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But then multiculturalism is a faith, and many of its believers seem quite prepared to die for their religion. Quite literally, if the alternative is to embrace racism in any form. It could be argued that it is the third great universalist faith to take hold among Europe’s intellectuals, after Christianity and Communism, although the former – by far the most logical of the three – at least promises paradise only in the afterlife and accepts that humans are flawed.

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Blaming the war on slavery was the way the northern court historians used morality to cover up Lincoln’s naked aggression and the war crimes of his generals. Demonizing the enemy with moral language works for the victor. And it is still ongoing. We see in the destruction of statues the determination to shove remaining symbols of the Confederacy down the Memory Hole.

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I have noticed is that people within the gay community keep tacking new letters onto the LGBT acronym in an effort to “give representation to marginalised voices” – or in real English: to feel like more of a victim so they can get more preferential treatment. You see this all the time in the gay community especially – one only needs to search “LGBT acronym” to find out that the acronym is apparently now “LGBTTQQIAAP”.

For people that don’t like being cast aside and discriminated against they sure do a good job of it themselves. Not to mention that I thought that being gay was a sexuality, but yet we have in the LGBT acronym the word “transgender”, which is living life as a different gender due to mental illnesses. It has been told to me again and again that being transgender is not a sexual perversion, but if it isn’t then why is it in that acronym to start with?

The sexual revolution of the 1960s obviously played a key part in allowing this degeneracy, paving the way for people (especially women) to deem it socially acceptable to sleep around with multiple people, even at once, and regardless of their gender. Despite all of this ethical bankruptcy, this school of thought in recent times has really been pushed way too far.

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White People are Dying Off

The Anglos with their Zionist masters defeated the forces of nationalism during WW2 to ensure that your grandkids will be named Mohammed and you will die off. The average birthrate of the EU is 1.5 children for every women. Throw on feminism, Cultural Marxism, Zionism, and mass immigration and you get the total death of Europe by 2050. We desperately need a return to Nationalism or we are finished. It’s game over buddies, we are all going under unless a major shift happens in the next decade. 

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Why Does It Seem So Much Harder to Find a Good Woman Now? Yes, It is the Jews Fault. Article by Carlo Abruzzi of Forza Nuova Arizona Division


Has anyone noticed how difficult it seems to find a decent woman who just wants to settle down, become a good wife, raise a normal family and grow old together? I have noticed this, and don’t worry you are not alone. The world is a different place than it was even 10 or 15 years ago. It is much, much harder to date and find a good woman to settle down with.
For most of civilized history, there was a social contract that existed between men, women, and governments. The social contract basically stated that if you, as a man, served your nation you would be rewarded with at least a decent looking woman to settle down and have kids with. You would serve your country and in return get to pass on your genetics. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Times seem to be reverting back to what they were before civilized society. There is evidence to show that before the advent of modern civilizations, 1 in every 17 men were able to breed. The rest of men were essentially “Incels” and died off. In an ancient society one could argue that this would be beneficial. That women were the choosers and would select the strongest men to carry on society as any other life form does (see Darwinian theory). However, we have more than moved on from stupid archaic ways of choosing mates and you could argue that smart people are generally superior to facially attractive people now.

I really don’t want to go into too much detail on what makes someone genetically superior to someone else based on facial aesthetics. If you are a lurker and want to you can email me at usa@forzanuova.info and I can explain to you in further detail. The point is, times have changed and we haven’t kept up with technology.

When the Jews, Sean Rad and Jonathan Badeen, invented the concept of the commercialization of dating with Tinder and all their other Marxist apps, they directly targeted goyim women.
You see, Tinder puts dating in the hands of women because men are willing to meet up with multiple women, whilst women are not. In ancient times, this was not a bad thing because the physically strongest would pass on their genes, but nowadays we need smarter people to carry us forward. Tinder, and all the other Jewish dating apps, reduce people to aesthetically good looking faces, but makes women overlook everything else. Back in the 1950’s you actually had to judge someone based on their personality and looks. Nowadays, women only care about who is the prettiest “Chad” (good looking aesthetically) and couldn’t care less about lesser looking males. Don’t get me wrong we want to strive for the best genes through eugenics, but this includes a sorting of the best intelligence and facially aesthetic genes.

