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No one is homophobic lol right is right wrong is wrong I call myself out on anything I do that is wrong and I’ll call anyone else out on anything else that’s wrong acts of sodomy is wrong lol man on man is wrong woman on woman is wrong prophet lot wife was destroyed because she went along with society in seeing nothing wrong with what was going on. And she was destroyed she didn’t partake in homosexual acts but she deemed it as being nothing wrong with it and she was destroyed. Wrong is wrong right is right. You can justify it all you want but homosexuality is wrong and goes against human nature.

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The Atheist Creed:

I, the atheist, believe:

1. That the universe miraculously popped into existence out of nothing uncaused by anything.
2. That life magically sprang forth from non-life when lightning hit some mud.
3. That minds and morals evolved from molecules through monkeys.
4. That there is no God, and I hate Him.

It's kind of the Nicene Creed of atheism, if you will. :-)

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I saw an airshow awhile back where they had pictures of Amelia Earhart on the advertizements. It was advertized as a regular air show but near the end at the concession stands/awards they had a couple of feminist speakers suddenly appear who spoke of some drive to get more women into flying. They had the majority of podium time drolling out facts like "It's ashame that less than 10% of pilots are women" and how "we" all need to encourage all our girls to learn to fly. After the speeches, some fat matriarch looking white woman who couldn't stand up clapped the loudest with an almost angry clap, audibly breathing as she socked her hands together like the way you punch a catchers mit. She looked like someone's 40ish divorcee mother but a mad one. I had no idea the show was doubling as a feminist set up. The two parked prop planes in front of the lines being shown off had girl names painted on the sides. After the speeches my radar went up and I noticed hardly anyone chatting up the few hot girls there. Some were with their family/group but there were plenty of planes/props to open anyone with chat. It seemed like an awfully white knighty crowd, like standing around a sensitivity trained fire hall or co-ed campus police dept.


If you search 'famous childless women' she's right at the top. Every year on 'Amelia Earhart day' childless older women celebrate in solace. They too will all vanish into nothingness along with their seedlines.

I remember relatives who grew up in flyover conntry during the 40s-50s. The public elementary schools made Earhart out to be a goddess and at the same time, Hitler was demonized to no ends of the Earth. Hirohito wasn't so much demonized but Hitler was the Devil incarnate. This Hitler hate and Amelia love still is evident in a lot of the parents of midwestern boomers.

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When I became Catholic I suddenly found out how the rule works. Any Pervert outside the church was called gay and considered a victim of society. Any pervert inside the church was it called a pederast and considered a sexual preditor, even though their behavior is largely the same.

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Lady Checkmate's headline: "Does Atheistic Morality Make Sense?"

Can Atheists provide a coherent foundation and justification for their appeals to morality? What kind of options do Atheists have in terms of justifying their moral claims?

Atheists have VERY limited options. So, now the have to create a VERY complex system with limited option. Their ethical system is preference.


Lady Checkmate:
No. It's illogical. Sadly, just like satan, sinful man wants to be his own god with his own fleshly morality - which is as filthy rags to the Most High. There is but one God, The Ancient of Days and there is no other beside Him

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Lady Checkmate's headline: "Attack against CHRISTmas: 'Grinch' principal on leave after attempt to ban Christmas items from school"

(Lady Checkmate has cut-and-pasted this story from Fox News, link is here: https://www.foxnews.com/us/nebraska-principal-placed-on-leave-after-memo-banning-certain-christmas-decorations-causes-uproar )

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Mick Williams:
Only a dim would say candy canes are shaped J for Jesus. Actually, they started out straight, but were later bent to represent a shepherd's staff.

Lady Checkmate:
true. Lol, I love that you know that!

Mick Williams:
It's amazing how these people spout opinions without doing a little research. We call that liberal logic: their opinion trumps our facts.

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Brian Matthews:

You just made my day, telling me that I'm featured on one of your Christian bashing web sites. That truly makes me happy. I hope you'll post this over there, too.
"You make it sound like a prison sentence where any sign of openmindedness is punished."
And how do I do that? Is it because I don't tell you how wonderful you are, what with your Drag Queen Story Hours, and your Baskin Robbins approach to human sexuality?
Because I HATE the filth and perversion, the sick and twisted garbage, that you and your ilk are pushing on society, these days?
You like the fake Christians who go along with you for a little pat on the head. The one's who have sold their souls for just a little feigned acceptance from the cool kids.
I don't care one wit what you think of me. Christ told His followers that they would be hated, like He was. He told us to rejoice and be glad when people said bad things about us for His sake, for our reward in Heaven will be great because of it.
Yes, I am angry, but NOT full of self pity. I PITY YOU!
Nevertheless, I start out on low. I try to give your friends every opportunity to back up what they say, and they NEVER EVER do. They just start telling me what a meany I am. They can't even answer the simplest questions. That was the case with Gwen Mistelbacher, despite your misrepresentation of that exchange. I was the one who repeatedly tried to get her to answer my questions regarding her statements, and she continually refused, and kept attacking me.
I suppose Heaven will be like prison to you if you hate goodness, decency, and purity. On the other hand, if Heaven is anything like what you people are trying to make American society like, then I don't even want to go. You've turned this place into Hell.
Do you think it's a good thing that my young grand daughters have to share the restroom with grown men? If you do, you are truly twisted, and I have every reason to be angry about that. That's a prison sentence!
Don't talk to me about how I make Christianity look to you. You make your worldview look like wicked madness to me, which it is.
And YES, you are lost. Why would you think you're the exception? Do you think you're better than everyone else in the world?
You don't even need Christians, or the Bible to see it, just look around. If you can't see that there is something seriously wrong with the whole human race, you're out of touch with reality. The very fact that we are arguing is itself an indicator that something is wrong.
Look at all the violence, the chaos, the rage, the sexual abuse, the hate, filth, greed, addictions, wars, etc.
The whole human race is broken, and in need of redemption. You're not special. That's what Christ came for.
The whole human race has been condemned long before Christ was even born. You aren't going to be condemned because you were just a good little boy just going along, minding your own business, until God, wanting to make you jump through some arbitrary hoop demanded, for no apparent reason, for you to believe in Christ or perish. That's not at all how it works. That's just another Satanic lie.
That would be like a drowning man getting mad at me for setting arbitrary conditions, just because I threw him a life preserver, and told him to grab it. He wasn't drowning because he didn't want the life preserver, he was ALREADY drowning! The life preserver was for his salvation.
Christ is that life preserver. Humanity was already drowning before he came along. You're not going to get condemned for rejecting Him, you are already condemned. You are just going to pass up salvation by rejecting Him. BUT, since you're that one perfect human being in the world, I guess you've got nothing to worry about.

