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On one hand, I want to believe that males aren’t inherently violent as a matter of a broken biological disposition. That male violence is all because of gendered socialization. And with enough change, we can teach and reform the rape, violence, and murder by men away.

On the other hand, male sea otters rape seals to death and male dolphins will gang rape female dolphins, so. Male lions and chimps will murder the offspring of females to force their mothers into estrus. Not to mention all the sexual violence that happens in many other animal species. Especially of mammals, which are the closest to us. Could these animals be changed with social reform? The male desire to rape, assault, and murder effectively taught away? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Even with human mental capabilities, knowledge of right and wrong, and the capacity for free will, men still continue to choose violence. Men know how they drain women, how they harass and devalue women and could choose to end their male violence at any given time. They just choose not to, because they don’t care about women, and never will.

The only solution is to take males out of the equation entirely. Not rehabilitation. Not trying to teach them respect for the female sex, which they will never take to heart.

An exclusively female space will find no male violence.



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