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Male suicide is misogynistic, and here's why

Moid suicide is just a scrote's final, desperate attempt to lash out against women. When you actually break it down, who suffers most when a scrote kills themselves? It's gonna be the women in their lives who end up performing EXTENSIVE emotional labour for those affected, especially since moids aren't capable of processing grief themselves (men are actually lacking in emotional range to experience complex emotions such as grief but let's just call what they feel "grief" to save time). At BEST suicidal moids are not considering the workload their suicide will bring to the women in their life, which is MISOGYNY

The motivation for male suicide (scroticide) is also inherently misogynistic. First of all you're a moid living under patriarchy, so...like...why are you complaining?? Why are you pretending that your life is hard? Women are living under constant fear of being raped and murdered DAILY but you want people to care about your problems? What problems? Dying in super mario?? Sis, I can't...

As we all know, the only thing a scrote requires to be happy in life is sex. YA'LL THEY ARE LITERALLY KILLING THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY FEEL ENTITLED TO OUR BODIES

Ya'll, I am tired. I am tired of playing unpaid therapist for these useless scrotes who think they're entitled to me - to my body, to my energy, to my soul. From now on, I point blank refuse to feel sorry for any moid who kills themselves, and I encourage ya'll to do the same. Put yourself first

And to the scrotes are who are gonna read this and tell me I'm a bitch, or a c*nt, or whatever other incel slur you feel like throwing at me - I don't care. Because I'm tired of playing mommy for you.



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