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( @Nature_and_Race )
White women who sleep with blacks undergo visible physical changes.

Almost every single White woman who regularly sleeps with blacks develops a very dingy quality to their skin, like a cloudy greyish color.

Their eyes take on more of a squinted/slanted appearance, rather than being round and open.

And their hair quality changes as well, to the point where they wear their hair pulled back tight at all times, never letting it hang naturally.

Mudsharks have a distinct accent. As if 8 different baby daddies wasn't already a dead giveaway.

( @FRIT147 )
@Nature_and_Race I thought I was the only one that noticed it, white women who are with blacks suddenly seem to be more unhealthy

( @Runeoflife )
@FRIT147 @Nature_and_Race It's quite simple logic that someone has to be utterly diseased, vile, rotten to ever betray their race and procreate with a breed as alien and hostile as niggers.

So of course they look unhealthy. They ARE unhealthy. Mentally, physically terminally ill.

( @funbobby51 )
@Nature_and_Race whenever a woman is inseminated some of the DNA is left behind

( @General_Beauregard )
I see that mudshark and think her highest use is being ground up for sausage

( @ChrisLonsdale )
@General_Beauregard @Nature_and_Race lol, I'd never eat a sausage that 8 niggers' sausages were inside of

( @Nicholas_Scholl )

I'm convinced that mudsharks are genetically defective.

I think propaganda is only part of the reason why they choose negroids over White men.

( @qMAGAs )
@Nature_and_Race fucking whore; and you know all those kids are mixed

( @Germanicus_ )
@Nature_and_Race you know we have a sick society women white women pretend to be nigs

( @Weiss_Drache )
@Nature_and_Race Wahmen are retarded and mudsharks get the rope.

( @AngryWh1teB1tch )
Yes....its called "healing from being beaten half to death by a nigger" syndrome.

The face & hair never recover to their original state. It's why intelligent White women don't do that shit. The nigger will always beat you at some point. It's the species differential.



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