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Kat istheSea3 13 March, 08:00 Nothing to see here 👑 Princess Kate is FINE 😉 🇺🇸 Juan O Savin In 1917 Lord Rothschild worked an agreement w/Lord Balfour, to allow Rothschild & the Zionists to purchase land IN THE PALESTINE REGION.. ISRAEL WAS A CONSTRUCT OF BANKERS. As part of the Balfour Declaration IT SPECIFIES THAT THE BRITISH CROWN RETAINS THE AUTHORITY & RIGHT TO PLACE A ROYAL ON THE THRONE GOVERNING THE NEW NATION STATE OF ISRAEL, AT THEIR WILL. Prince William is the 1000th Knight of the Round Table, #1 The One - the antichrist WHO HAS THE BLOOD OF ALL 13 ROYAL FAMILIES IN HIS VEINS. From Globalist perspectives they want a royal representing ALL the religions. The UK royal family claims heritage → King David → Anglican Church → Muhammad through various bloodlines 💥 😼 After 676 years of the Order of the Garter breeding Royals to get to William IT’S ALL GONE UP IN SMOKE, eh Jacob Rothschild? 💥 #ThePlanToSaveTheWorld #patriotsincontrol
<Cassidy comment on "Tennessee State Senate Passes Bill Banning “Chemtrail” Spraying in Their Skies">
THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM uses chemtrails to build a shield around the U.S. to highlight and stop INTRUDERS... alien craft trying to come in to our dimension. They will not allow this ruling to hold ...no state is going to dictate putting a hole in the DOME. So watch either they already have a work around and they will just move the chemtrails up to the upper atmosphere or the ruling will be reversed.

The above is also validated by statements from Juan O Savin in the past. I have known about this program and the negative and positive sides of it for at least 15 years....

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Even in the quantum part of modern physics, Saturn appears as the Planck constant - the limit of time-space geometry itself. The symbol of the reduced Planck standard ħ (pronounced h-quer [translator’s note: given is the English word rather than the German for the strikethrough - it should be h-quer]) is the same symbol used both in old astronomical, alchemistic as well as modern astrological traditions for Saturn.

The Cube further extends to concepts that are connected with the cubic space of Qabbalah and the Cube of Metatron, a sacred geometric figure that consists of several interconnected cubes and symbolises the connection between the divine and the material world. Metatron’s Cube contains the fundamental symbolism of the cube, emphasises his role in the design of the structure of reality and highlights the deep connection between geometry, saturnine influences and the tangible aspects of existence.

Original GermanSogar im Quantenbereich der modernen Physik erscheint Saturn als das Plancksche Wirkungsquantum – die Begrenzung der Raum-Zeit-Geometrie selbst. Das Symbol für die reduzierte Plancksche Konstante ħ (ausgesprochen „h-bar“) ist das gleiche Symbol, das sowohl in alten astronomischen, alchemistischen als auch modernen astrologischen Traditionen für Saturn verwendet wird.

Der Würfel erstreckt sich darüber hinaus auf Konzepte, die mit dem kabbalistischen Raumwürfel und dem Metatron-Würfel verbunden sind, einer heiligen geometrischen Figur, die aus mehreren miteinander verbundenen Würfeln besteht und die Verbundenheit der göttlichen und der materiellen Welt symbolisiert. Metatrons Würfel beinhaltet die grundlegende Symbolik des Würfels, betont seine Rolle bei der Gestaltung der Struktur der Realität und hebt die tiefe Verbindung zwischen Geometrie, Saturneinflüssen und den greifbaren Aspekten der Existenz hervor.

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(Misspellings deliberate, reprensenting bad original German; italics represent words left untranslated)

As it is currently a hot topic.
The word Demonstrieren, Demonstration - engl. Demonstate, was coined only in the 16th Century for that what we now know as it.