Anyways, Tinder has allowed women to be much more selective with the men they choose, but only aesthetically. You could be a complete subhuman “personality wise” but the 8/10 Chads will hoard all of the women, while everyone else twiddles their thumbs. This is no way to run a society, because the 80% of lesser males don’t get the women, while the 20% of top males hoard the best women and use them up in their prime. With 80% of men unhappy, our society will be chock full of anger. Throw in brown subhuman immigrants, and you have chaos.
The meme below kind of describes a 20% Chad. Memes are extremely important to advancing our cause, to the extent that the European Union has threatened to ban them: https://www.inverse.com/article/46719-eu-rejects-bill-to-ban-memes-from-the-internet.

So, with Tinder and all of these Jewish apps, expect to continue to have a much harder time finding someone to settle down with to start a family. You, as an Italian man, will be subordinated by the 20% of Chads and all of the other uplifted (by ZOG) negroes fresh of the boat into Italy. A simple solution would be to ban Jewish apps and revert to a nationalistic way of governance.

These kinds of memes help us nationalists push our message into the mainstream and get people to accept our ideas.

A sample Chad v Virgin meme that the EU wants to ban:


If there are any errors in this article or if it is incomplete I apologize, but I work all day long at a stupid day job and then come home to write on this website. It is difficult to juggle both, but I believe Italy is a cause worth fighting for.

Carlo Abruzzi – Forza Nuova Arizona

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That said, we should not be surprised that the far-left favour child sex. After all, the very basis of their cultural Marxist ideology is the idea that Christian morality is ‘reactioinary’ and has to be smashed in order to prepared the ground for revolution. That’s why groups such as the Socialist Workers Party support the legalisation of pedophilia by the abolition of the age of consent.

This leftist promotion of perversion is basically the brainchild of György Lukács, a Hungarian-based (but not Hungarian) Bolshevik who was deputy commissar for culture in the Béla Kun regime in Hungary in 1919. Lukács’ goal was openly and avowedly to eradicate Christianity and Christian morality from Hungarian society, and he believed that one of the most effective methods of achieving this would be to undermine sexual morality through the introduction of compulsory sex education in schools.

To achieve his aims, he introduced a radical programme in schools which included graphic literature being handed out to children, the promotion of promiscuity, the mocking of monogamy, and the scorning of their parents’ moral ethics.

The Béla Kun regime in Hungary lasted only six months, so György Lukács never got to see the rotten fruit of his plans. But unfortunately his ideas didn’t die with regime. Four years later he turned up in Frankfurt for a Marxist study week, where he shared his ideas amongst a fascinated group. One of the Marxists there, Felix Weil, was so taken with Lukács’ ideas that he used the fortune he had inherited to finance the Institute of Social research in Frankfurt – what became known as the Frankfurt School – incorporating many of Lukács’ ideas in its teaching.

The goal of the Institute was to translate Marxism from economic into cultural terms, since economic Marxism hadn’t had the success amongst the working classes that they had expected or hoped for. The reason for this lack of success, they surmised, was that the working classes had been contaminated with traditional bourgeois morals. So they set about breaking those morals through a number of means, including portraying traditional attitudes as “prejudice”, promoting androgyny, homosexuality and other perversions and by seeking to subvert the language through what we now know as “political correctness”.

Which, on reflection, is what should have told us that Antiphobic Aktion was not the work of trolls, but simply a ‘kite-flyer’ for the far-left’s next big assault on decency and Christian society – the attempt to normalise pedophilia. Because that was part of the long-term goal when they began their first, tentative propaganda about the need to halt the ‘repression’ of adult male homosexuality. It’s all part of the same plan!

