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I fully support Sexual Communism and Marxism

"Just hire hookers for sex bro"

I will never lose my virginity to a hooker, ever. Why should I pay for something I should get for free?

Plus it is quite expensive for an hour and in half of the countries around the world, it is illegal. And I am too poor to afford a hooker where I live, so there is that.

Govt mandated wives/gfs or nothing, I need a woman to carry my children, cook my food, clean my home and please me when I am frustrated.

We have welfare programs to ensure that everyone can have food, water and shelter. People who are homeless are either have poor decisions or shit is terrible in their country or medical problems. Why can't we have govt assigned gfs/wives that will help meet my sexual needs that will keep me a happy and productive citizen?

Govt mandated gf/wives will be great because it helps boost morale of workers and increase GDP due to productivity. I would be a lot more happier if I came home to beautiful wife/gf after a long day of wageslaving. Also a good replacing population will provide more workers to the country so we don't need immigrants to bolster the lack of workers and also leads to national unity because the family being an intergral part of society.

To be eligible there will be a huge process, . The woman will get mandatory exercises to ensure she is optimal weight and fitness. And "Feminine science" classes to make sure she is a loyal and caretaker mother and gf/wife.

And there will be a matching system, for example, a 9/10 woman will be paired with a 1/10 man, to ensure that their offspring is equally attractive to others on a 5/10 scale, so inversely a 8/10 man will be paired with a 2/10 woman so that the offspring are 5/10 like everyone else in the next generation, and equal the playing field.

If you're not happy or have a complaint, males can send a replacement letter to the government and after consideration, they may replace or make you keep you current one.

"But what if your govt mandated gf/wife doesn't like you?"

Then teach her some special "Stockholm Syndrome Magic" and she will become your perfect gf/wife.

Edit: If the woman is too ugly she will not be assigned, all the attractive women are assigned first.



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