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DONALD TRUMP: You know, I did millions and millions of votes more in 2020. I did much better. And you can cut this if you want, but the election was rigged. Fox might want to cut that one out -- but that's OK.

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS: I would just say it hasn't been proven in court.

DONALD TRUMP: Well, it was so rigged, it was so crazy, but we're going to do it again.

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS: A majority of Republicans believe Trump's insistence that the 2020 Rex was stolen, but there is no independent evidence of widespread fraud.

Donald J. Trump #conspiracy #pratt #wingnut realclearpolitics.com

Trump To FOX News: "You Can Cut This If You Want, But The Election Was Rigged," "10-12% Of Democrats Are Voting For Me"

During an interview with FNC's Howard Kurtz Sunday on "Media Buzz," former President Trump continued to insist that the 2020 presidential election was "rigged."

Trump said polls don't capture his true level of support because anybody who won't answer questions from pollsters is supporting him.

DONALD TRUMP: I think the Democrats vote for me a lot more than you think. In fact, I saw where at least 10 or 12% of the Democrats are voting for me. They've never seen a number like that.

I have a theory. People in Beverly Hills vote for me, but they don't talk about it. A lot of people vote for me.

Do you know when the exit polls in 2016 came out, everybody said is, "Oh, this is a sad day, this is sad for Trump, he's not going to make it, he's not going to make it." Everyone's saying it. Remember that? And then the I end up winning quite easily. I ran Florida, I really ran the whole east coast.

And one person called up, smart guy and said, "You're going to win big." Why? -- "You're going to win big." Why do you say that? On FOX too they said it's not looking good. They say, "No, you're going to win big because there's a group of people that say don't ask me that question."

It's a how much much rougher word than that, it's a word that I won't United States on television. I can't, I will get decimated, but they told the president a certain thing, but let's be nice. They say, don't ask me that. Anybody that says, essentially, "don't ask me that" is a Trump voter. And it was the largest number of "don't ask me that" voters ever, ever, ever.

And he said every one of those voters is voting for you, and it turned out to be true.

So, you know, we ended up winning, and we did much better in 2020.

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Zelinsky was voted in by his people in 2019 on a promise of peace, which was the Minsk Accord of 2014, before the coup, agreed upon by Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine where they all benefit by economic trade, including the rest of Europe.

Who benefits from this crisis? Not the Ukranian people or Russia, but those who pushed the Uniparty to pass the recent omnibus bill.

Jeffrey Sachs, advisor to presidents and the UN, Col McGregor, Tulsi Gabbard, Scott Ritter (Marine Officer and UN WMD inspector who disproved the presence of WMD's in Iraq) and even Henry Kissinger, from various political perspectives, agree that we are headed to the same mistake as in Iraq, instead of using our military power to negotiate a lasting peace, we are pushing for regime change, and an agenda of constant chaos, the people be dammned. We need a MAGA cleansing of the MIC Deep State

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The Left, caught with its hand in the kiddie jar, immediately swiveled and accused the Right of initiating this culture war. Michelle Goldberg of The New York Times lamented that she felt terrible for Raveneau, who, after all, was just "step[ping] up to defend the company's queer friendliness, only to become a national object of right-wing fury and disgust," and whose injection of LGBTQ propaganda into children's content was "sweetly anodyne." CNN hosted Washington Post transgender columnist Charlotte Clymer, adding the chyron "LGBT COMMUNITY LATEST TO BE CAUGHT IN CULTURE WAR." The takeaway, according to the social Left, is that anyone who defends traditionalism in child-rearing — or anyone who simply doesn't want children turned into targets of sexual propagandizing — is the true cultural aggressor.