Mario Vercotti:
FSTDT isn't a Christian bashing site. It takes the absolute worst elements of extreme religion, racism and sexism and puts it on display. What you are about is not Christianity. What you are about is fundamentalism.
Brian, I don't HAVE drag queen story hours. I don't approve of exposing children of that age to drag queens until they reach an age of understanding ssexuality, period. You're taking the worst elements of the things that both you and projecting them on all atheists, or at least all people you hate. As for a "Baskin Robbins approach to human sexuality", no I don't. I don't say anything any more or less radical than what tested, accepted science tells us. There are homosexuals in this world. Let them be homosexuals and stop trying to "fix" them according to your religion. Just because you adopt a faith doesn't mean you get to inflict it on those who choose not to follow it.
I don't have any "filth" or "sick and twisted garbage". If you think someone's sick and twisted garbage because they're born homosexual, YOU are the sick one - science will tell you so too - and you need to deal with your own demons.
"You like the fake Christians who go along with you for a little pat on the head."
And who are THOSE, Brian? What's a fake Christian, and HOW DARE YOU call them so just because you can't agree with them? And how do you ever come to understand them if you BLOCK them as you do everyone you seem to encounter here? How do you even function in the real world with a rotten attitude like that?
Yes, you are full of self-pity. Poor you, who can't understand why the rest of the world doesn't want to heap scorn and hatred on people not exactly like you are.
"I try to give your friends every opportunity to back up what they say, and they NEVER EVER do."
I've seen what you do. You frame a question in such a way that you want a VERY specific answer, which people either don't have the patience to figure out what you want, or is impossible to answer, and they don't do it, and you block them. What the hell is the matter with you? Gwen didn't refuse, her last request as to what your question was was entirely respectful. You mocked her for not knowing and blocked her, which takes real cowardice.
NO I don't think it's good that your granddaughters have to share a restroom with grown men. You never asked me. You assumed the worst, Brian. That's what you do. The thing is, normal homosexuals wouldn't disagree with you either but you find them so revolting in concept you don't even give them the time of day.
The whole human race isn't "broken". You just see things in it you don't like, and are demanding they be fixed YOUR way, with intolerance and hatred and anger. I look at the things in this world that I don't like and ask questions, forge relationships, and work positively to solve them. I don't say "well you don't belong to the same faith I do so get lost sinner". Does that sound like anyone YOU know, Brian?
And for the love of God stop calling people and situations "Satanic" just because they aren't exactly what you want them to be. There are a million other reasons to explore before you need to start invoking a Satan most people don't even believe in.
If you can't live peacefully with people who believe differently than you do, you deserve all the name calling you have incurred.
Now you're going to block me, and I will be vindicated.

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Guest Verified:
So those atheist zealots are shoving their religion down the throats of the rest of us.

Nope, just want christians to obey the law like everybody else has to. No shoving the bible down the throats of the citizens on government property. The government has no right to tell us who or what or whether to worship. You can indoctrinate anybody in your church or home, but the government belongs to all the people, not just the religious. Think about it, if you can. That protects your religion too.

Guest Verified:
You just posted the tenets of your own faith. Leave everyone else's alone, you zealot.

I have no "faith". If you have evidence that what I said is wrong, I'd be glad to examine it. Can you say the same?

Guest Verified:
You just expressed faith in having no faith. Thanks for demonstrating your tenets.

Protip: atheism is as much of a religion as bald is a hair color.

Guest Verified:
That's been proven to be an illogical argument. Hair colour has nothing to do with a belief system. Try to stay on topic.

(comment deleted by Christian News Network)

Guest Verified:
An analogy must be accurate or else it ceases to be anything other than a joke. Again, you fail at making an accurate analogy to prove your point. You cannot, because there isn't one. You practice the religion of atheism and you are shoving it down everyone else's throats, just like Nazis did. Sad.

E Hakenson:
Atheism is simply the lack of belief in god. that's it. It's neutral.

Guest Verified:
There is no such thing as a neutral belief system. You're a religious fanatic. Face it.

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Confusion: The enemy wants to convince the world that good is evil and evil is good.

Those same people consider this wholesome, normal and pure:





There is obvious deception. The enemy likes to present himself as an angel of light, so we're not surprised that those who follow him want to present evil as good. The concern is their attack against the innocent. Pray. Do not be deceived as God is not mocked.

Children should not be allowed in environments that are only about sex where adults simulate sexual activity and walk around nude.

Isaiah 5:20 (NKJV)
20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Come quick Lord.

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Little Greta’s Crippled country is being ethnically cleansed and she’s none the wiser!

Little Greta desperately needs to read some real news from the so-called far right! Become a loving wife and mother, and flush her childish rage down the toilet!

Little Greta needs to play with dolls, have a tea party with other little girls, live within a traditional, and NORMAL family!

Another victim of western deviance! Little Greta, I pray that you find Jesus Christ!

I’ve truly seen the face of unadulterated hatred today. Little Greta, You are the sister of Satan himself!

Little Miss Greta desperately needs to get Saved!

Holy God Almighty is deeply good, always! Live it and love it sour-pus.

Little Greta is truly a pathetic brat. How Dare this nothing stare down our great and beloved president!

Little Greta obviously has vile parents. I’ll bet that in a few years while other young ladies are preparing to be wives and mothers, she’ll be pushing her smelly dogs inside of a baby carriage!

Little Greta is the saddest person I’ve ever seen, communism destroys!

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Lady Checkmate's headline: "Sir, you're not a ma'am" - Man exposes LGBT Targetted Persecution of anyone that disagrees with them"


A man that wants to be a woman has shown the world his true character and intent. When a customer refers to him by his actual birth gender, he becomes irate-cussing unnecessarily, threatening the store clerk-challenging him to a fight outside and violently destroying store property. But that's not all, before the aggressive man leaves, he issues a final threat that he will report being called "sir" to the homosexual community and that the store will lose money. I can't help but wonder if he'll report his own violent outburst, vandalism, terroristic threats, and disturbing the peace, in between his tears of course. Hmm...what do you guys think?

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(Image shows Disqus as a sinking ship and “trolls” drowning)

Mick Williams:
Episode: On To Better Things.

