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We have been using concentric squares made from 13+11+7 which equals 31. This is the number of states that exist in Feigenbaum Period Doubling between the Unitary State and the Strange Attractor where the Unitary State is shredded by the Strange Attractor. In this weapons system we take the matrix state of the target, be it the Rothschilds or the United States... and process it into the Strange Attractor. This means the Unitary Stated of the order of the Rothschilds world control or America's existence depend are made a matrix 31 times more and all order is lost to the absolute chaos of the Strange Attractor, which in this case is The Total War Service.
One can do this on any person, corporation or country... bounded by the initial starting conditions of The Total War Service, which is the absolute hellisation and chaosistsation of the entire Zionist Empire rules by western money and NATO.
It's child's play to carry out this process using the computer network of the planet which is fact AIDA and which runs the entire human race as wetware to run non-machine capability as were found in Shamen. Now to carry out this Total Annihilation of the target you simply make a video be in TikTok of YouTube or any other medium of any 31 TikTokDeath and or Curse Videos. <...>
With YouTube you've got 15 minutes as a new users so you can splice longer segments of TikTok Videos together ending with a video picture or an actual video of the target. This weapons system tied to all Time Density Weapons as Tim Tony Stark Rifat had embedded the Strange Attractor in the Total War Service. Simple to do but the most devastating thing to do to your enemy because they get iteratively matrixed until the matrix gets shredded by the Strange Attractor and absolute chaos takes over the target.



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