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The anatomy of political correctness

The communication strategy as reaction to the attacks is based of few main pillars:
1.Cover up, and if not possible, do not emphasise the attacker’s religion repeating the slogan – “terrorism has no religion”
2. Ignoring with silence or denying the existence of elements in the Islamic doctrine which justify violence against infidels – “Islam is a religion of peace”, “jihad is a fight for a beautiful soul”.
3. Shift the topic of public debate from the threat posed by Muslim terrorists to the alleged increase of “Islamophobia”
4. Keep ensuring the public about the value of a multicultural society.
5. Discredit all who talk about religious foundations for Islamic terrorism
6. Inspire and promote protests organised by Muslims against terrorism while avoiding speaking about the support for terrorism within this group.
7. Limit information about the victims of attacks. It’s better if they stay anonymous. No heart breaking human stories, nothing about orphaned children, or about traumas the survivors go through.
8. Diminish the significance of terror attacks – “more people die in road accidents”
9. Trying to justify terrorism – “poverty, prejudice, mental disorders are the true causes of terrorism”.
10. Quoting politicians who on one hand don’t want to admit that the Islamic terrorism exist, on the other hand they keep asserting that they can defeat it.

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Gypsies have always been a burden on the Italian people. They made their way into Italy from India hundreds of years ago (most sources point to the 1400’s) and have been sucking our lifeblood ever since. When they aren’t acting like drunken fools, they can often be found pick pocketing tourists on trains.

If Matteo Salvini keeps his promises, then we can move one step closer to Social Nationalism in Italy. We badly need this, as we are a decaying country. Expelling all gypsies is just one piece of a massive overhaul needed in society. This is an excellent first step.

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The issue of transgender promotion seems absurd, but I think it could be a major vector for the Alt Right to gain broader support. If mainstream conservatives cave on this as they did on gay marriage, which looks likely, there is going to be a massive unaddressed constituency out there. Normal parents have to be concerned about the institutionalised promotion of this insanity. They’ll be looking for someone to speak for them.

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Last night some of our regional Parma nationalists hung up a sign that said “Mom and dad. The rest is faggotry”.

From FN’s facebook page: “Grazie a Dio non siamo catto-comunisti liberali.
E all’inizio del 2019 possiamo anche noi gridare al miracolo, anche a Parma, città sempre più alla
deriva, i bimbi nascono da genitori dello stesso sesso, e pensare che sino a pochi anni fa, dalla
nascita del genere umano, i bimbi venivano procreati da un uomo e una donna e non da un mammo…”

The preceding paragraph basically states, “thank God we aren’t godless liberals and kids come from a man and a woman…”

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Several of the UK’s major retail and grocery chains released their Christmas adverts this week. Whilst I’m not an avid television viewer, during the near decade I’ve lived on these shores I don’t ever remember this time of the year being quite such an onslaught on traditional British and European values.

Tesco, Britain’s largest supermarket with a 27.9% market share, was one of the first corporations to release their “Christmas” ad. The ad features Muslims, Sikhs (as if these groups observe Christmas whatsoever) and what is seemingly a gay couple, but no obvious Christians or Christian elements. The hashtag accompanying the ad is the amazingly virtue-signalling #EveryonesWelcome.

Debenhams’ and John Lewis’ ads then followed in quick succession. The Debenhams ad, with the hashtag #YouShall, depicts a black man and a white woman exchanging lustful glances on a train carriage, before parting ways. They then use social media to try and find one other once more, until eventually they bump into each other by chance and immediately start kissing and embracing.

The John Lewis ad features a mixed-race boy befriending a noisy, yet charming monster who has made his home under the boy’s bed. The boy’s mother is white and the father is black – who knows, it might be the “Debenhams” couple a few years down the line?

Anyone who tries to tell you that the makeup of these couples and families is “coincidental” and was “randomly chosen” is either lying, or is utterly deluded. These are globalist corporations depicting their ideal future, a future world filled with rootless, coffee-coloured consumers that guarantee the companies’ rich profits and continued growth. This is a propaganda war against white Britain and against the Europe of our ancestors.

The only way to fight back is to hit these corporations where it hurts, and take your business elsewhere. Buy local produce wherever possible. Speak out against what the companies are propagating for, and be part of the backlash that has already started. The videos are getting hammered in the comment sections on YouTube (the John Lewis ad less so than the other two). Customers’ venting their fury on Twitter even forced Tesco to come out in defence of their video.

