study it in the first place? Evolution is a “mental hiding place” to deny God’s proper place in our lives. He is our Maker and we each have the choice of making Him our Lord.

One can deceive himself; he or she may also deceive others as well. When Galileo bravely stood against the consensus of scientists and the theologians of the day who had chimed in with “just trust the scientists” he stood with the truth and against peer reviewed error. The scientific consensus who respectively stood against Louis Pasteur and against Albert Einstein were also in error. (Peer review can equal peer pressure, leading to lemmings jumping over a cliff, etc.)

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[Just a few of the reasons Kent thinks God might have allowed him to go to prison:]

1. I broke some law that no one, not even the IRS has been able to show me yet.

9. To show me how corrupt our legal system is, so I’ll understand when You bring judgement on America

33. To let me see the suffering inflicted on millions by our government, as nearly every other government in history has done.

38. To discover those who say they love Jesus yet kick me when I’m down. Judas apparently has cousins alive today.

39. To show me the dangers of 501 (c) (3) and how most of Your children will compromise during the tribulation over these issues.

41. To let me see the well organized tool room in Pensacola for ideas for our ministry.

Kent Hovind #fundie cseblogs.com

[Some of Satan's supposed reasons for wanting Kent in jail:]

1. You are in God’s family and therefore, you are my enemy. I asked for and received permission to do this to you to destroy your faith in God.

2. Thousands have been converted to Christ because of the simple way you expose evolution. I hate people like you who steal people from my kingdom!

3. Evolution has been my religion since the Garden of Eden. I want people to believe the lie that they are improving and can one day be a god. Your message destroys that, so I hate you and will stop you any way I can.

6. You were encouraging common people to start similar ministries to expose evolution and many were doing it. I don’t mind it as much when the super-intellectuals speak on creation because they use all the big words and complex proofs that only a few understand. But your method of making it simple is way too effective

7. Your “Questions and Answer Session” on Seminar #7 makes me angry because you explain the King James issue clearly and cause people to doubt all my false Bibles. I have worked hard for 6,000 years to make people question or doubt or change God’s words and you are undoing my work. I hate you for this!

8. You have also dared to try to take dinosaurs away from me. I have used dinosaurs for nearly 200 years to teach billions of people that the earth is billions of years old and that God’s Word is not true. Your seminar on dinosaurs strikes at the heart of my kingdom. I intend to destroy both your ministry and your reputation for good. Dinosaurs are especially effective for me to deceive children. You are taking children away from me, so I took yours away from you!

P.A. #fundie cseblogs.com

Science and the Bible agree perfectly. But scientists don’t always do good science. Consider the Galileo episode. For some 1200 years the consensus of scientists believed and taught others (like the religious leaders of their day) that the rest of the universe revolves around the Earth. Well, the consensus of scientists were wrong. What they believed and taught on that topic was in error. (The Bible does not say either way.) They fought against waht Copernicus and Galileo had come to realize from the scientific evidence. So it is important to make a distinction between what the scientific evidence indicates vs. what the consensus of scientists (using peer review/pressure) believe. They openly mocked Louis Pasteur. They denied Einstein’s relativity calculation for many years.

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For those of you who read this blog & are also packing Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child, have you ever thought about adding Creation Science Material to your shoe box? Even if they don’t speak English, there’s usually somebody who can translate the material for them. This year I am printing stuff up on my printer & enclosing it in some of the boxes. One year I found Creation Science coloring pages somewhere on the internet that we enclosed in the shoe boxes.

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For thousands of years EVERYONE still remembered the Great Flood. Even up until the 19th and 20th Century peoples around the world - still remembered that their ancestors from long ago came from the few survivors of the Flood.

Let’s skip forward to modern times.

What does the anti-Christ need to have in place before he can assume power?

I believe that one thing he needs in place is an ANTI-history. A believed history - that he comes as the answer for perceived history and needs.

Evolution provides the foundation for this anti-history. It replaces our true human history with a believed fake history that has nothing to do with what really happened - but it is believed. “Myth-ions and myth-ions of years ago…” the story of deception goes.