Lady Checkmate:
Amen to that. As an aside, I understand the hurt and grief of the unique users who are losing their communities. On topic, the trolls are losing their minds, lol. Their years of stalking, trolling, death threats, kill lists, rape fantasies, and overall harassment (of not just other users, but of DISQUS admin and employees as well - complaining about everything from their cry-bully feelings to those they hate) accomplished nothing but to have their favorite place to troll (and them with it) deleted. Ohhhh, what will they do with their time hate now? Years of hatefully creating sock bots and entire sock armies to stalk and threaten users with was just a waste of time and their socks and bots are now useless...lol. Ain't God good? I have been so amused by the entire thing. Again, I do empathize with the grieving unique-users who are caught up un the sweep, but the trolls and their socks and bots are meeting a fitting end. Kudos to DISQUS! I ran my race, here. I finished my course, here. May God be magnified in all that we do and in all things. Most of you, I will never meet here on this earth, but for those who truly love God and are His...we will meet in heaven. To the lost, my parting words are still...seek Jesus.

Mick Williams:
The critters are definitely panicking. Without this hate outlet, they'll maybe take it to the street and get arrested, or end up in asylums.

Lady Checkmate:
Also, expect them to ramp up their trolling on DISQUS, while they can. Check out the spam folder, but be careful and do not click on any links. They are to'ed. Walk (metaphorically speaking) circumspectly, watch and pray. Most of you guys, I will never meet here on this earth, but for those who are truly Bible-believing Christians, we will meet in heaven. I look forward to that day. My parting words to the lost, after all of these years, would still be..."God loves you...seek Jesus".

WorldGoneCrazy #fundie disqus.com

(Obama) is demonic. He is headed for an awful Judgment Day - just awful. I cannot imagine what his Hell will be like, if he does not repent.

"You will be clapping and joyous when you see people tortured for all eternity?"

Nope. I will be clapping and joyous to know that people have been given their choice to spend Eternity away from the God they so hate - and that I will not be forced to spend Eternity with Hitler, Stalin, and unrepentant abortionists and pro-aborts.

Mark Bradshaw #fundie disqus.com

“Have you actually taken the time to look up informed consent?” - Sure. It isn’t really a difficult concept to understand. However, YOU have FAILED to justify why consent is important or that not having it makes an action immoral. You’ve FAILED to provide the standard by which you assert rape and not having consent is wrong. You’ve FAILED to show that relations of minors in countries that don’t have legal age of consent laws is wrong. You cannot/have not applied your reasoning in a logical and rational manner.

“For God's sake, you're sitting here ASKING me why we need to protect 8 year old girls from rapists and predators.” - NO. I am asking you to provide moral justification for WHY rape of an 8 year old is wrong. You continue to FAIL to do that. You FAIL to provide a source of your morality that you don’t call “wrong”.

“Why do you require authority when no one is getting hurt or abused?” ---- Because you haven’t shown any moral authority that can assert that “getting hurt” or “being abused” is morally wrong. All you’ve said is that YOU are the arbiter of your morals. You FAIL to realize that illogical nature of such a position. If YOU are the arbiter of YOUR morals, and another is the arbiter of THEIR morals, why are YOUR morals any better than theirs? If there is no standard by which to judge morals, then ANY set of morals cannot be deemed wrong.

“What is YOUR answer if you keep telling me that mine is no good and comes from the wrong authority?” ----- My answer is that rape or abuse of ANYONE is morally wrong. The difference between my position and yours is that I have a moral authority that says such action is wrong – and all you have is YOU.

“You're going to tell me it's wrong for an 8-year old to be abused by a predatory adult because JESUS.” ---- God is the only moral authority standard. Jesus said to love thy neighbor and to not sin. Clearly, other societies don’t hold these same moral values. But, according to you, that’s A-OK because the individual determines his/her OWN morals.

“In fact I said the opposite. A slave does not consent. Stop lying your ass off.” ----- You asserted that LEGALITY is the determining factor – According to YOUR REASONING, slavery was okay because it was legal.

Mark Bradshaw #fundie disqus.com

God hasn’t got a moral code chapter in the Bible." ----- The Bible *IS* His moral code.

"The closest thing is the Ten Commandments." ----- No. The entirety of the Bible is His moral code.

"But God kills a lot of people in the Bible so why is this a moral code you have aligned yourself with?" ----- God has never said it is acceptable for us to murder. In fact, He explicitly said that we shall not murder.

"What about the slavery in the Bible, the torture, the misogyny?" ----- God doesn't condone any of these acts. The accou t's of the Bible simply showed that people committed those acts.

"Why on earth do you think that is better than someone who learns from living their life that killing and raping are wrong?" ----- Learn from who? Who has told you that killing and raping are wrong? Why do YOU believe these acts are wrong?

"And no, God says nothing about why homosexual relationships are wrong." ----- Sorry, but He does reveal in His word why homosexual behavior/relations are immoral - it is counter to His design and intent for us. And, He doesnt really have to say why it is wrong, only that it is wrong.

"You can argue that God says not to engage in them, but never says why." ----- Again, the reason why is revealed in His word (scripture).

"Again, that is blind obedience on your part and very unhealthy." ----- How does having a reason change the fact that it is wrong? He has provided reasons, not that He has to. They simply arent good enough for you, so you reject them. It seems as though It wouldn't really matter what reasons He gives, you'll simply reject them.

So, I'll ask you what I've asked Miranda - what is your moral authority? What says certain things, like murder, rape, slavery, theft, etc... are wrong? Upon what basis can you claim that such acts are morally wrong?

Lady Checkmate #fundie disqus.com

***NOTE: From three months back (not sure how I missed it before now)

Lady Checkmate's headline: "PSA: Trusted Users, No more Pending nor Holdups :)"

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So, it seems we've found a way around our pending problem, i.e., Peewee the Crazy . I've whitelisted some of our long-time community members and will be adding to the list regularly. Making you guys 'trusted users' allows you to bypass the pending/held status and post immediately to threads, but still prevents Peewee from posting (thank God!).

This is our trusted list so far. If I mistakenly left you off, please let me know and I'll make that correction today.

*I'll tag you guys just to let you know, you're good.

**If any whitelisted person (sleeper sock) is accidentally whitelisted and then proves to be a troll or takes advantage of the whitelisted status, they will be immediately banned AND without notice. Sleeper socks, you've been put on notice.

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The rapid homosexualization of the US population over the past 3 decades shows how sex ratios become imbalanced and unequal. It's now not possible for a large percentage of males under age 30 to even date a woman due to higher rates of non-heterosexuality in females. You can read the study and see for yourself.
Now, it's possible the homosexually displaced heterosexual males will turn to drugs, booze, video games, or other activities and nothing will happen.
Or it's possible some of these males will realize that they're victims of a world that's thrown them overboard and violence will ensue. It may create a small civil war or regular acts of terrorism. Only time will tell.
When a large enough portion of males realize women may legally wed women, yet they as men are mathematically eliminated from doing so, I predict violence. In fact, we may have already seen some in the past college shootings.

