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Donald had finally done it. He was elected president of the USA! In a vote of 99.9% of voters voting for him and 00.1% of voters voting for Bernie Sanders. Bernie committed suicide later because he lost the election. He was sad.

But now Trump had an election to win! So he won it. He stood up on the podium, with billions of fans cheering his name. "Trump Trump Trump!" they cheered. It made him happy. Donald then winked at the camera and said "the mexicans are FIRED" and all the mexicans were fired back to mexico because they were fired. Trump then said "As my first act as your president of the usa I will now go through the Great Portal and find out where it goes. Wish me luck!" The crowd cheered so load that a frech guy dropped his baguette and cried. As trump entered the portal he heard a loud screech and saw a blinding light.

"oh no" he said. Donald was scared. But he wasn't that scared.

Donald then found himself in a giant grassy field. He looked around, and felt the cool breeze of an autumn's wind blow through his majestic blonde hair. "I like this" he said. Donald then ran towards the nearest building. A barn, of sorts. He ran inside only to see an orange horse working on a hay.

"Weh-yul hadee thar pardner! Habn't seen yuh round theez parts, have ah?" said Applejack
Donald then asked if he should see whomever ruled the area he was in. He was told that a powerful being, known as "Celestia" was in charge of the kingdom.

When they arrived at Canterlot, Donald spoke with the princess. HE negotiated a deal and bought the entire kingdom for $2.1 billion bits, or $1.2 billion USD. HE shook hands with the princess, and she flew away. Likely to invest with her newfound fortune.
Donald returned to Earth, only to find he was only gone for 2 Earth days. While he was gone, all the mexicans and syrians died and their corpses were used to make a giant statue of Trump.

Trump sat down and began his rule. A giant statue of AJ was built in the white house and he always remembered her. It was made out of the gold Trump discovered himself outside of New York. The Great Portal was closed 10 days after Trump Got back, when the resources of Equestria were dried up and in use in the USA, now known as The United States of Trump.



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