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This is a painting i did 2 years ago. it's based off of a painting from the rennaisance. The babies on your left represent those that have been killed at the hands of abortion clinics (the abortion clinics are represented by the female doctor at the center). While swords aren't used to abort babies, ithe sword in this painting symbolically stands for death, destruction and blood shed. The doctor has slashed the lives of those children (see painted on rips) and is now turned to kill yet more still. The doctor is staring into the eyes of it's first new victom, a small girl who stares innocently back (maybe even for a kiss). the babies featured on the right all appear happy, but Death is hellbound on coming to annihilate their future lives. The laughing giggling babies soon will be just as hurt and torn as those on the left. Perhaps only the mother holding her child will say no the the doctor and forbid the murder of her own child.

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Judy Garland. Manga. Bondage Gear and Handcuffs.

These are the three sources of homo-eroticism in America. My question to you is, are homosexuals capable of demonstrating an actual analog of their own, where romantic encounters exist, that aren't hyperbolic hollywood quasi drag queens lisping (too many examples to name but collectively refered to as Camp), that aren't direct parallels to Asian hyperfeminized androgynous cartoon fantasies, and aren't a highway to hell through PVC, bondage leathers, and police cosplay?

Put another way, do gays in America have a morally sound fact behind their fiction for paired relationships? Because, as every ED topic generally requires a claim, I claim they do not. I claim that the man behind the curtain has nothing going on but an excuse to get off. I claim that the romance between same sex couples in America is driven by kink, hollywood posers, and asian cartoons about asian androgyny and frankly, pedophilic relationships which have only recently started to get outlawed.

I am claiming that all you who support American homo-eroticism can produce is vile or imitated culture, rather than romance or something culturally admirable. I do not believe you have the capacity to prove me wrong.

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I don't hate men for having a p***s I hate men for exsiting. And I can't chop "off" my Vigina thats an internal organ, only a man who had a p***s draining blood from his brain would think of something that stupid to say.
We all know that Women are the more evolved of the species.

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[Regarding the murder of abortion provider George Tiller.]
I'm noticing the media spin-machine at work. The glaze over what the "doctor" had done, putting him on the level of a simple abortionist- Third trimester abortion is heinous, and while I do not support murder, I see where the shooter was coming from. Actually, screw it, I may support murder in instances such as this where law is deaf dumb and blind. Blatant painful murder is unacceptable. Did you recoil in shock when Dahmer was beaten down, albeit illegally, for his crimes against humanity?

The spin the media is putting on this is quite epic, it would be like calling Hitler's suicide in his bunker as "Prolific youth leader and economic genius kills self due to lack of western support"- While technically true in all of the words, it's the part they omit that is the killer. So it goes, so it goes.

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Focusing on this particular argument, gay marriage is not useful in any way, shape, or form, be it economically, socially, or politically. Not only that, for those who are blind, deaf, and dumb, once you allow gay marriage in, what is there to stop the floodgates from opening? I'll speak to the most obvious movement that is riding the coattails of gay marriage, pederasty and their 'club' of NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association. Once you've legalized gay marriage, how can you deny them the same rights? How can you deny pederasts, pedophiles (which are distinct from ephebophiles), child pornographers, bestiality enthusiasts, and all the other assorted ills of society when you've already granted legitimacy to another unacceptable thing?

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[In response to a question on which double minority has it worst: "black atheists, gay atheists, or gay blacks"]

Gay atheist is nearly redundant. Because atheists live inspite of religion, so it only makes sense for them to be gay.

But you know what's really difficult? Being a straight, Christian, white male, who has consentual missionary position sex with his wife.

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Evolution is good for people who don't want God to exist. They use it as a crutch to get by and be happy with themselves. Why? Because with a God, there is a moral code to adhere to. Without a God, any immorality is justified and unpunished. People believe in evolution so that they dont feel so bad after blatantly lying, cheating, stealing, rampant sex, and other immoral behavior that leads to an anarchist world. There is no peace there. With a God, there is Peace.

Evolution corrupts.

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People can always be saved but some heathens are nearly impossible to convert.

Atheists shouldn't be allowed speak of their beliefs in public I feel. Who wants to hear what an ATHEIST has to say? If I had my way I could preach here without being discriminated against. But nope I often feel oppressed here. I just get hounded down by people who hate God.

