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Perhaps Another Great Reason To Be JAlLBAlT-Pilled And Accept The Fact That New Is Better Than Pre-Owned

Is the fact that child soldiers are based and blackpilled. In a physio-biological and socioeconomic struggle that brutal as fuck for low smv males, all low smv males, including those under muh 18 are disposable prisoners to the enemy. So if we were blessed with The Uprising, wouldn't you want the the youngcels to be a part of it? If I was the father of at fourteen year old boy and The Uprising was happening, there is no ageism. Let's be real, everyone would be alright with teenage boys taking up arms against the oppressors alongside every other kind of low smv male. Here's another sour reality for the glowies and incel haters, foids would be happy to see their teen sons loot porky. They'd only be disappointed if they were caught or kiIIed.

So why should I be against lolipillers when I am child soldierpilled? Fuck bro, if I was a child soldier growing up... I'd probably have had a chance to lootmaxx for surgerybux. Not only that but I would have started a career with LIKEMINDED and TRIBALY CONNECTED brocels. Lots of great milestones and coming of age memories that come from the ultimate thugmaxxing, which is child soldiermaxxing. And the fact that The Uprising is the ultimate haves versus have-nots battle, the amount of confidence and life fulfilment from partaking in such a great time would have really made my personality and character shine.

In the name of Incelos Philadelphos, may we see nerdy teencel gamers actually MineCraftmaxxing enemy combatants and participating in a good future for brocels together with the other cels.




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