John de Nugent #ufo #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

Our galaxy is full of species, including Short Grays, Tall Grays, Tall Whites, Reptilians (yes, snicker if you wish, but that is mere nervous laughter ;-)) and very advanced Nordics, for whom we all are a White Trash planet.
The Exonordics are advanced HUMANS in every way, and we came originally from them but degenerated. They are tall like NBA players, 6’5 to 7 feet tall. They marry normally in their worlds, have sex the normal way we do, eat food, defecate, sweat, and feel emotions, and thus are fully human, but they benefit from centuries of eugenics and the weeding out of their bad blood.

They speak telepathically, and it is easy to see where OUR stories of angels come from. These are clearly the Aldebarans and Pleiadians, who, the Vril Society German women of 1920-45 claimed, were helping the Third Reich but very discreetly and without having any permission to overly interfere in WWII and its outcome.

That is, they were not permitted to simply win the war for Germany. This would have triggered intervention on the other side by the Grays and then yet another world nuclear war, I repeat, yet ANOTHER world nuclear war- (Think about that one.) Ye,s ther could have been a full-scale nuclear war back in the 1940s between the Grays and the Exonordics, and that would have once again destroyed our planet pointlessly.
They are Aryans who are extremely powerful and spiritual but REFUSE on principle to rescue Joe Sixpack, George W. Bush voter and Christian Zionist idiots just because they have skin the color of white copy paper.
We WNs have experienced ourselves how many Whites today are utter scum
.and even actively, knowingly, oppose us, hate the truth, fight for the evil, profit off massacres and wars, cause death via cigarettes, pollution, and toxic foods, who even molest White children, who engage in satanism, who commit police brutality if the y are cops, and serve our enemy Jew masters knowing it is wrong.



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