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[Blackpill] Rape isn't as big as deal as women make it to be.

These days whores will put out there body on Instagram, for like or sell only fans or make porn whatever. And most toilets have plenty f relationships and have hundreds of dicks squeezed inside there vagina, what makes a difference if another guy sticks his dick inside a woman vagina, and most of the time women lie about rape.

And most women orgasm during rape, so there probably just lying about not liking it, I mean most women like sticking stuff in there vagina so what makes a difference if some guy stick his dick in her looooooooooool. And a couple hundred years ago many ancient civilizations raped and pillaged woman, if the world was to go to complete anarchy I guarantee men would start raping women. Anyway im not condoning it it isnt just really a big deal anyway xD



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