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Stew Peters devoted a segment to condemning Germany’s Weimar Republic for tolerating LGBTQ people

“And Weimar[…]was the birthplace of the transgenderism and gay rights movements that have once again reared their ugly heads to plague Western, Christian society,” he declared. “Especially America. All of this was happening with the full blessing of the Weimar government, which was largely controlled by Jews

Peters justified the actions of the Nazis by claiming that Jews “controlled the German court system” and the “German banking system,” and had “unprecedented overrepresentation in Germany’s government.” He also accused the Jewish people of controlling Germany’s communist movement

“Sound familiar?”[…]
Peters said that “Weimar Germany was full of people like” Hirschfeld[…]
[Nazis] promised a return to basic reality and a time of human decency. And so of course, millions of Germans supported them. They were looking to do anything that they could do to take back control of their country to protect themselves and the generations to come”

He boasted that one of the “first remedies that Hitler and the National Socialists had to offer” was the destruction of the Institute for Sexual Research and its entire library

“When it comes down to the old Nazi book burnings[…]it was justified”[…]
“It was awesome. Period. Point blank[…]”
He went on to call for a new round of Nazi-style book burnings[…]
Speaking of World War II, Peters said “horrific things happened” and “lots of people died,” but suggested that Adolf Hitler may have been unfairly maligned as an “evil dictator” who “murdered millions of people”[…]
“Yeah, this is what needed to be done. If you’re going to save a civilization —[…]civilization was dying…The German people were embarrassed to be German[…]Prussian spirit was lost”

Quiñones also praised the Nazis for stamping out other political parties, remarking that “desperate times” called for “desperate measures”



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