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Modern wokeness was a disaster for gays. Once upon a time, you could just be gay. Gay was gay. Gay was nothing else. Gay was nothing more. You were either a dude who liked other dudes, or a girl who liked other girls. You could be yourself and be as gay as you wanted and that was that. As simple as could be.

Then came the "community" mafia. Suddenly gay being meant you were apart of some coalition with other non straights. Gay was now a community you HAD to be in. The gays had to get along with the lesbians, the lesbians had to deal with the gays, and everyone had to deal with the troons. It was the lgb"T" community after all. You dykes and fags HAVE to get alone with troons. Never mind the fact that transgender isn't even a sexuality so the whole thing makes no sense, STOP THINKING TOO MUCH BIGOT. What's that, you're a lesbian who obviously doesn't like cock because that's the whole point? Too bad, suck the girl cock anyway or else you're a bigot!

The problem with this is that gays don't really have anything in common with lesbians. They're never going to get along organically. And nobody has anything in common with troons, so that's a non fucking starter right from the get go. When the T got associated with the L and the G, the T brought along with them all their baggage and woke nonsense. Being gay was now an aggressive political statement.

As a homo I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it is to find non woke partners nowadays. I just want a cute girl to cuddle and do cute things with, I don't want to read your fucking twitter or talk about how great abortion is or how much you like multiculturism or whatever. Finding a normal gay is next to impossible. It makes you realize why everyone used to hate us and why they're starting to hate us again.



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