Even though the globalist corporations hate white people with a passion, we have a fighting chance to make them reconsider their strategy if they feel our rage and see the their profits plummeting. Failing that, we can at least do our bit in hitting them financially, thus taking away some of the resources they are able to invest in the production of these videos. In that respect, every little really does help.

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“Italy’s first black senator has said his election for the League has proved that the far-right party, whose anti-immigrant rhetoric helped it to its best ever result on Sunday, has no problem with legal migration.

Campaigning under the party slogan “stop the invasion”, Toni Iwobi, a 62-year-old businessman originally from Nigeria, won his seat in Spirano, a small town in the Lombardy province of Bergamo, as the party took almost 18% of the vote nationwide.

“It’s an incredible honour for me to be Italy’s first black senator,” he told the Guardian.

He shared success in the region with his party colleague Attilio Fontana, the new governor of Lombardy, who at the start of the election campaign said Italy’s migrant influx threatened to wipe out “our white race”.

This dispels the myth that The League is not controlled opposition. The League is virulently pro-Israel and believes in the false notion of the “based” black guy. Civic nationalists and conservatives are worse than leftists because at least leftists have the guts to say that they want all white people dead and gone. Conservatives and civic cucks are spineless people that pretend to care about Italians, but then what they do is advocate for legal immigration of foreigners from everywhere. It is better to have one million illegal squatters in your country than one million non white legal citizens that will wipe out your race legally.

“Muh legal immigration tho” (TM) is so much worse than simply having thousands of rapefugee boats dumping Africans into the country. When the time comes to peacefully repatriate all non-white people out of Italy, the invaders will just say they are citizens and that will be the end. Italy has never been a country of diversity so why let the blacks take it over?

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“I’m not talking about anything illegal. But there are people standing in front of every cafe and bar, in front of the hospital, standing in parking lots. Before the crisis, we had five black people here, everyone knew them and people would help them go back to their countries two times a year,” Vespignani said. “Everyone knew what they were doing. Ever since that number went exponentially higher, something felt wrong.” – Iacopo Vespignani

Of course something felt wrong you fool! Even one black person makes the entire city unsafe. Do us all a favor Iacopo, and step down. Give up your seat on Pistoia’s local council  and nominate someone from Forza Nuova.

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The Arts, Sciences, and Technology would Improve if all Non-Whites were Deported Today

If all non-Italian people were deported overnight, the Italian nation would see massive prosperity. Around 10% of the Italian population is made up of non-white, genetic foreigners who have no place in the nation. With mass deportations, the arts, sciences, and technology would get back on track, as a correlation to more equitable treatment for white people and an increase in the national IQ.

When you have a sludge of non-whites in your country overall trust goes down. For example, very few people in Mestizo-ized countries care about or trust each other. This is why Brazil, Nicaragua, and Afghanistan will remain  national toilets forever. When you have monoracial countries, like Sweden used to be, people tend to help other because they feel like they are part of an extended family. When people trust each other and help each other out, welfare systems, pensions, 401k’s, etc. actually work.

Multiple studies have shown that Italians have the highest IQ’s of any Europeans (https://iq-research.info/en/page/average-iq-by-country), but unfortunately that IQ is being dragged down by the sludge of Africans flooding the country. The average Italian has an IQ of 102, while the average Nigerian has an IQ of 84. If you have a country full of invaders, then all of the smart people begin to flee to other countries where they don’t have to deal with negro violence, or they expend all of their resources trying to stay safe and not towards innovation. We are literally comparing fresh apples to dried up-maggot infested mangos.

In conclusion, the only viable answer is mass deportations now.

CARLO ABRUZZI #racist usa.forzanuova.info

Forza Nuova members gathered to protest an apartment full of foreign invaders being housed in Carpi by a social cooperative called Caleidos. There is nothing extreme or radically right wing about this. The real extremists are those who say, “hey let’s allow millions of 60 IQ negroes to completely replace us.” Someday the few remaining Italians are going to regret handing over our country to Africa.

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We don’t really give a damn about what happens to the USA. They just had to ruin everything in Europe during WW2 and are now going to reap what they sow. Great-grandchildren will pay for the sins of their ancestors. Trump won’t be enough to save the USA from the immigrant hordes and if you believe his speeches about empty “nationalism” then you are being had. Only the spirit of the European in the USA folk can save what is left of the American Empire.

