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Salutations, my beautiful Patriots!

To use one of your, what a lot is going on right now!...especially with regard to the U.S. Presidential Election. We must all hold onto our hats, and our sanity, during these tumultuous times!
As I observe all that is going on regarding the election and all the “strings” that are being pulled by the cabal, it causes me to realize what I was truly up against back when I was President. I have to say now, that it is no wonder I was assassinated...because they could not let all of their long-term planning (approximately 50-70 years!), be revealed. I was actually at the near-beginning of all their evil plans! It is truly amazing and disgusting at the same time, to comprehend how much manipulation, deceit, bribery, and illegal activities, have been executed by the cabal during all these years...and it is indeed frightening to think that they would callously continue on in the same way, if my Patriots in the here and now, weren’t “shaking the trees” so loudly and causing all of the cabal, and their evil schemes, to tumble out! It is so very wonderful to see! (big smile!)
Thus, I will just continue to beseech you beloved Patriots of mine, to Hold the Line, and Fight the Fight...but please also remember to Love One Another! Because we truly are “All in this Together” matter the affiliation, or color of skin, or station in life...because as some of you have already said, this is much bigger than any particular party is about Good vs. Evil. It is that simple...and that critical...for ALL of Us. We WILL Prevail!



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