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( @ObersturmbannFuhrer88 )
@CountryBumpkin123 @Nature_and_Race look at him he’s an easy target for a genetically violent nigger. These Zulu cunts cannot be trusted. If there’s a nigger/s in my child’s class when he gets to that stage I swear I am not going to tolerate it. I mean American niggers seems to be the most horrible evil creatures I’ve ever seen.

( @lostman1 )
@CountryBumpkin123 @Nature_and_Race From the way it looked the kid didn't have a chance to defend himself, but he should have at least tried to, like grabbing the nigger around the throat and snapping his nigger neck.

( @CountryBumpkin123 )
@lostman1 @Nature_and_Race I agree. This is why we must teach our White boys to fight properly. My Son has been in jujitsu for years and started wrestling this year (he's 12). I hope to God nothing like this ever happens to him, but he'll be properly trained in the event it does.

( @Jimmymac88 )
@Nature_and_Race White people better wake the fuck up and start defending themselves or we'll end up like the whites in South Africa

( @Stevubert )
@Nature_and_Race never forget that Jews created this situation with propaganda.

( @Nicholas_Scholl )

Negroids give us plenty of reasons for us to hate them, but there's still White people that don't accept reality.

It's an interesting phenomenon.

I'm talking about normies; not self-loathing race traitors.

( @GingaPATRIOT )
@Nature_and_Race it’s so fuckin infuriating watching these niggers walk around and tear white people like this. It’s time to rise up teach your sons how to fight and stand up for themselves and their race. Hit the gym eat healthy get outside and be white. These kikes who brought these niggers here will pay the price and then the niggers can separate and stop the hate

( @Theinitiate )
@Nature_and_Race The blacks are the worst race of people on this planet in almost every metric, change my mind.

( @AntiSatanic )

( @ExpelTheJews )
@Nature_and_Race And that's why the niggers should be deported immediately after the kikes get kicked out of the Western world!



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