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If the Nobel Prize Committee had the category of Most Influential Invention of the Last Century, one candidate might be the Pill, the contraceptive that came into widespread use in the 1960s and triggered a chain reaction of one tectonic, societal earthquake after another. I was a college student at the time and watched it happen.

If you want to know the origin of today’s sexual madness—”What’s your pronoun?” Little boys get castrated; pubescent girls undergo double mastectomies, and drag queens entertain American kindergarten kids.—it all began with the Pill that re-configured the relationship between men and women as never before since the Garden of Eden.

The Pill’s advent ignited a tsunami of fornication, a.k.a. premarital sex and adultery, that led to a further tsunami of millions of couples divorcing, the invention of no-fault divorce, millions of tears, and millions of broken families.

The Pill produced “Women’s Lib” and women like Hillary “Lady Macbeth” Clinton, who sneered at motherhood and wanted a “career” just like a man.
The Pill has produced a society that is dizzy with the fantasy that there is such a thing as “gender” (outside of grammar), let alone transgender, which is nothing but the old transvestism explicitly forbidden in the Jewish Bible right alongside male-to-male sodomy. The divine genius of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is that this is how societies die, via sexual abandon and sexual perversion, a couplet no longer permissible in the politically correct generation of the “woke.”
There is also a connection between the loss of a sense of right and wrong in matters of sex, and right and wrong in other activities, such as the FBI. In that institution, we’ve learned that the agents protecting the sexual perversity of the son of the President of the United States and the first family’s influence-peddling among the communists, have also allegedly led to hundreds of intramural sex harassment cases amongst agency employees.



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