The Last Trump #fundie disqus.com

(Story: "Confirmed Dinosaur Blood on Ancient Fossil Astonishes Evolutionists"

Ahh yes. Classic evolutionist tactic.
Never deal directly with scientific evidence that absolutely refutes your silly and completely unsubstantiated claims.
Just change the topic.
And try to muddy those waters back up a bit eh?
Hee, hee! Nice try.

Hey, I know! Just to be different, this time how about we try to stay on topic and all of you religious zealots simply explain for the rest of us common folk how this dinosaur blood is still around?
Thanks John!

(BTW, just to throw you a bone, the greatest scientific minds of the twentieth century refused to believe that the universe had a beginning. Until scientific discovery went ahead, regardless of their bias, and proved it anyway. :(

Creation account in the Bible has told us for thousands of years that our universe, indeed, had a beginning. Sadly, it took science up until just very recently, to catch up. You may not want to mock such an extraordinary book with such an unprecedented track record for accuracy.
You won't look so foolish that way.)

Mick Williams #fundie disqus.com

Today's Laugh 10-7-18


(Presumably) Chuck Schumer: We overplayed our hand.
(Presumably) Dianne Feinstein: We must keep going left!
(Signpost reads LAST CHANCE)

Caption: 1,000,000 years later
Schumer: How much further left can we go?
Feinstein: Shut up and pump.

michael louwe #fundie #crackpot disqus.com

The entire love and marriage bond was to procreate and raise a family, hard to do with two people of the same sex.

Canis Vulpes:
So people who through no fault of their own are infertile, should not marry?

michael louwe:
Infertility or barrenness is usually caused by incest, eg Abraham and Sarai were barren because he married his half-sister. Incest is a sin but Abraham was ignorant about it since the Law was only given during the time of Moses, ie a few hundred years later.

CEOmike #fundie disqus.com

There is a cultural change happening in America, we were founded on Christian principles, eventually we embraced the Enlightenment idea of Truth, but are now accepting the Marxist idea that change is the highest virtue, facts are becoming "your facts" - simply watch CNN then watch Fox to see the two thought realities. Pray Trump is re-elected in a landslide or the blunt force of the state will prevail.

Lydia Church #fundie disqus.com

(Responding to story “Vulgar ‘Abortion Is Normal’ Art Exhibit in NYC to Benefit Planned Parenthood Political Action Committee”):

And this "it's normal" stuff? Sure, if you're hitler, then it's 'normal,' for psychopaths!
And it's not God who they are to 'thank,' it's satan! God opposes this murder and no matter how brazen they feel about it, that unrepentance instead of shame will land them in hell. Then they'll know how it feels.

I can't get over their evil heartedness! Oh sure, all these people, men and women, feel they have the right to f#@& left and right, then they get pregnant, so they feel they have the right to butcher it and murder the resulting human being! And they call this the height of 'enlightened' civilization! What a joke!!!

It is interesting to notice how society has gotten so far away from God and has become truly evil. Back in the 50's, folks would get married and have a family. Most would wait until marriage for sex, at least if they were Christians. The mother would stay home to be a mother to the children and not outsource her job to someone who is not their mother. If a woman got pregnant, the man would marry her. Fast forward to today. 99.99999% of all men expect sex before marriage, and that includes those who attend church. Then if the woman happens to get pregnant and doesn't run straight for an abortion, but approaches the father, he just implies that she should murder the baby because, you know, the option is there. If she still decides to have the baby, many men abandon the woman, look for another, and the cycle continues. The woman may cave and murder her unborn child, or end up a single mom in a rough economy. My solution? Keep it in your pants until the wedding night. It worked best then and it still works best now. The Bible was right after all: Don't fornicate. But who knew?!

Lady Checkmate #fundie disqus.com

Lady Checkmate's headline: "The Oregon Court of Appeals decided that Aaron and Melissa Klein are not entitled to the Constitution’s promise of religious liberty and free speech"

(Two links follow, Fox News and Todd Starnes:)

Lady Checkmate:
PAY ATTENTION:The courts are attempting to strip away rights promised to ALL Americans. Everyone should be up-in-arms over this. It is not OK. Even if you are not "religious", note any disagreement, regardless of your beliefs will be outlawed if this is allowed to continue. Resist the devil and he will flee. TAKE IT TO SCOTUS AND KEEP IT BEFORE GOD IN PRAYER.
If this continues, expect:

Great business move guys! I'm sure if a cake business owner refused service to blacks, people would be flocking from around the world to applaud their moral ground for standing up for their beliefs!
On the other hand, does anyone not get that this is a state law, NOT a federal one? Now republicans are for big government overreach? Man... the GOP can't seem to figure out what they actually stand for..

Lady Checkmate:
AGAIN: Being black is not a choice nor a sin (ask Rachel Dolezal). The constitution doesn't protect choices. PLEASE WAKE UP! I keep telling you to wake up and you keep ignoring it, but still claiming to be "WokeAF".

Being gay is not a choice and it is not a sin. It is you who needs to wake up.

Lady Checkmate:
WokeAF, you're extremely confused. For your edification: DON'T EQUATE SIN WITH THE COLOR OF MY SKIN
FYI: I NEVER chose to be AA, but I've chosen who to make love with.
Per the Holy Bible, God's Word: (irrelevant scripture deleted)
The good news is God is faithful and just to forgive us when we ask. There is still hope for the lost.
I stand by my comments and I pray you seek Jesus Christ. We disagree, move on sir.
Enjoy your day.

Lady Checkmate #fundie disqus.com

Lady Checkmate's headline: "PERSECUTION: Sex carnivals, drag queens are welcome, Ken Ham and other creationists are not, university says"

(cut-and-pasted from Fox News, original link to story here: www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/02/07/sex-carnivals-drag-queens-are-welcome-ken-ham-and-other-creationists-are-not-university-says.html)

Lady Checkmate:
Come quick Lord.

Robin Egg:
It's disgraceful that Christians are caving into the demands of deranged sexual deviants. Anything they deem as standing in the way of invalidating their obsessive sexual perversion, they attack. Bullies. STAND UP TO THESE BULLIES.

Just Mat:
I don'r fault them. The homosexuals and perverts have unlimited resources to bully and force this sort of shutdown. This Christian organization has neither the resources nor the time for the litigation required to get their constitutional rights protected. And the university is behind this cancellation so the group has to give in or face being expelled from campus as a club. That's a sad fact of life in the US (and the West) nowadays. The homosexuals and perverts are given preference over Christians every time.

afchief #fundie disqus.com

I'll ask you again. Since the law was put there by the legislative branch and the SCOTUS rules it is unconstitutional, WHO removes the "law"?