Unfortunately atheists are allowed to speak of their beliefs in public distasteful as it is, but I have no legal way to prevent that sadly.

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[If religion didn't exist would homosexuality be wrong]

This is kind of like the "if a tree falls in a forest and if there's no one to hear it, does it make a sound" question. There's no way morality couldn't exist. Same with religion. If religion was a myth, then why have people been practicing it for 2,000 years? A myth has never lasted for that long.
It isn't a sin to be gay, but acting upon it is wrong. Putting your fantasies into action is the sin.

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God Uses Rape to Punish Sinful Women

When we compromise God's standards is he going to say we are blameless when we reap consequences? No he isn't.

We reap what we sow. There are many, many women who are raped and have done nothing to be at all responsible, there is no doubt. However if a woman dresses like a whore and even worse acts like one as well, then she may well be increasing her chances of such a thing happening.

['she is NEVER at FAULT on ANY LEVEL if she is RAPED!']

bzzzz. Wrong!

If you walk into a biker bar and say "You're all a bunch of girls, who wants to fight" then you are partly at fault if you get beaten to a pulp. No doubt the law will justly penalise the bikies for their violence. That doesn't take away the fact that you were stupid in agitating the situation.

Let me reiterate. If a woman dresses like a whore, and even worse acts like a whore she may well increase her chance of being raped.


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(In response to; "Sorry, but you lost any religious credibility in the other thread- in which you pointed out that you believe something completely contrary to what the Bible actually says.")

I just believe what the Bible says. If one is contrary to the other as long as it is in the Bible, fine by me.

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[In response to: No, I'm fairly open about it. My priest definitely knows, because I dated his daughter for a while. The parish in general is actually quite supportive.

But, back to: Offer me proof that as a lesbian, I must be an atheist]

Then I'm afraid to say the only logical conclusion is that your priest is a heathen himself. He is obviously uneducated in matters involving the Bible.

(the priest in question has a doctorate in Christian Theology)

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I believe in evolution to a certain extent. I read all the theories of Darwin, and I have come to the conclusion that in the beginning of time there was one fish, one bird, one reptile, one bear, on feline, etc. which evolved into the many fish/birds/reptiles we have today, for this there is overwhelming evidence. However, there is no valid proof that fish evolved into horses and what not! Even if we did evolve from one common ancestor who created him? All the experiments of how a cell could have formed on the prehistoric each have been proved to have faulty chemicals. For example the leading experiment, which supposedly proves how life began, is the Miller and Urey experiment, however scientists have proven that the original simulations of earth atmosphere were not accurate! As for the statement that man and every other creature have evolved over time from one common ancestor has no real leading evidence. Basically scientists argue this point with to points, the fossil record and homologous body structures. However, the fossil record is incomplete and there are no real ape/human fossils. As for the homologous body structure scientist simply look at the bones in birds and try to locate similar bones in alligators. I do not think that these are very valid pieces of evidence. In fact Darwin himself manufactured one of the ape/human fossils and tried to pass it of as a fossil. I believe in Christianity because I read the Case for Christ, which backs up the claims to Christianity with logic and evidence! I suggest buying the teen edition for whoever is interested it’s about 100 pages and it’s a quick read.

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[On a thread asking about interracial marriages]

I don't find it appealing because I don't find men who are not white to be attractive. Especially negros and mexicans. It's just not attractive to me. In fact...it's rather ugly. D: I know that people may find that offensive, but if I tried to bring someone home who wasn't white, my parents (mother especially) would have a big fit.

I don't believe in interracial breeding either. I think that we should stop trying to make "one race" and just go back to having everyone else be a minority. Whites should be on top. Personally, I wouldn't mind going back to slavery. It might just be my personal experience with blacks and other minorities, but none of you are very good people... In fact, most of them deserved to be whipped/lynched.

I love Oprah though...but I think that's like a given for any woman to love her.

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Look out side trees are a master peice right? and no masterpice can be created with out an artist Jesus is that artist for me.You cant see the wind so how do u know its there???You dont have 2 go to church to be a christen some people rnt christens because they hate church just sit down and read the bible its the thing that will set u strat

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God dosen't want unmarried sex. If you want to go to heaven have sex when your married only with your partner.Abstinance is the way to go. No Sex = No babies. What do us teens know about sex and love anyway? All we do is have relations too young and make horrible mistakes. No one's perfect but you can always try to be abstinant.