The Welders Wife #fundie cseblogs.com

Noah must have lived on a huge farm & probably grew a lot of the food supply that went on the Ark. He also must have owned forest land where he got his wood supply from. There was probably also a vast untamed stretch of land nearby that contained both exotic foods & animals. There must have been a river & wet lands close at hand too. The ark may have only been built by godly family members & not with the help of outsiders, for the same reason that many of us put our kids in Christian school or home-school them: We don’t want our precious kids corrupted by what is evil, & Noah & his wife probably didn’t want their loved ones corrupted either. Noah would have lived away from the Nephilim, which is what Josephus says he did.

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Dear Welder’s Wife,

I couldn’t help but notice in your long exegesis about Noah’s sons that you referred to certain people getting their information as to what to write, as they wrote portions of scripture, from other people or circumstances, or things they saw. It seems that in your zeal to explain what you think the Bible means you have drifted into reliance on human reasoning instead of reliance on the Word of God. For example, Luke did not write the book of Acts based on things he saw or heard because of time spent with Paul. He wrote what God told Him to write. I admonish you to submit your thinking to the authority of God as given here:

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Psalms 68:11

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[on unicorns]

Many creatures have gone extinct down through time. I am pretty sure that there are still zero fossilized buffaloes (just regular buffaloes, like those that roamed the American West by the millions in the early 19th Century). Yet they existed, and a few yet survive - even though we find (if I recall correctly) not a single one at all in the fossil record.

So we may not have a representative fossil for the unicorn specifically. Maybe they were hunted to extinction or their preferred food sources were destroyed by man or environmental changes. Maybe there were once millions of them, but not a single fossil at all remains. Realistic enough for you? ;-) Look at our real history of thousands of recorded years, human propensities, how rapidly the world’s climates have changed, and then ponder the once present unicorn. The puzzle pieces are there and ready to be assembled by the wise.

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A few days ago in a thrift store I was looking at a “50th Anniversary Issue” of “Reader’s Digest” Magazine, from 1972. 50 years before the founder of the publication said that he had dedicated himself to the betterment of mankind. -Ah, that is the error. It is important. But it focuses on what would be the second of Christ’s commandments, without primarily exalting the first! So he fell (IMHO) into error. He may have had the best of intentions, but his priorities were not correctly balanced.

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God, (If there is such a person) love’s uncontrollable. It is a shame that we can’t be the same way. What I don’t get is those that make such and effort to crush a child’s belief in God. Would they do this if it were Santa Claus? Far be it Santa being compared to Jesus. Though they both have the same looks and clothing. White hair and beard, Red clothing, One flies with dears, Jesus on the cloud, Both watching who’s naughty and nice. Too bad the Evolutionist is on Santa naughty list.

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I’ve been wanting to say for a long time, that one of the reasons you’re in jail is to become “street smart” and toughen up inwardly instead of just being head smart. Trials give you growth to become more well-rounded in areas that you’ve been lacking. It’s getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing the reality of life, as hard as it is. That way you can better relate to bikers and lower-class citizens who make up the majority of the population, and they can relate to you.

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Take the belief in evolution. Most people who believe in evolution do so because they were told that it is scientific fact. People have a bad habit of believing what others tell them instead of searching for the truth. Be careful what others tell you. I’ll give you an example. Most psych textbooks and psych professors will talk about the placebo effect and how powerful it is. Study after study has been done on this phenomena and in most cases the placebo works just as well or better than the treatment, simply because the people involved believe they are receiving the treatment.

Most Christians will tell you that once we find Jesus/Yeshua/Jehovah/Yahweh/God it is like we had just been told we had been given a placebo all our lives. We were instantly awakened to the truth and left with a feeling of awe that we had actually been duped into believing all the things we had been indoctrinated with since kindergarten. That is just one way that I believe Jesus restores sight to the blind.