William #fundie usa.forzanuova.info

Interestingly – and this is a matter of interest in all gender-related discourse – the term used throughout this debacle is ‘identify’, demonstrating that even the chief dissemination agents of this perversion of science acknowledge that it’s nothing more than one thing pretending to be another.

However, the effects that flagrant liberal propaganda such as this could have a very real and serious consequences for the minds of an entire generation. To teach such impressionable minds that they need no longer be bound by the laws of science and nature, is to sow the seeds of psychosis  in all of society.

After all, it is no mystery that over around 50% of self-identifying transsexuals commit suicide. These are very sick people, and to present this behind the facade of normality will do untold damage to Swedish children.

A more prudent approach could be to teach children the reality of psychology, so that they can grow up with a will to understand and help others recover, rather than growing up only for themselves to become patients.

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Anti-White of the Year 2017


Another year is coming to its end and it is time yet again to announce the winner of the anti-white of the year award. This prize is given to the person who is deemed to have promoted the most anti-white policies during the year and is voted for by members of our community. Last year’s winner was the German politician Angela Merkel, who made herself notorious with her extreme liberal attitude regarding the foreign immigration policy which allows migrants into Germany (and the rest of Europe), which had severe consequences for the indigenous population of Europe. Not only in terms of demographics, but also in terms of safety. We witnessed the incident in Cologne and terrorist attacks after terrorist attacks in Europe, and 2017 fared no better in that regard unfortunately as the problems have only escalated since.

Although Merkel was amongst the nominees for this year’s award yet again, she was beaten by George Soros who many considered was worthy of the anti-white of the year award 2017 – ourselves included!

George Soros is notoriously anti-white and it should not come as a surprise to anyone why he deserves to win this award.

While many anti-white leaders, politicians and influential people promoted anti-white policies, such as mass immigration into all and only white countries, Soros definitely took it one step further this year. He really put his money where his mouth is to say the least.

Soros is considered to be one of the wealthiest persons in the world, and while some billionaires focus their attention on supporting various charities to help the poor, or simply their own selfish gains, Soros actively uses his wealth in order to further support the Great Replacement.

This year alone he donated a vast amount of his fortune ($18 billion to be precise) to his “philanthropic agency” called Open Society Foundations. As the name of this foundation entails, one of their main goals is to ensure that the process of globalism and open border policies into the West from the Third Word continue to escalate (he’s certainly not promoting an “Open Society” in Israel…).

Soros has been caught funding other things in the past that is in line with his anti-white agenda. For example, he is accused of having paid anti-Trump rallies and rioteers including Black Lives Matter, he has donated large sums of money to pro-abortion groups (but only in white countries of course) and anti-white organisations and “anti-racist” magazines such as Expo in Sweden.

The amount of anti-white initiatives he has supported are too many to mention (perhaps somebody should do the effort to list them all), but what they all have in common is that they are all bad for the future existence of Europeans/white people. His policies are no threat to Africans, Asians or Jews, he only wants open borders and a “blended humanity” in white/Western countries, a.ka. The Great Replacement.

His blunt attempts and ambitions to divide and cause racial tensions and to flood Europe with migrants, have caused numerous people, including leading politicians, to question his motives.

Today, only central and Eastern European nations seems to see through Soros agenda. Russia even decided to actually ban Soros foundations for being a “threat to the country’s constitutional order”. And in response to Soros, who urged that “EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future”, the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban said that “Soros network in Brussels plots creating ‘Europe of mixed population”.

In Hungary, they even started an ad campaign, warning Hungarian citizens of the danger of Soros.


And considering his initiatives and the fact that he has donated a majority of his fortune to these causes that is harmful to our people he certainly seems eager to fulfill this goal, which is why he is a clear winner of this anti-white of the year award!

If only we had a pro-white version of Soros…

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Hamill started researching the history of the famous Christmas carol after a so-called “Jingle Bells War” – a dispute between two towns, Medford, Mass. and Savannah, Ga. – that claim to be the birthplace of the song written by James Pierpont.