This is a transparent lie. And it's a lie that won't rebound to the benefit of those who seek radical change. If they wish to pose the rubric of gay rights against parental rights, gay rights are likely to suffer. If they wish to suggest that LGBTQ freedom extends to teachers initiating children into sexual conversations without parental permission, parents are unlikely to go along for the ride. For decades, the social Left has made inroads by arguing that they simply want to be left alone. The Right, by contrast, has argued that the Left's agenda is far broader, that the Left demands cultural celebration of its sexual mores and that it will stop at nothing to remake society in order to achieve its narcissistic goals. Disney's latest foray into the culture wars proves that the Right was correct, that the Left's stated agenda was a lie and that its "not-at-all-secret" agenda targeted the most vulnerable Americans.

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Trump on Obamacare: "Losers" Are Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi, "Let It Explode"

President Trump makes a statement after the health care reform bill he supported was pulled ahead of a vote in the House. He said that speaking politically, things couldn't be better for him.

Trump thanksed Paul Ryan for his hard work and noted that Democratic Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were the "losers" of the whole affair.

"I've been saying for a year and a half that the best thing we could do --politically speaking-- is to let Obamacare explode, it is exploding right now, many states have big problems. Almost all states have big problems," the president said.

"So Obamacare is exploding, with no Democrat support we couldn't quite get there, we were just a few votes short, in terms of getting our bill passed. A lot of people don't realize how good our bill was because they were viewing Phase One. Phase Two, which was mostly the signings of Sec. Price... and you add Phase Three, which I think we would have gotten, it became a great bill... but that is okay."

"I think what will happen is Obamacare, will, unfortunately, explode. It is going to have a bad year. Last year you had over 100% increases in various places... Many places 50-60-70%... This year should be much worse for Obamacare," he added.

"What would be good, is if the Democrats, when it explodes, got together and worked with us and got a real health care bill. I would be totally open to it and I think it is going to happen. I think the losers are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, because now they own Obamacare, 100% own it. It is not a Republican healthcare, it is not anything but a Democrat healthcare, and they have Obamacare for a little while longer," he said. "This is not our bill, this is their bill."

"I want to thank Paul Ryan," the president said. "He worked very, very hard. Tom Price and Mike Pence... everybody worked hard. I worked as a team player, and would love to have seen it pass."

"We learned a lot about loyalty, we learned about the bill process, we learned a lot of arcane rules in obviously both the Senate and the House, so for me it has been a very interesting experience."

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Who are the new voters to whom Clinton wants to give "access to the ballot box"? They include felons and noncitizens, along with anyone who can't prove identity, citizenship or residence within the voting precinct.

She also plans to harvest millions of new votes by expanding the dangerous practices of same-day registration and early voting, which enable Democrats to badger, berate, bribe or bamboozle reluctant low-information voters to the polls. Democratic Party and union workers can identify reluctant voters and harass them until the party worker verifies that they have actually cast their ballots.

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BILL O'REILLY: After the brutal murders of TV reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward in Virginia yesterday, the liberal press reacted in a predictable way, calling for stricter gun laws and more mental health monitoring.

Sadly, there is no way any country can stop disturbed individuals from killing people. And because of America’s history, there is no way total control of firearms will ever happen.

Americans have a right to bear arms in order to defend themselves. That is not going to change.

And because all of us have that constitutional right, criminals and maniacs will abuse it and destroy innocent human beings.

It is worth noting that Chicago and Illinois have ultra-strict gun laws but cannot stop the gang violence that has brought shame to that city.

But there is something else going on and Senator Marco Rubio identified it last night.

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL): "What has happened to us as a society that we now devalue life to such a level? What has happened in our society that people have become so violent? That's the fundamental question we need to confront."

What Rubio is spotlighting is a rise in nihilism and a decline in spiritual belief.

A person practicing nihilism believes in nothing but his or her own desires.

Those folks have no loyalties, no purpose outside of their own gratification.

Nihilism is a close cousin to narcissism, where a person believes he or she is never wrong and lacks empathy for other human beings.

In 40 years of covering the news, almost every killer I’ve reported on has been a nihilist.

For example, I just finished writing about the would-be assassin John Hinckley in my upcoming book Killing Reagan. At the time he shot Reagan, Hinckley believed in nothing.

