Natalie F Danelishen #psycho #sexist

(Transcript of a video from TikTok)

So this morning, the baby woke up, and had some sort of violence in her heart. I don’t know what it was, but she has been losing her mind all day. And it’s interesting, because I’m watching her lose her mind, and then I’m watching the preteen respond to that by trying to make her happy. And I have had to, like, actively tell him “Stop trying to make her feel better. Stop responding to her tears.”

It’s so interesting to see the conditioning of people responding to white girl tears happening so early. She’s fine, and she’s got an 11-year-old coming after her, trying to make her feel better when she cries. We have to unlearn this whole business that white women crying is going to get them what they want in life, because *lip smack* that ain’t it.



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