“Its origins emerged from the economic needs of a perpetually unsuccessful man, the racial politics of antebellum Boston, the city’s climate, and the intertheatrical repertoire of commercial blackface performers moving between Boston and New York,” Hamill wrote.

The traces of blackface minstrel origins can be found in the music and lyrics, as well as the “elements of ‘male display,’ boasting, and the unbridled behavior of the male body onstage,” the author wrote.

The song’s lyrics, which Hamill adds “display no real originality,” and reference things like “Miss Fanny Bright” and “dashing through the snow” connect the song to blackface dandy, according to the research paper.

“Words such as ‘thro,’ ‘tho’t,’ and ‘upsot’ suggest a racialized performance that attempted to sound ‘southern’ to a northern audience,” Hamill wrote.

“As I mentioned in my article, the first documented performance of the song is in a blackface minstrel hall in Boston in 1857, the same year it was copyrighted,” Hamill told Fox News. “Much research has been done on the problematic history of this nineteenth-century entertainment.”

Notice how Hamill manages to squeeze in critiques of racism, toxic masculinity, and capitalism in her paper on every child’s favorite Christmas carol. Bravo, cultural Marxist!

Hamill added that her research has been public for two years and has nothing to do with Christmas. Of course it does. “Jingle Bells” is nothing if not about Christmas, and the target of cultural Marxism in general, and of this paper specifically, is the deconstruction of western traditions and values.

FRANCESCO LATORRE #fundie usa.forzanuova.info

Recently, there has been an exponential growth of nationalism as a political ideology, across Europe and even beyond our European continental borders. Such a growth is justified, in a succinct assessment, by the multicultural policies and moral, cultural and historical revisionisms that have affected the European people, as well as the people’s nonconformity with the current political system which offers the condition of “served” to the political and bourgeois class and not to the “third estate”.

Today’s nationalists, who face the system, dictatorially disguised and designated as “liberal” and capitalist “democracy”, are labeled as “far right” who hate foreigners, refugees, Islamists, ethnic minorities, and so on. From such criticisms comes only the word hate. They always try to show any identitarian or nationalist movement as hateful. When in fact it is the extreme opposite.

Nationalist movements preach for true love, a love passed down through generations, from father to son, transmitted by our earliest ancestors. Just as we love our family, we love our homeland, which is just an extension of our family. We love our soil, our culture, our identity, our values and our history. This is why our ancestors fought and sacrificed to protect, in the hope of a territory progressively and subsequently develop. And that is why we honour our ancestors, of blood and spiritual level, and we must equally protect our nation and existence. Our feelings go through love, duty and respect. Such sentiments bear responsibility, evoke resistance and drive revolution, in a modern world that increasingly repudiates such values.

But why are we, then, described as hateful? Because while the accuser points a finger at us, there are three others facing him! Globalists and elitists hate traditions and identities. They hate the fact that we have something to love and to fight for. These creatures have as “sanguine” and spiritual roots, the “rectangle-shaped green paper, with algorithms at its center” and the “big, heavy gold bars.” They are not humans. They are international elements, of evil and imperialist nature, that spread throughout the world causing destruction and misery, being such features explicitly visible in Africa. They “throw” people and cultures against each other, hoping for more wars to finance their “pockets” and thus they do not want peace because it is neither profitable nor productive. Because of this, they hate the being who loves his homeland and the one who begins to understand the tactics of their empire-globalist monopoly.

The question that some readers are maybe thinking at the moment is about patriotism and its differences in the face of nationalism, at the political-ideological level. And the answer is simple. The destruction of Europe and its sovereignty, economically, culturally and spiritually, has a price! And a “change”! Revenge is the justice of man and the recovery of his relief and his state of soul of tranquility. It is not enough to live in peace, even because we are far from reaching it. We must fight for peace, for freedom and consequently for revenge, in order to avoid, in the future, the loss of our existential and economic independence. And if you presume that this is hatred and extremism, in its pure state, you are deceived! It is only followed one scientific principle, in the laws of physics of Isaac Newton. “For every action there is a reaction.”