There is no question that America is now turning away from spiritualism and embracing the culture of “me” — what “I” want.

Since 2007, Americans describing themselves as Christian have declined almost 8 percent while those who believe in no religious doctrine have risen almost 7 percent.

In many media precincts, religious folks are openly mocked, considered to be fanatics.

That message is seeping in, especially to younger Americans.

The killers in Colorado, Charleston, Connecticut and now Virginia -- all young men who had few restraints in their lives.

If you do not believe in anything, anything goes.

So the next time you hear a pundit saying gun control or stricter mental health monitoring or whatever else they come up with is going to stop the senseless murders of human beings, know you are being deceived.

Only a society that insists all human life is valuable and a mass media that promotes that will begin to see a turn-away from violence.

It's all about the philosophy of loving your neighbor. Not the myth that a centralized government can prevent barbaric behavior.

It can't.

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How are the videos fake and heavily doctored when they provide the entire 3 hours? These people are serial liars like their Fuehrer Obblama. Baby CANNOT be part of the women's baby because it frequently has different blood type than the mother. Sad that the miracle of life has been trivialized to a 'lump of flesh'. As the good book says 'Evil will increase as the time of the end draws near.'

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(On Obama's support of gay marriage)

The New York Times, declaring that homosexuals' right to marry is "too precious and too fragile to be left up to the whim of states and the tearing winds of modern partisan politics," is looking to the court as the last, best hope to impose same-sex marriage on the nation.

Can't trust voters, can't trust elected legislators, can't trust Congress. Homosexual marriage, says the Times, is too important to be left to democratic decision. The republic must be commanded to accept it by unelected judges who serve for life and against whom the people have no political recourse.

That process of judicial tyranny has begun. A California judge has overturned the decision of California's voters to ban gay marriage, and his ruling is headed for the high court.

The Supreme Court thus will tell us whether this issue is to be decided democratically by voters and their elected state and federal legislators, or dictatorially by themselves.

Four liberal activists on the Supreme Court -- Elena Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Sonia Sotomayor -- are probably ready to declare that homosexual marriage is a constitutional right, as their predecessors declared abortion to be a constitutional right.

But Obama needs one more justice. If elected, he will get it, and same-sex marriage will be forced on all of America. If Romney wins, the Supreme Court will likely leave the issue of same-sex marriage to be decided by the people and their elected representatives.

Thus everything is up for grabs this November: the House, the Senate, the presidency, the Supreme Court and whether we still call the United States of America God's country.

Game on!

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For 40 years, this country has endured a social movement that has been relentless in its goals. Women on the left believe the feminist movement is responsible for liberating women from constricted lives; women on the right see things differently. Feminists are consumed with their place in society; conservative women are not. They are especially uninterested in fighting a gender war. That's why the Submission Question could be asked only of a conservative female candidate. It's women on the right, we're told, who want to keep women in their place. Conservative women are anti-woman.

So what to do when faced with a female candidate who's conservative and popular? Why, portray her as a religious nut and a doormat, of course! Indeed, feminists know most women won't identify with that kind of woman. And they're right: they won't. Women on the left don't appreciate that traditional values, even Biblical values, are not at odds with female empowerment. No matter what you think of Bachmann or Sarah Palin, these women have proved this in spades. No one gets to their position by being oppressed or mousy.

For the first time in decades, the liberal feminist establishment is up against something new: outspoken conservative women who undermine the feminist agenda. Conservative women are supposed to stay home! Conservative women are supposed to lead nice, traditional lives: raise a gaggle of children, be subordinate to their husbands and stay out of the public sphere. Why are they asserting their independent minds?

The implication that Michele Bachmann is a Stepford wife in disguise was a pitiful attempt to bring down a female conservative candidate who has sinned in the worst way possible: She does not carry the feminist torch. And, yet, she still won the Iowa straw poll.

Perhaps feminism really is dead.