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(geboren Weiss)
Remember when colored people claimed that white people aren't targeted for their race? Sure it's not. Colored people tell us not to speak on their behalf, but speak about us and tell us what we should do to "better" ourselves. I'm always under the impression that black people in particular are nationalists and/or supremacists. They hate us so much, but they want to live around us. Segregation needs to happen.

The first phase was WW2 and European White Race Extermination.
Millions died and they are still finding mass graves of White Europeans, but mostly young white European males in mass graves in Poland and Old Russia.

Second phase is Genocide.
Genocide is African Civil Right laws forced on the all White Kids.
You have to live with Africans, you have to work with Africans and other Nationalist that have more rights to take your job if your white, do and say things white people can not, get paid to live next door to you, better education, better health care, more tax payer money rights, rape, steal, tell non truths, do hate crimes and not be charged with a hate crime, intimidate some one with threats to cause great bodily injury or death, riot, burn down and loot businesses with out race grouping to be listed as destructive.
After everything Africans got by riots. how will any one be able to take any thing away from monsters.
I lived this phase two, all my life.

PS... Most Africans I see to day, Are the offspring of a raped White European Body.



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