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Virtually everyone in power is against him- from the DC Swamp, to the Deep State, to the Military Industrial Complex (that wants wars around the world), to his own government agencies (CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA) who frame him and spy on him.

All the groups who hold the most wealth and power in America are out to stop him- Wall Street, mainstream media, Silicon Valley, the Bar Association, the teachers union, Hollywood, Madison Avenue. They all hate him.

Foreign governments are desperate to stop him from ever gaining power again. Global organizations like the WEF, WHO and United Nations despise him. Almost every globalist billionaire in the world is arrayed against him- George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and all the rest.

Women call him “sexist.” Black Democrats call him “racist.” Gays call him “homophobic.” Muslims call him “Islamophobic” because of his unswerving faith and support for Israel. But American Jews vote against him.

Yet after all of that, President Trump holds the lead over Joe Biden in virtually every national poll; leads in every battleground state that determines the election; leads among Generation Z (the youngest voters); and in some polls leads among Latino and black males. A recent poll showed Trump leading among Jewish voters in New York state.

How is this possible? It’s supernatural. It’s biblical. It can’t be explained. It’s a real-life miracle.



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