[Like I said, I don't know. Congress? It doesn't matter who does it, though. When the SC rules (that's RULES, not "offers the opinion") a law is unconstitutional, it is no longer valid, no longer enforceable. At that point, it doesn't matter if it's in the books, or who takes it out, or when they do it.]

Wrong!!! Courts only offer opinions. Opinions can change when judges change. The law cannot be changed by a “judge.” If that were the case, our “laws” would be as constantly changing as the “judges” are. If “judges” ruled that sodomy was illegal in 1986, how did sodomy become “legal” today? Did the law change, or did the “opinions” of the “judges” change?

Did you know that the Supreme Court once rendered the opinion that black men were inferior to whites? Did you know that the Supreme Court once ruled that women had no legal right to vote? Did you know that as recently as 1986 the Supreme Court ruled that there was no right to homosexual sodomy?

President Andrew Jackson, made a statement regarding a Supreme Court ruling in 1832 famously said, “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” President Jackson ignored the decision that the Supreme Court handed down. Congress can ignore it also. Which means NO law has changed or been made.

Congress makes laws. Courts render opinions. Opinions are…opinions. Judges give their opinions of what they think the law says. Congress makes and changes laws. The executive branch signs them into law.

KNOW your Constitution!!!!

Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D. #fundie disqus.com

Wyatt O'Keefe:

Have you ever noticed how evilutionists, when backed into a corner, attempt to retort their deficiencies by saying that they don't have an answer? Like, where did the Big Bang come from? Evilutionist: "ummm, we don't know, but you know, secular scientists are working on it..." LOL!

In the same vein, we can tell the evilutionist relative to his supposed "gotcha" questions, that the creation scientists are working on it. How did the kangaroo get to Australia? We don't know, but creation scientists are working on it!

Now here's another thing: did you know that tens of billions of US taxpayer dollars go to support secular research in the US? And because of anti-Christian discrimination, creation researchers do not get a dime of this public money! So, in order to be fair, the evilutionist/secularist satanists that ask such questions need to petition their legislators to allocate scientific funding to creation research, pronto! If only 1 billion dollars a year, a very small fraction of our nation's research budget (which is mostly wasted), would go to creation research, the pagans wouldn't have to wait very long to receive their answers!

In the same vein, I encourage every Christian to contact their congressmen, and let them know that we need funding for real research that delivers real answers that even the satanists (Matthew 12:30) are inquiring about!

In the name of our Savior,
Brother T

Lady Checkmate #fundie disqus.com

Lady Checkmate's headline: "A Country That Won’t Hesitate to Murder Babies, Will Not Hesitate to Take Everything You Own and Murder You"

FEBRUARY 15, 2019
Trucks not Trains. Incineration Plants instead of Ovens. Systematic Murder of the Unborn
Editor’s Note: The holocaust of our time has become little more than business as usual. From the abortionists like Planned Parenthood’s sale of body parts to the final incineration of the remaining deemed useless...

(link goes here: https://pulpitandpen.org/2018/04/10/2018-sbc-pastors-conference-affirmative-action-action-predictable-result/)

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified. Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND.

Mick Williams:
Remember how Obamacare required 'end of life counseling'? They also want to push the elderly to an early grave, since that would free up a lot of healthcare dollars for illegals.

Mick Williams #fundie disqus.com

Today's Laugh 7-3-18


CAPTIONS: Frame one - THE OLD GUARD (assorted mutterings of "hate Trump")
Frame two - CHANGING OF THE GUARD - woman with rainbow wristband angrily chanting "No I.C.E.", "Socialism", "No prisons", "Free tuition for illegals", "sanctuary nation", "conservatism is a crime", "no profit", "free medical for illegals"

ISA41:10 #fundie disqus.com

(commenting on the story “NY Gov. Cuomo: ‘Worship Services’ Are ‘Canceled,’ According to Guidance Document”):

The LYING Liberal Media and the Demonrats are wanting to keep America shut down for several reasons.

1. The vote by mail fraud they are pushing.

2. They seen how most pastors ran and hide, so they see their chance to remove religious freedom. Then Demonrats pushed freedom to worship. Now freedom to video stream. And all the brave pastors said thank you lord governor.

Pastors are disobeying the Word of God by not assembling together and NO video streaming is NOT assembling together. Pastors have becomes servants to men and not God Hebrews 10:25

And don't try and tell me Romans 13:1-7 applies because it does NOT! When man tells us to disobey the Word of God we are NOT to obey man, PERIOD!!!

Jesus also told us to 'GO" and Preach and spread the Word of God (Matt 28) not to sit at home remain under our beds, thumbs in mouths, until the likes of Cuomo, Fauci, Birks, Whitmer and all the other Demonrat liars would tell us--order us--to slowly (masks & gloves on, of course) & carefully emerge blinking into our "new normal" existence.

Christians today are playing Church and not being the church...........It is quite obvious!!!!

afchief #conspiracy disqus.com

Take your illegal Mexican cess pool country of yours and let us Americans live by our Constitution!!! OBAMA is anti-American, a traitor lets stop fooling ourselves, in every way he has always given special treatment to MUSLIMS.....NEVER believe anti-American OBAMA's lying word's just look at his actions, he supports clock boy for bringing a clock bomb to school, invites him to the white house.....yet when that American girl Kate was killed by an illegal alien, he NEVER even called the family.....let's face it OBAMA is doing everything he can to destroy America and it's people.
This is why he wants to bring 300,000 Syrian Refugees into America even though he has no idea who they are...if that is not treason what is??? He is willing to put American lives in danger WHAT TYPE OF MAN DOES THAT? Only a traitor DOES THAT!
OBAMA lies daily to the American people, he has been bombing ISIS for 1.5 years and they get STRONGER, explain that to the American people, he knew that Turkey was buying ISIS oil & taking care of ISIS wounded fighters, yet he did nothing...OBAMA IS A LIAR, A DECEITFUL ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITOR WHO WILL DO HIS VERY BEST TO DESTROY AMERICA. LOOK AT HIS ACTIONS AND NEVER BELIEVE A LYING TRAITORS WORDS LIKE OBAMA!
Get out my country you socialist SOB!!!

Lady Checkmate #fundie disqus.com

“Has God not spoken for Himself? Why do Christians share the gospel with others?“

1. "Why do Christians share the gospel of Jesus Christ?"
2. "Do they think they speak for God?"
3. "How do they (Christians) know what God wants?"
4. "Do you Christians know that sharing the gospel Truth is judging others? And it's also hatred and bigotry?"
5. "Why won't those Christians just shut up and let me sin in peace spend eternity separated from God, in peace?"

