Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy #wingnut

Celebrities do not die
They just retire a character

All the information of a person
Is recorded on their cortical stack

It is downloaded onto a DHF or Digital Human Freight
And transferred into a sleeve

A sleeve is an organic clone made out of real human tissue
It does everything a normal person does

The consciousness is then transferred to the sleeve

No famous person is real anymore
All celebrities are AI generated

Most people who become famous are body snatched
They are cloned and the real person is killed

An entity occupies the clone
And assumes the identity of the person

People who idolize celebrities are called fans
Because they project their energy onto the entity
Who is in a cloned body of the real celebrity

The energy from fans feeds their auto vibration

The fake celebrity uses victim consciousness to gain sympathy
Which means more energy from their fans

Twinning is where an entity posing as a celebrity
Hangs out with a recently body snatched person
To guide them in their new environment

The world of sports is becoming an above ground version
Of below ground cloning wars

Because of their fame and idolization from fans
Athletes are an attractive target of entities

Human sacrifices and the eating of flesh and the drinking of blood
Is a common practice of all these individuals

In old Babylon sacrifices were hunted down for sport
Now they are trafficked underground

Hollywood is the new Babylon

Old Babylon has returned and crept in unawares as AIs

We live in a mixed reality
Where humans are stuck in 3D

Fake celebrities munch on a child sandwich
Then go out and receive energy to sustain their way of life
From their human hosts



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