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[Playing in a dress-up contest on an online forum: SERIOUS BUSINESS!]

That's not even close to an angel. The Crown
resembles something to worship, and at the bible,
it says you can't have any other God's or things
to worship. And secondly, Angel's have been
represented most perfect creature's in the world,
but still you're wearing glasses. Your dress is
too revealing, and shoes are not even close to
something you should wear! Even the wings are
wrong, this is terrible. So, 1/10. If you're gonna
do something, do it right.

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"Catholics do believe Jesus is our savior. Hello?"

"No, they do not, They believe him as great profit but they do not believe that if they accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and repent then they will go to heaven."

"Um, I went to Catholic school for three years, and they do indeed believe that Jesus died for their sins. I never once heard them refer to him as a "prophet", only as the "Son of God"."

"Catholics pick and choose what they want to Believe out of the NT. They repent to priests, not to God himself. The act of the priest being the middle man was taken out when Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. Before that we were unworthy to speak to God directly, but because of Jesus's sacrifice now we can. He has washed away our sins making us pure."

"I know about Catholic practices and how they're different from what Protestants do. But what you just said here is that Catholics believe Jesus is a prophet, when in fact they do not. They believe he is the son of God, and to claim that they believe anything else is not only false, it's disrespectful of their right to worship and believe as they choose, however illogical those beliefs may be. If someone says "I believe X" you can say "I think that's wrong," but saying "No you don't" is just disrespectful and rude."

"Jesus is no only the Son of God but also a prophet, he fortold of many things, including the rature and what not. AND I told you in your other post that i know that catholics believe this. It still doesn't counter that I believe Catholics not to be true Christians."

[She just doesn't learn does she?]

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I wait at a busy bus stop to go to school every day.
Everyday, this cripple guy would sit there and beg for money.
Every. Day. For the six years I would go to the bus stop to go to school.
There's not a single day I didn't see that man asking for food and money. He had a sign that said, "Help me pay for better legs"

So, last year, I was at the bus stop. Everyone was walking around and being busy and stuff, I wasn't paying so much attention to the cripple.
This guy and his friend walked up to the cripple, and asked, "What's wrong with your legs?"
"I don't know, they've never worked good." The cripple responded.
One of the guys grabbed the cripple's arms.
"What are you doing?!"
"In the name of the Lord Jesus, STAND UP!"
The cripple just stood up. Just as the guy stood up, my bus came.

And the guy could stand. I myself didn't believe it. It took a few weeks for it to register in my head, it was just so incredible. That's not the only thing.

A few months after that, my family took me to the zoo. (Which was disgusting) A guy had a snake on display, it was wrapped around his hand. As the man was talking about the snake, it just suddenly slipped down and started to slither everywhere, hissing.
This lady scolded the snake in the name of God. (I don't remember what she said, but It was still awesome. I was in the back, so I couldn't see a lot) The snake, amazingly, went back it its owner, and stopped hissing. It wasn't staged, why would they put zoo visitor's lives in risk if it was staged?

So ya, I finally decided there had to be God if things like that happened so much. After I started believing, my life got so much better. I could overcome the bad times more, and since my parents are atheists, they didn't drive me to church, so I started walking. God was my answer. smile

I'm not trying to shove this down anyone's throat, I'm just sharing my story on how I went from a committed Atheist to a devoted and faithful Christian. Feel free to choose

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i dont know about you but i think (actually now) that being a christian rockz. its so enlighining and uplifting. screw u ppl who think that satan rockz because god rockz. he is righteous!!!! i am typing this because i hve just recently read that this guy(on the forums) is a stan lover. if u r reading this then i just want to let you know.u are not going to get anything from satan except for pain and misery. satan is foolish and he tricks you to make you think that he is awesome but news flash god is awesome. any 1 who loves satan you can always turn back and make the right decision.by the way i dont hate any other relegions but i hate the religion of satan.god bless you all and i will pray for all of you (and if you hate me i still love you because the bible says it is right to love others)amen

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Evolutionists claim that we evolved from monkeys. if this were true then we'd keep getting smarter, smarter and more powerful. But have you looked in the newspapers? Crime rates increase while graduation rates decrease! we pay over 4 bucks a gallon for gas but the other side of the world is paying 46 cents!? Thats our "smart" Gov. When did you ever hear about a recent Einstein? A New cure? The next big discovery? you won't.
Why arnt the monkeys nowadays turning into humans?
Face it-we never evolved from anything-no slime, parasites, bacteria, no primates.
Tell me what you think

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[How is christianity the "one true religion"?]