Christians come across these questions a lot from those who are running from Truth, runnning from God and facing eternity separated from God. Many use Christians as a proxy for their Christophobia and hatred of God and all things holy, others are plain reprobate, but some are just dealing with spiritual conviction and simply responding in their flesh, unlearned. So let's answer, based on scripture, Truth.

(Irrelevant scripture removed)

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified. Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND. May God bless you and keep you.

afchief #fundie disqus.com

Ambulance Chaser:
Afchief: Commenting by CTRL-V since 2015.

So, where are all the women being prosecuted for having abortions, if they're not legal?

You really are dense!!!! A “Supreme” Court opinion called Roe v Wade, is merely an opinion…not a law! They just tell us that it is and we believe them, follow the lie, and teach it to others. IT IS NOT LAW!!!!

Ambulance Chaser:
Yes, you keep saying that. So the truth is one of three things:

1) That's how it works.
2) Thats not how it works and 100% of the American legal system is deluded.
3) 1 and 2 are indistinguishable.

Then show me where the law is written in the Constitution? Show me where it is written in the states constitutions.


Ambulance Chaser:
It's not. That's what case law is for.

Anyway, why don't you answer my question? Why does every government official on every level obey Supreme Court rulings?

Yes, you are NO lawyer!!!! For the umpteenth time!!! They tell us that it is law and we believe them, we follow the lie, and teach it to others. IT IS NOT LAW!!!! It is NOT written anywhere!!!!! WE ARE BELIEVING LIES!!!

A law that is not written is NO law!

Ambulance Chaser:
Still waiting for an answer to my question. All state and federal officials are deluded, and only you know the way our government works?

I have answered your questions numerous times. For instance since the SCOTUS says homos can marry, where is it written that they can? Why do the states Constitutions still state marriage is between one man and one woman? Why hasn't Congress amended the Constitution to reflect this?

Ambulance Chaser:
Because they don't need to; Obergefell is binding, which is what I've been trying to tell you all along.

OMG!!!! Where is it written that it is a law?

And you call yourself a lawyer????????????

Oboehner #fundie disqus.com

(Homosexuality) is found throughout nature, therefore natural.

Rape, murder, incest, cannibalism, torture, bestiality, etc. are all found in nature so according to you - natural.

Here we go again, back to the same acts of abuse which homosexuality isn't. Is this a fun game for you?

Here we go again using lame nonsense about gay being natural and running to hide when someone points out that your logic makes all the other things the occur in nature natural as well - by the exact same standard.

The response to that is still the same response it has always been, the same response you've gotten from other people, the same response you will always hear from anyone halfway reasonable: CONSENT. Which, not coincidentally, is the word YOU unfailingly run hiding from- every single time.

You stated if it happens in nature it's normal, you lying bro?

I'll play your game. I stand by my statement. Now you get to explain to me why you think rape and torture are normal.

My son and I recently witnessed 10-15 male ducks gang-raping a female (who repeatedly tried to get away). Have you ever seen a cat with a torturing a mouse, or heard the death scream of a rabbit caught in the talons of an owl? You also neglected to address cannibalism, incest, and pedophilia which also occur in nature so therefore according to you are all natural. Homosexuality is a state of being - being mentally/emotionally ill.

None of those things is what any reasonable person would call torture (or incest or pedophilia). The animal kingdom has its own set of rules for what takes place. Cats eat mice. Owls eat rabbits. Since the medical world has no issue with homosexuality, I don't either. And your reason boils down simply to the superstition you were raised with.

Now we are attempting to create different rules to justify you lame ridiculous statements?
Animals mate out of instinct, for example when a whitetail buck is in the rut, it will "breed" anything that resembles a doe (including each other). My wife's aunt one sent her a postcard depicting a buck doing a German Shepherd, so according to you bestiality is natural.
The honest medical world know homosexuality is a mental/emotional disorder. Nothing changed since the APA first put it on their list except political pressure.

Bestiality is defined as a human being having sex with an animal. It's not defined as an animal having sex with another animal. The APA changed their stance because they got better data and it's only gotten better since then. I can't really explain what's going on with anyone stupid enough to believe you can lobby a medical organization. Especially when you are a marginalized group with little to no power as it was with homosexuals in the 1970s, but I get that you need your confirmation bias provided by hate groups.

Cross species is cross species no matter who does it. Then homo must be two humans and not two animals - so you lie again.
"The APA changed their stance because they got better data." Another lie, it was political period, no new data, just PC BS.
I can't really explain what's going on with anyone stupid enough to believe you can't lobby a medical organization with enough pressure.

You can't. Science is science. How do you lobby something that is authoritative? That's your problem right there. You don't accept authority. So running away with your hands covering your ears means that you can pretend evolution doesn't occur and even consulting a dictionary to you is an "appeal to authority". It isn't an appeal if the source is iron-clad factual. This is your way of trying to level the playing field so that everything becomes "faith" when your own faith is ridiculed when it makes bigoted statements. Who's the troll now? Daresay it's you.
Speaking of authority and the dictionary, look up "bestiality" to see how your attempt to twist its meaning failed so horribly.

"Science is science" What is that some kind of magic phrase to somehow prove anything?

"What’s noteworthy about this is that the removal of homosexuality from
the list of mental illnesses was not triggered by some scientific
breakthrough. There was no new fact or set of facts that stimulated
this major change. Rather, it was the simple reality that gay people
started to kick up a fuss. They gained a voice and began to make
themselves heard. And the APA reacted with truly astonishing speed.
And with good reason. They realized intuitively that a protracted battle
would have drawn increasing attention to the spurious nature of their
entire taxonomy. So they quickly “cut loose” the gay community and
forestalled any radical scrutiny of the DSM system generally" - Behaviorism and Mental Health dot com

Doug Bristow #fundie disqus.com

(commenting on story "Jim Nabors dead; star best known as Gomer Pyle was 87")

Doug Bristow:
I thought very highly of Jim Nabors but I take issue with this article that refers to his "husband". Nabors did not have a husband, he had a boyfriend. I take issue with this because it is just more of the left's softening and changing morality through acceptance of it and changing the true meaning of words to describe it.

Lady Checkmate:
Agreed. I'll correct that now

Doug Bristow:
It is not your fault it is the way it was released by Fox News.

Lady Checkmate:
Yep, and it slipped by me, but thankfully you caught it.

Richard O. Mann #fundie disqus.com

As the country gets ever closer to its destruction, expect to see more anti-Christian hate speech in the media, colleges, and various other places. Until these people realize they are lost sinners in need of salvation, they will not stop these attacks. Just another sign of the end of this country and the end of this age. When sexual deviant life styles become the norm it is not long there after that a country self destructs and is usually overrun by some other country/group. Like Islam.

rueangel #fundie disqus.com

Well, certainly, any right thinking person must agree, that, any ,..well rounded,..5 year old should have a working knowledge of ,..male on male anal sex,..but perhaps, the subjects of the use of ,..whips, or fisting,.. should be not be introduced until the child is, at least, 6,..
Ya think,.?