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I’ve also heard of another movement in certain Church’s that are trying to say that Jews do not need Jesus to be saved…something I vehemently disagree with. I have notice John Hagee really pushing for Christians and Jews to work together, I’m not quite sure what he is saying in relation to this subject…I just hope the Gospel message is not being pushed out in the name of “co-existing”. Isn’t it disturbing how many times that Christians do the wrong thing in the name of Christ over the last 2000 years?

The Welders Wife #fundie cseblogs.com

When Cain’s descendant Lamech took 2 wives, he opened the door for acceptance of plural marriage to his own undoing, because now that ‘society’ accepted plural marriage, the Nephilim in all likely hood took a multitude of wives in order to build up their own armies, who in turn brought down the descendants of Cain’s descendant Lamech & everybody else, except the 8 on the Ark.

Why aren’t the sons of the Nephilim still being produced? It’s because the angels that were involved in this ultimate degradation of the family are now locked up in pits of darkness in the deepest pits of Hell, otherwise, it would still be going on! Jude 6 & 2 Peter 2:4-5 .

Noah wasn’t told to build the Ark until after Shem, Cham, & Yafet were married adults. By that time all his other descendants (if they existed) were dead! My guess is that the Nephilim killed all his other descendants in retaliation for his preaching against them.

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The more that I study the word of God and science the more “uncomfortable” that I become with heliocentric and much more comfortable with a geocentric system of things. I am seeing more and more that the bible teaches geocentric not heliocentric system. Check this guy’s page out. I have been reading a lot on it and talking to the guy who does it. His name is Gerard Bouw, Ph.D. He makes it fairly plain that you can’t prove whether the galaxy, solar system is either by science. He is a scientist, one of those Ph. D. kinds and there are others, it looks like it is growing.
His page is http://www.geocentricity.com/

mollypitcher #fundie cseblogs.com

I was in wikipedia today and scanned the history of the trying of Brother Hovind. I found it interesting that alledgedly a Christian sister by the name of Horton at a Christian university was the one to turn him in on supposed tax evasion for the his ministry operations. It made me think we should definitely be looking up (as well as over our shoulder) being that the 3rd and 4th to the final sign given in Matthew is that “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” Matthew 24:9-10 ALSO: Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against [their] parents, and shall cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all [men] for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Mark 13:12-13 (also next to the last sign before the end).

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[From another one of Kent Hovind's imaginary conversations with God]

God: Yes, son, so far you’ve asked me 181,046 times or about twelve times a day since you got saved. You do ask for wisdom a lot, son. What is the problem? I’ve given it to you each time.

Millerfamily6 #fundie cseblogs.com

I must say that I, as a sister in Christ, detect rebellion in your heart towards the Word of God. Yes, we are all equal in the Lord’s eyes; however, God our Father has established certain roles for men and women and He does tell us in his Word what those roles are. A woman can share the gospel with others, certainly, but just not in a church leadership role, nor is a woman allowed to teach and lead other men “in the church.” This is clearly laid out as doctrine in the NT for the church…the Lord does not allow women pastors and 1 Tim 2:14 tells us why….because Adam was was formed first and Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. The Lord does tell us that women are to be keepers at home, and the husband is to work and provide for his family, which is not to say that a woman cannot help out in some way (Prov. 31), but her main role is at home with the children serving her husband and being a helpmeet to him (this idea is so foreign in our culture because of the vain philosophy of women’s lib). The Lord tells us in His word for wives to be submissive and obey their husbands in all things (I’m still not perfect in this area and praying through this).

Kent Hovind #fundie cseblogs.com

[Hovind's latest imaginary conversation with God]

kh: God, are you squeezing me to get something out of me, get something into me, or get me in a more usable shape?

GOD: All three and more, son. If I told you everything I was doing, your little brain would not be able to handle it all.

I’ve gotten some prayers and writings from you that you didn’t have time for in the free world. I’ve had you read things, watch things, hear things, and experience things that have changed you forever. I can squeeze things into you and out of you at the same time.

I’m getting some oil, fragrance, and juice out of you that is helping nourish, refresh, and bless some of your brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m also using you to convict and convert others who were not My children until they saw you get squeezed like this.