Alright, I'm only 15 so my grammar might not be great but everything I'm about to say is total fact about the bible and the christian religion. The Bible has the most Archeological evidence out of any holy text in any other religion, Archeologists even use the Bible as a reference source to locate things, and evertime they dig where it says there is something, they find something! Also Every holy text has atleast one hundred prophecies but did you know that the Bible is the only holy text where ALL the prophecies in it other than revalations(which is set in the future, at least thats what most christians believe) have come true. Also about Jesus the reason we believe that he is the saviour is because he fulfilled all the prophecies that were made about him from more than a thousand years back, even ones that he could have no way to fulfill himself, like where he was born or how he was born.

The miracles camn also be proven true. They found the city Jericho a while back, you know the one that the Jews marched around and then the walls fell OUTWARD and then they walked in and burned everything, and Then God said that no one would ever lie on that spot ever again? Well when they found Jericho they noticed that the walls had in fact fallen OUTWARD, and when they walked inside the city they saw that all the grain had been burnt. Now let me tell you something, it would have been totally impossible for a little nomadic group for the Jews to topple the walls of Jericho, not to mention sneak into it and then topple it, cause they didn't have any equipment to do it with, and it had to have been them who had done it because we know they got past Jericho, and that they had no allies to do it for them. and also something else, since Jericho was toppled no one has built over the city to live there! the new Jericho they built is built a few miles away. Thats why christians believe what's in the Bible.

Crazyjust4u #fundie gaiaonline.com

And, the separation of church and state if you actually look at it in depth it's purpose is not to keep religion out of the government or government ordained venues (schools, courthouses, parks, etc.) but meant to keep the government out of religious matters. Besides, ID is not a religious matter. If you look at the proposed theory of Intelligent Design there isn't a religious overtone about it. It doesn't say, "We see scientifically see that Brahama father god of the Hindu religion responsible for the world's inception." There's nothing like that. It merely states that there was something more than chance involved in the origins of the world.

not-Andy #fundie gaiaonline.com

So "creationism"(I prefer to call it Christianity. Whatever happened to that? Is it now no longer a word?) can't be proved. And neither can the Big Bang. The Earth has to come from somewhere, I think humans weren't meant to know. Did you know that before Darwin died, he rejected his theory of evolution? And now, humans think that apes are "evolutioning into humans again". They've been seen using primitive tools to hunt. So in three(hundred, was it?) million years, no more monkeys. Scientists love the phrase "__ million years" If they don't believe Jesus ever existed, how come, if "there have been billions and billions of years," we're only in the year 2007? Where does BC turn into AD for the scientists? Really, don't believe them. When it comes to evolution, it's all junk.

I-AM-A-FISHER-OF-MEN #fundie gaiaonline.com

(Responding to this article: http://dsc.discovery.com/news/2008/05/15/fish-evolution-lake.html)

It actually proves more to the Creationist ideas. See, if evolution was right, then the adaptation would have take 'millions of years,' where in this case it took a matter of a decade. Also, it is not evolution when the DNA of the fish was changed due to the mutagens in the water from the pollution, and the protein information (armor plates on the fish) was disrupted by an outside allele.

BlueCollarJoe #fundie gaiaonline.com

Remember this. Science by concensus is not science. It is politics under the guise of science headed by political monkeys out to pelt anyone who disagrees.
Lets break down the salient points, which the evolutionist followers, who are pretty akin to a religious institution, in spite of their howls to the contrary, are.

Evolution: Random mutations caused the changes and evolution of all species. All life began with one single cell organism. Never mind the complexity, nor that Darwin himself said if it would take more than one change to facilitate evolution, his entire theory was useless.
There is not one missing link. There are tens of thousands.