Sally Edwards:
I'm not surprised this story outrages you if that's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of homosexuality. Let's just take the most extreme sexual practices and define them all by that. By the way, where did you ever get the idea that straight people WEREN'T into all the things you listed?

So,.. where id you ever get the idea that I thought that these practices were limited to gay males,.?
But, anyway, while the perversions listed above are ,..occasionally, practiced by,..some,.. herteros, they are key component among gay males, & I believe that fisting is, pretty much, a gay male practice

Sally Edwards:
Practiced by what, a fraction of a percentage of them? You can't single out an entire group for any specific sexual practice. And no, I Googled "fisting" and there are entire books written about it.

The fact of the matter is, that, male on male anal penetration of the anus , by the penis, is the most common male homosexual activity. And,..
Such male on male anal penetration of the anus , will, in time, cause damage to the anus, & leave a percentage of those who engage in that practice to be left,..' pooing,.. in a bag that is strapped to their leg
And, not to mention the negative health affects of poking a penis around into all of that ,..poo.
But, anyway, I fail to understand why grade schoolers need o be subjected to any description of any homosexual act, whether,..'extreme',.. or not. I mean..what's the point?
But anyway, lets get real here,..In that the ,.'REAL",.. purpose of introducing the subject of homosexuality, into grade schools. & depicting it in such a ,.'positive',.. light, is to,.'brainwash',... a portion of those grade schoolers into,..'becoming',.. homosexual themselves,..which is a part of the ,.'NEW WORLD ORDER',.. agenda which includes the destruction of the family, & population control,..
I will add to that, the fact that the Zionist owned, media, is pushing this homosexual agenda, to the limit, as a means of destroying the moral fiber of the Goyim, in order to destroy western civilization, & to, thereby, genocide the White race, & thereby leave ,..'World, Zionist Jewry',.. ruling over a world of ,..'brown,.. people, with average IQs of about 70.
I refer you to the,..'KALERGI PLAN',.. which lays out this demonic, Zionist, Rothschild, conspiracy, in detail.
I note, that, while, on one hand, the Zio media, & Zio controlled educational system is pushing this homosexual agenda, in the public schools, I doubt that it is being pushed in ,..'JEWISH',.. schools, & while it is also being pushed by Zionist interests in Europe & Canada, & Australia,. as far as I know, I don't think that it is being pushed on Jewish children in Israel,..
Just turnover any rock, & underneath,it, you will find there lurking a Zionist Jew,..
Google,..'KALERGY PLAN',..

Sally Edwards:
Here’s how we know your information is a crock.
Anal sex is very common between straight couples too. How many women do I see with a bag to crap in? Come to think of it, how many gay men do I ever see who have to “go” in a bag? Zero.

The fact of the matter is, that, the anus is designed for,..one way,..traffic & anal sex can lead to damage that can lead to the necessity of using a ,..bag, that is strapped to the leg, & also it can spread diseas,..Did you ever head of AIDS,.? & just because you never saw such a bag, doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.
But anyway, back to the issue at hand, which is, whether, of not homosexuality should be pushed onto grade schoolers, in such a way as to encourage it practice, by children that have not yet developed their own ,..'natural, inherent, hertero sexual nature,..
As in my comment above, I point out that there is an agenda afoot, to increase the incidence of homosexuality, as a means of cutting down the birthrates, this agenda, being pushed, largely by Zionist/Rothschild/Soros NWO type entities.

Sally Edwards:
Of course 6 year olds don't need to know the particulars of anal sex, but who's talking about teaching them that in the first place? Especially when you don't teach straight intercourse to 6 year olds, either.
It's like I said to Amos earlier, you teach children about homosexuals by simply saying sometimes a boy will fall in love with another boy or a girl will fall in love with another girl. That's all you need to say.
What you've been taught about people with damaged anuses is a lie. That doesn't happen. Or if it does, it's rare and would not be specific to homosexuals. Many homosexual men don't even engage in anal sex.

Back in the,..'olden days',.. when I wen to grade school,, back in the first half of the last century, we somehow managed to get through K to 12 without the subject of homosexuality ever being brought up in a classroom, but somehow we managed to grow up & get through life, without, such indoctrination,..having learned through the grapevine at about age 10, or so, that there were some guys, that liked to suck on each other's peepee weenies, & we learned that these guys were called queers,..& that was about all we needed to know. It was only , somewhat later that we heard bout anal sex, which we considered to be really,..real;y disgusting.
And, as to the idea that male on male sexual attraction has something to do with ,..'love',.. The fact of the matter is that gay males are notoriously promiscuous, often having hundreds, or even thousands of ,..'partners',.. in their lifetimes.
And male on male anal sex, often has an element of ,..'domination, and/or Sado -masochism involved, especially in rape situations, whether it is male on male, or male on female,..
Black males,, especially, , seem to enjoy inflicting pain, and or injury on their victims with their,.. tools.,..which they use as weapons/, of attacks on the anus of their victims..
So sure, I know that herteros also, indulge in anal sex, but that is largely because anal sex is being pushed by the Zio-Media as being, particularly, exciting & ,..'trendy'.
So, I still maintain that there is nothing healthy about anal sex, from either a physical,or a mental point of view,..
If it is going to be discussed in school, the discussion should consist of warnings against it,..For all of the reasons, mention above & previously,..

WorldGoneCrazy #fundie disqus.com

"The Nuremberg trials were based on a set of laws drafted specifically to prosecute war crimes committed during WW2. Abortion doesn't fall under the current definition of crimes"

And neither did Jew gassing. Are you really this obtuse? That is the point of my original post.

"so any new legislation you make up for it will be US based only"

False presumption.

A. Who says that the international community will not come to their senses regarding abortion?
B. It can be a country-by-country case.
C. That's fine if it IS just US-based. Thousands of abortionists, clinic workers, and deathscorts will go to jail for what any rational person, having watched an abortion video, must conclude is a crime against humanity, based on science alone, which you conveniently seem to ignore.

"You outright said that you are collecting evidence to be used in a criminal trial prosecuting providers, escorts"

And so are the deathscorts. What is your point? That is neither blackmail nor violence. I am beginning to think that you, or someone you know, works in the abortion industry. If so, I refer you to the original post websites for help getting out and getting help.

