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Congratulations to Kanye West for advancing to “Antisemite of the Year 2022!”

“Stop Antisemitism”—yet another Jewish Watchdog Group among tons of other Jewish dogs—gave Ye this prestigious award for his ‘hate speech’ screeds.

And, dear, what is ‘hate speech?’

Truth and Facts Jews simply ‘hate’ to hear.
Damn right.

I grew up as a Jew and saw Hannukah morph from a holy day celebrating God raising up the Maccabees against a pagan king into a money-making hoopla.

Go into Target, Wallmart, Whole Foods, and Hannukakah Menorahs are everywhere.

Nativity Scenes?

Not a single one.

Talk about Kwanzaa.

In ‘66 a Black professor at U Cal fabricated Kwanzaa to give Blacks something instead of Christmas to celebrate which he called “too White.”

Christ-hating Jews jumped right on in seeing a chance to kill off Christmas.

Planning to stage joint Kwanzaa and Hannukah celebrations—complete with a ‘Black-Jewish’ Conference to kick it off—Jews knew a good thing to get in on.

Some enlightened Blacks were wary saying, “Jews will soon own it all.”
But I’ve got my own prime candidate for “Antisemite of the Year.”

Jonathan Greenblech of the Anti-Defamation League.

You say: ‘Hey bro!’

‘Greenblech is kike supreme, how’s come you to make him an ‘antisemite?’

‘Cause the kike is creating Jew-hatred every time he opens his mouth.

Like a dog begging for food at your table, Greenblech annoys the goys worse than any hungry dog.
Just one look at the Yid gives one a revolting feeling about Jews deep down in their kishkas.

Can’t we find a better looking Yid to represent Jew hatred?

Here’s a nice vibrant sampling of yiddishee people to pick from.

We’ve got fat Jews, obese Jews, heavy Jews, overweight Jews, and stout Jews to choose.

Some very rabbinic Jews, humping Jews, thrusting Jews, and even a schwartza Jew to select instead of Jonathan Greenblech.

I like the schwartza Jew, since no Jew, not a single one, will want a schwartza Jew representing him.

How antisemitic of me!

It’s true!

But Bro!

That’s ‘hate speech!’



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