FRANCESCO LATORRE #fundie usa.forzanuova.info

Earlier this year I covered a story of a black nationalist Muslim from Sudan who attacked, targeted and killed white Christians, this episode could be in a way in the same category: anti-christian.

Imagine if the shooter attacked a Mosque and killed tens of Muslims, what do you think the mainstream media would do? Cry about Islamophobia, blame Trump and white supremacy. But when churches are attacked? It’s just a criminal with a gun, let’s get gun control laws now! This is your mind on liberalism.

Christians are being killed all around the world on a daily basis but what we are being told every single day is that Islam is the most persecuted religion. Lies coming from our politicians who serve the globalist agenda, the same agenda that wants the great replacement to happen. Destroying Christianity is just one step towards the destruction of Western Identity.

FRANCESCO #racist usa.forzanuova.info

A 15-year-old teenager was reportedly denied entry to an Italian music festival because organizers said she was “not a true Italian” – despite being born and raised in the country.
The keen singer, named only as Dora B, wanted to participate in a music festival in Verona, the town where she was born to parents of Ghanaian origin.
In an exchange posted by the teen on Facebook, the organizers told her she was exempt from the Canta Verona festival due to her ethnic background.
Screenshots of her messages showed Dora asking for more information, only to be told: “I don’t accept foreigners”.
After asking why foreigners were not admitted, the girl responded: “If I have Italian citizenship, I am not a foreigner, so I can participate, right?”
The festival’s terms and conditions only allow people aged 18 and over to participate – but this was not the explanation offered by the staff member at the festival.
Writing in capital letters, they said: “No!!! One is born Italian, one doesn’t become it, one is born Italian from Italian parents [sic] That’s the way I see it. The competition is reserved for true Italians.”
They then added: “There are also Chinese people who have Italian citizenship but they are not true Italians.”

Misnomer of this article which I corrected. “Black Italian teenager told she can’t enter festival because she is not Italian” Well…she is not Italian. 
What is so hard to understand…..If I go to china….am I Chinese. Even being born on a certain ground does not make you one of them. No…an African can never be an Italian….neither can anyone else…but Son’s of Italy.

Forza Nuova Turin #fundie usa.forzanuova.info

Forza Nuova Against The Dams: “History Is Serious, Homosexuality Is Not

A course in the History of Homosexuality, one that will take place at the Dams of Turin, with the possibility for students to attend optional classes and get six training credits. One first absolute for Italy that after the announcement it would not attract political criticism and controversy.
To speak against the course that will be held by Maya De Leo contract professor and that the rector will be officially presented at a press conference on October 26, are first of all the Forza Nuova militants, who argue “History is a serious thing. “, with a sign posted on the night at the gates of Palazzo Nuovo, the historic seat of the Turin University.

The sense of this initiative of Forza Nuova Turin militants is clarified, with more details, by a note.

The story is a serious thing, says the note of Forza Nuova, and you can not play with these terms. We urge the Rector to eliminate training credits in order to prevent this from becoming a way to give students a “politically correct” gift. “Forza Nuova militants also invite students who recognize in their views” not to follow this course, not legitimize these ideas without any formative foundation “

CARLO ABRUZZI #fundie usa.forzanuova.info

We have always known that Salvini is controlled opposition. Salvini used to be a Communist https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/.premium-what-you-need-to-know-about-italian-strongman-matteo-salvini-1.6726833. The problem with staying in the EU is that eventually it will become impossible to go up against the EU. Meaning, with the threats of Brexit, the yellow vests, Golden Dawn, etc. the EU is going to attempt to strengthen its tentacles around the countries that are members of it. The longer Italy stays in the EU, the more entrenched “European values” (infinite niggers, infinite austerity, infinite Bolshevism) will become in our own laws. Italy better hold a referendum to leave the EU, the common currency, NATO, etc. sooner rather than later, otherwise we will be completely immersed in the wave of “enrichment”.

CARLO ABRUZZI #racist usa.forzanuova.info

I constantly see pseudo-nationalist leaders proclaim that Islam “goes against our values.” What is fundamentally wrong with this assertion, is that the very values that the pseudo-nationalists claim to protect are not our values at all. One of the most common “values” that fake, pseudo, civic cucks defend is the right to be a faggot. Faggotry became a Western value when? 2013?