"based on laws that do not yet exist"

Just like Nuremberg. Once again, you show that YOU believe the "nazis" were the ones prosecuting the Nazis. Good luck with that "moral" code!

"Seems like you want those people dead pretty badly"

That, Sir, is libel. Would you like to walk that back, or would you like to give me the name and number for your local authorities? I have screenshot your comment.

"Brown shirt for the ones threatening women and their doctors with violence and murder."

Again, if you are projecting your insanity onto me, I suggest you are going too far. No rational person would read that into my post. If you are saying that bringing those individuals who commit crimes against humanity to justice are the brown shirts committing violence and murder, then you are not only off your meds but you just implicated the entire international community at Nuremberg.

Mosin Nagant #racist disqus.com

[Commenting under "Caribbean Project: Review: The Racial Dystopia"]

"I am against race mixing."

Yet apparently not averse, as a Med, to flirting with or trying to date (which are the first steps toward full-blown miscegenation with) Celtic and Nordic women, Hispanic senioritas and presumably other non-Med intra-racials and extra-racials. Remember that even extra-ethnic INTRA-racial miscegenation is unnatural and harmful, and sets the stage for inter-racial miscegenation.

In the Bible that is "always being brought out" here, the Hebrew was commanded to marry not only within his nation but even within his own TRIBE, which may be very reasonably considered a principle pertaining to all peoples.

You say we have a race-mixed world all because of the white race -- but at least you agree it has not been a good outcome.

Lady Checkmate #fundie disqus.com

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Atheism: The fool has said in his heart there is no God"

Why do atheists ONLY have a problem with Christianity?

They hate truth, but accept lies.
There is power in the name of Jesus Christ and that is why they (under the influence of the enemy - who is using and manipulating them) have set themselves in opposition to Christ, because the name of Jesus changes lives and the anointing destroys yokes. The enemy doesn't want the lost to be found and set free from sin and death.

They also hate Christians because we share the gospel of Jesus Christ (as the Holy Bible instructs us to) with boldness and confidence. They do all they can to discredit men and women of God, but God's word stands true FOREVER. Let God be magnified and glorified in ALL that we do. Amen.


Lady Checkmate #fundie disqus.com

Lady Checkmate's headline: "The World Wants to Redefine What Love Means, but NO..."

God is Love.

The world continues to try and redefine the word love and make it mean to accept sin/wickedness/evil, tolerance, etc. It's just not true and Christians must continue to NOT call that which is evil good nor that which is good evil.

In this time of great compromise believers are set a part and called to be light and salt in this dark world. We can not conform to this world nor buy their lies and sell God's Truth.

(irrelevant scripture removed)

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified.Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND.


Lady Checkmate #fundie disqus.com

Lady Checkmate's headline: "President Trump Was Correct, "The Alt-Left is A Problem" (Links story from Time Magazine here: http://time.com/4919011/donald-trump-alt-left-antifa/)

Lady Checkmate:
The next time an alt-left troll attempts to tell you the term "alt-left" doesn't exist (because they're embarrassed they've been identified as such-*snicker*), feel free to refer them to this TIME article as well as several other online sources. Have fun :)

A few members of the alt-left (note their weapon of choice, bats-lol)

Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D. #fundie disqus.com

Random Boy:

Relative to Jesus being a pacifist, it is as true as Him having long hair or not hating anybody. NOT!

As always we must look to the Bible (KJV 1611 ONLY) relative to absolutely any belief we may hold. The Bible tells us that Jesus approved of His Father's command that children who cursed their parents should be stoned to death (Matthew 15:3-4). Does this sound like pacifism, forgiveness, and love to you? It is BLATANT INTOLERANCE for anyone that does not follow the Word! Jesus told his disciples to bring before Him any non-believer and to slaughter that non-believer to death right before Jesus' eyes (Luke 19:27). Yes this is a parable, but it refers to His second coming. But the main facts are that JESUS spoke this parable, therefore the KILLING reference is attributed to Him! Does one KILL because they love someone or because they HATE them? Heathens are such ignorant dolts!

More so, Jesus had one man eaten alive by a swarm of worms because the man failed to give Jesus His due (Acts 12:23). Jesus struck a Jew blind for thwarting His teachings. He struck a man dumb for not paying close enough attention (Luke 1:20). He SCARED a husband and wife to DEATH for not giving Him all the money they made on a real estate transaction!!!! (Acts 5:1-10). Does this sound like love and forgiveness to you? Jesus had to hate these people to be able to do these abhorred acts. This is the Jesus that we know, love, and worship.

Jesus told us we are to live in constant fear of God for He can torture us forever in Hell (Luke 12:5). This is why we must take a rather abusive manner regarding the heathen that does not follow ALL of the doctrines and precepts within the Bible. We don't have time to sugar-coat Gods word, H-E-L-L-O!

If one opts for Christianity, it is beyond me to think that anyone is able to extrapolate from the Bible that of which they accept, the lovey dovey Jesus loves me parts, and not be held responsible for the obligation of the whole where our Savior is KILLING AND TORTURING His creation! I for one cannot usurp what God has written regarding how His Son reacted in certain instances, therefore setting an example, can you?

In the name of our Savior,
Brother T

Guest Verified #fundie disqus.com

But hey, asylum seekers who make it to the US will be detained, separated from their children, and prosecuted as criminals.

Guest Verified:
Asylum seekers are not separated from their children. Illegals are separated from the children they are bringing over unless they can prove they are family members. Out of the 12,000 brought across thus far this year, 10,000 were brought with human traffickers or pedophiles. You should read what the New Yorker, Washington Post, and Breitbart said about this when it happened under the Obama administration. That's why Sessions' suggestion of DNA testing doesn't sound all that far fetched. Who knows how many missing children may suddenly be found?

WorldGoneCrazy #fundie disqus.com

Are you a deathscort? I might know you. What state?

No, I am not an escort, I am a wound specialist who spends hours every day healing prurulent, nonhealing wounds that often go down to the infected bone, getting flesh to grow in hopes that the veteran or diabetic or new mother/frequent mother does not have to have their limb amputated, or worse. What do you do, besides bully women? And what state do you do that in?

Liar. All you live for is to kill, kill, kill.

You love death, and if you were a wound specialist, which you are not - thank God! - you would have killed many through your medical and science phobia and incompetence.

Lady Checkmate #fundie disqus.com

(commenting on story "Georgia mom upset about sexual 'identity definitions' quiz at school"

SMH. Good for you mom as that's highly inappropriate.

It is written and Christians have been warning you guys that the alt-left sexual deviants would be "cruising" for children soon. Their end goal is to legalize child rape. What that teacher and really all on the alt-left is doing is called grooming in an attempt to normalize their abnormal behavior to take advantage of children.