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Hans already messed up, when he allowed "greeks" and "italians" to enter during the 1950s.

Greeks and Italians are at least Europeans. Arabs and Negroes are not.

I do not agree with that at all. I do not consider those below the Alps to be Europeans. Celto-Germanic nations are not suited for people with mongrelised genome and dark uneuropean looks. Racial purity and eugenics are our ultimate goals and we can't compromise on that by allowing ethnic groups that failed the very same test of the time in the past to live among our own. Btw South Italy and Greece tend to have North African level IQ and inbreeding issues. There is no such thing as "way too much non-European admixture" since none is acceptable. If you have non-European ancestors - that means that you have no Racial Soul and at least five-eight generations of your "bloodline" were degenerate race traitors that mixed with visibly non-European creatures.

Not talking about Arabs and Negroes. talking about Greeks and Italians.

I know what you are talking about. Living, working and even visiting Northwest Europe is not your birthright, if you are not of our Blood. And for those who wish to bed down with non-Europeans we can always apply good ol expulsion to some shithole like Brazil.

You can keep Germany since your people are too cucked to help themselves.

Not only we will keep entire Northwest Europe to ourselves, but we will also reclaim our settler colonies like AUS/NZ and eventually Canada. Who said that Celto-Germanic race of conquerors should ask whether we belong somewhere or not? "Stop sowing the seeds of disunity" laughable garbage. we don't need mixed bloods and economic migrants. look for work somewhere else



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