Creationism: Some dude pulled everything out of his wazoo from nothing and bang!! Here we are.

Intelligent Design: Someone/thing took the available items and, using intelligence, designed all the lifeforms and things in existence and tuned it to work properly.
A better way to put this, so that the evo's can scream from their pews, is imagine someone has all the materials to build something. They forge, pound, sand and weld. In the end, five tons of material is now a Ferrarri GT.
That is intelligent design. Evolution is, well, two fucking monkeys who nail a goat and come up with a squirrel.

MinorHeaven #fundie gaiaonline.com

One CAN'T believe in evolution and the Bible. If you are true blue to the Bible, not a faker, then you KNOW that the world was literally created in seven days. That makes the world about 6000 years old. Evolution could not have happened in six days. And may I ask you this: Could the human body, with all its intricate parts and organs truly have been the result of evolution...I was just thinking about how we can pick up two different waves (sound and light)...at the same time! It sounds so trivial, but that's amazing! Only God could have made humans, not Chance (the name of the god of evolutionists).

I mean six days...on the seventh day God rested...

Tlara #fundie gaiaonline.com

The only inconsistency is when it isnt understood properly, misinterperted, misapplied, and down right disreguarded. How many books are available from that time period? If the Bible is not the word of God, how has it survived the numerous attempts to destroy it? Everytime arceologists dig up a piece of stone with writing on it, it proves the Bible accurate, and this info is from the doubters themselves. Right down to the dates! They have even found the location where Moses and the Isrealites crossed the Red Sea, with proof of Egyptian chariots, horses & human skeletons RIGHT where the Bible said it happened!!! The Bible tells you of the many rulers of Israel and Judah, including the stupid stuff they did. How many historical documents from any other nation show their rulers faults??

There is scientific proof of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Jericho, Babylon, Jeruslem...proof of the plagues that hit Egypt even in their own hyroglyphics. The Bible fortold how and who would destroy Babylon, over 400 years before it happened. Many prophecies pointed to the coming of Jesus..again right as it was fortold. If you wish to get into the many prophecies that pointed to them I most certainly would be glad to do so.

JolieMonique #fundie gaiaonline.com

First off, God doesn't use magic, He does miricales. Our minds can't really understand that. But, if you read the whole Bible, you will find that it has prophecies, yes? Well, some of those prophecies has ALREADY come true. How can people believe that we evolved from... some goop or monkies. It just doesn't make any sence.

If we came from monkies, then we would have proof already because then the monkies we have in captivity would turn into a human. It's just not right. In order to understand everything, you really need to read the whole thing to understand. Even go to a church if you're stuck.

Ben Tamasorei #fundie gaiaonline.com

It always seems that Science is the right path to chose, but Darwin had a very large flaw. When he went to teh galapagos Islands, who is to say he didn't become mentally ill? I think, no, I KNOW that the bible is real, and that the evolution of species is a pathetic attempt to hide the truth that anyone who doesn't follow the path of a Christian and doesn't believes that Jesus Christ died on a Roman cross innocently for the salvation of all, is a fool.

Anyone who believes what I believe, post it on my site, or reply to my comment
The name of God shall not be shunned off like a stray dog!

PS. Yes, I know I look like an emo.

keife191 #fundie gaiaonline.com

why would people think atheism is better than christianity?

1. atheists wish christians would die, christians wish atheists would repent.

2. christians know where there going after they die, atheists dont think they go anywhere.

3. atheists hate, christians love.

4. christians worship God, atheists dont worship anyone or anything.

5. christians gain comfort from God, atheists are comforted only by themselves.

so it's quite obvious that atheism is a hateful and lonely religion, but christianity is full of love and hope and comfort.

twinrix #fundie gaiaonline.com

Atheists are dumb, they don't even look their own religion up, and don't even realize it IS a religion in its self. They hate christians because they say they're all self righteous but THEY'RE the ones who are so self righteous and out to get everyone who aren't like them.

Plus they're fags, their symbol is "the invisible pink unicorn"

Acanthus #fundie gaiaonline.com

i hate it when stupid kids decide to be atheist, what the f*ck could have happened to you in your life so far that you think god does not exist..what did daddy not give you the right christmas present? You're 14 unless you have personaly experienced some serious shit or have searched for god and not found anything who the hell are you to call yourself that.....pffffft stupid teenagers and their damn idiotic tags and labels.