Civic nationalist cucks are trying to make their arguments more plausible to a media that hates them anyway. By trying to side with the gay lobby, or any other nu-age ideology, these civic nationalists are just cowering and too scared to face the true issue head on. They are simply too afraid to say, “the white race is dying off and we have to do something about it.”

Whether civic nationalists get their way and accept millions of refugees who assimilate to our “values” makes no difference, because whenever you fill an area with millions of non-white people, you get non-white results. The end  is going to be a mestizo-ized state with low levels of trust, no social support system, and low intensity street violence that you find in any third world hell-hole.

FRANCESCO LATORRE #fundie usa.forzanuova.info

Lol now, obviously there it is possible the interesting phrase results from Google Translate, but I thought the reference to “the school of the Holocaust” was interesting.

Obviously all the events surrounding WWII and its manifold horrors should be studied, but the phrase is so noticeable because- as many on both the left and the right have argued in recent years- contemporary European culture has become, for all intents and purposes, a religion of civilizational-suicide based on the idea that all Europeans (even from neutral countries like Sweden) are responsible for the Holocaust/American slavery/etc.

CARLO ABRUZZI #fundie usa.forzanuova.info

The Ethnicity and Politics of the People Behind Degenerate “Dating and Socializing” Tech

Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg – ZIONIST
Tinder: Sean Rad and Justin Mateen – ZIONISTS, Joe Munoz and Dinesh Moorjani – Marxists and also Non – White, Whitney Wolfe – Marxist and Potential Crypto Zionist
Badoo: Andrey Andreev – Russian, Potential Crypto
Bumble: Whitney Wolfe – Marxist and Potential Crypto
Ashley Madison: Noel Biderman – ZIONIST
OkCupid: Chris Coyne – Marxist, Christian Rudder – Marxist, Sam Yagan – ZIONIST and Max Krohn – ZIONIST
I could go on and on, but I think you can clearly see the pattern.

FRANCESCO LATORRE #fundie usa.forzanuova.info

What even is this idea of multiculturalism that is permeating the culture of the West in these recent times? It is everywhere we look. All the countries of the West are subjected to this insidious idea that their existing cultures and traditions are somehow lacking and boring. There is this arrogant idea that Western countries need to be multicultural.



And worse of all…


CARLO ABRUZZI #racist usa.forzanuova.info

As of 2016, Italy was 11th place for lowest birthrate in the world. This combined with the influx of genetic garbage pouring across the Southern part of the boot is wrecking the nation. To combat this we can offer incentives for families to have more children, destroy Zionist business practices, and deport all illegal non white invaders.

What would the incentives look like? A progressive tax rate based on the number of children you have. The specific number would be worked out by the new Forza Nuova government, but overall taxes would go down the more children people have. Zionist business practices, including usury, would be eradicated and new European business laws would be put in place. International banking cartels would be replaced with national guilds. After the guilds were set up, we would turn our eyes on the massive invasion that has kicked up in the past 20 years. All non-white people would be humanely re-patriated back to their homeland.

Within five years of accomplishing those three things, Italy would become an economic and military powerhouse. It would look like a modern Roman Empire, set to explore space and become the pinnacle of humanity.

CARLO ABRUZZI #racist usa.forzanuova.info

Homosexuality Must Be Banned

The Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) has its hands deep in the pocket of the Italian government and uses its proxy groups, like the homosexual lobby, to ruin nations. With increasing number of young people becoming faggots and engaging in buggery, there are less people having children and starting white families. In order to ensure racial survival, we must stop the homosexual lobby.

A solution to the problem: Ban Zionist groups in Italy that promote gay culture, like Arcigay and Circle of Homosexual Culture Mario Mieli. Once these groups are banned, we can have a mass media campaign to erase the massive damage done to the nation.

FRANCESCO LATORRE #fundie usa.forzanuova.info

Hug a Muslim!

I find the following article from Barcelona more disturbing than any photos of run-over or blown-up corpses or any other scenes of jihad carnage. Those horrific images represent the death of one, or a dozen, or a hundred people, but the story below represents the death of an entire civilization.

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