Valandil517 #fundie gaiaonline.com

So what is the point of living if all you have worked for is for nothing? And if this is people's one and only chance to live a life, why aren't they going completely by pleasure. I mean, if I knew that it would be nothingness after I died, I would live life to the fullest. Since there is no sin orpunishment, I would not to go work, for I could get everything just by stealing. Why would I want to waste my time cleaning? I wouldn't abide by the laws, for imagine how much fun it must be to be going 100 down a highway like some of these video games. Want a girl or guy and you aren't married to them, why go ahead and do it since there is nothing bad that can come out of it. Why not go out killing people for the fun of it? Want something a friend has, why not go ahead and take it from them? Joy to the world, I'm here to live my life as I wish!

flyingemublue #fundie gaiaonline.com

I've struggled with being gay to. My best friend was gay, so I turned out Gay, 'cause people end up acting like there friends. I've stuck my hands down peoples pockets and up their shirts. and I kissed a guy and relized how gay I really was. But i do not at all say its not by choose. I knew My best friend was gay and i could have stayed away from him, and been strait that whole time. Makes you think about what happens to people when there sorounded by people who tell them that being gay comes naturaly to some people.

GuardianAngel44 #fundie gaiaonline.com

You can't [disprove the theory of evolution]. And it's not fair. If we have to disprove their science using science, then they should disprove our Bible using the Bible.

And their has been no person in history who has disproven the Bible. Those who have tried have all become Christians.

xIXSilverWolfXix #fundie gaiaonline.com

i can see how acceptance of different races, and people of different political persuasions could be a good thing, but it shows how far our country has fallen when we have almost completely accepted Gays, Transexuals, the killing of babies, the acceptance of border laws being broken, and the list goes on. When is america gonna stop being such a pussy, and stand up for itself, and for the morals that made it such a strong nation before? true, things like the trail of tears, and child labor were reprehensible, but over time that changed. so when are the people gonna stop de-masculining america? i swear, much longer, and the castration of america will be complete.

smileyloverl #fundie gaiaonline.com

i posted this for discussion yes but not to be ridiculed.Other religions are wrong because..okay Jesus(Gods Son) died,rose three days later to join His Father in Heaven.Did any other gods do that? Those gods are going to hell,that,or they never exsisted.We were brought into this world with sin.Adam(who is ALL of our ancestor,including Eve) went against the Lords rule.To not eat the fruit of 1 specific tree.i believe in Him and all the things He has done.
why are you people against Him?
What EXACTLY did He do to you,specifically? Why not be against another god?!How come,if someones a Christian,they`re looked upon as freaks or whatever?
God had to let Jesus die so the promise could be fulfilled.He couldnt just stop the making of the promise to us.And God and Jesus are watching all of us.They know our thoughts..everything!! YOU WANT FACTS?!?! Look in the King James Bible!!Not the NIV. Also, how come there are different versions of the bible..How come they arent changing the Quran? HUH?Because people know Christians have something..so they change everything..
AND people call catholics CHRISTIANS when they arent..Catholics believe that you can still sin after youre saved..you cant it`ll just be against you in Heaven if youre saved.You wont get a crown(s) for the good things youve done..unless you have done good things.
Im going to tell you all who dont believe in God or Jesus..you are going to hell forever..and you will burn and when you cry out and ask to get out of the burning flames..you wont be able to say that no one warned you.you like it now just wait to see how much youre going to hate it when you get there.
If Christians didnt love they wouldnt tell you lies and say,'oh youre okay..you dont belive in God soo im just not going to try to help you from going to hell cuz all you`d do is laugh in my face..you pathetic being'..think about it..most Christians take ridicule and humility for sticking to what they believe. If someone made fun of you and abused you for what you believe in what would you do?

viczon #fundie gaiaonline.com

someone said that he don't believe in GOD!!! and someone too said that i cant see Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iam just saying that who dont believe in GOD should even though you dont see Him!
and iam not saying too that you should. praise God just believe, BELIEVING IS ENOUGH! SORRY IF I OFFENDED YOU IN MY WORDS BUT YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT GOD IS TRUE