Language is Magic that affects us, without us being aware of it, ass I have already written about a few times on this channel. Whether taken apart in English (a language that German from the derived) or in German itself. The words it is composed of are just as thrilling as with Pridemonth.

Root of the word is dēmōnstrāre (dēmōnstrātum)
Dämon - evil spirit, demon, devil
Stratum - blanket, resting place, packsaddle, pavement

Demonstrate is pronounced in English: demons'ˈtrate phonetically the same as trait.
Trait in English also means property.

Original GermanDa es ja derzeit ein aktuelles Thema ist.

Das Wort Demonstrieren, Demonstration - engl. Demonstrate, kam erst im 16 Jahrhundert auf für das, als was wir es heute kennen.

Das Sprache Magie ist die sich auf uns auswirkt, ohne das wir uns dessen bewusst sind, habe ich ja schon öfter in diesem Kanal geschrieben. Egal ob auf Englisch auseinandergenommen (einer Sprache dem aus der Deutschen entsprungen ist) oder auf Deutsch selbst. Die Wörter aus denen es sich zusammensetzt sind genau so spannend wie bei dem Pridemonth.

Wurzel dieses Wortes ist dēmōnstrāre (dēmōnstrātum)
Dämon - böser Geist, Dämon, Teufel
Stratum - Decke, Lager, Packsattel, Pflaster

Demonstrate wird im Englischen ausgesprochen: demons'ˈtrate phonetisch gleich mit trait.
Trait heisst auf Englisch auch Eigenschaft.

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(Translated from German by the submitter)

A few helpful distinguishing traits of men in women’s clothing, in cases where it’s not that obvious, such as with the “pretty” Happy Rpthschild in the entry above.

Men have a ca. 10% bigger skull then wenches* and the traita at the skulls are different, such as a square chin and mandible, a more tilted forehead and a more prominent brow bone.

Another good distinguishing trait are the clavicles. Men have straight and more massive clavicles and wenches more gracile and v-shaped. In men, the shoulders are broader than the hips. Men have longer arms then wenches and bigger hands and feet as well, famously do not have a nidriff (one can see that very well with Giselle Bündchen), a longer upper body. Due to the wider pelvis, the legs are situated differently in wenches and thus, the gait is different as well.

* (He consistently uses the word “Weib”, which once used to be the standard word for woman, corresponding to the German words for female (weiblich, as well as Weibchen - not Weib - as a noun in biology), but became degoratory during the 19th Century, rather than Frau, which in parallel was an elevated word that became the standard word.)

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Hello Everyone,

Who wanted me DEAD?
Who wanted Princess Diana DEAD?

Why did the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT wanted to kill me?
Because I had hard proof of the PEDOPHILES that run our world and all of the CORRUPTION that the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT did.
Jeffrey Epstein, the Clinton family, Bill Gates, the Rockefeller family, and many more. I had all of the EVIDENCE needed to DESTROY THEM!

Why did the ROYAL FAMILY wanted Princess Diana DEAD?
Because she knew all of their secrets and she was planing to expose them.
From the SECRET AFFAIRS to the PEDOPHILIA, she knew everything!


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August 2 1776
Pelosi China Tuesday. RED 3
"BAY OF PIGS" 3 day Event?
Act of England 1871 Reversed
Pelosi just landed.

Remember Paris shoots his arrow into Achilles. Deep State's Heel.
Remember the Market doesn't completely crash til Ch y Na targets are taken including the US Military Built Three Gorges Dam on Executive Order 13959.
+ 2 Northern Dams [ChongQing]
+ Big Pharma Labs in Wooohan
+ Tiananmen Square is empty = 3rd Red Castle.
Last Bitcoin Data Center

Who owns the Wuhan Labs?
George Soros & Bill Gates

Where did they create AIDS?
Remember Q drop on AIDS?
It was important for DECLAS.
Think Wuhan Deep State Labs.

1st Arrest will shock the world.

OBL/Obama? Timing on
Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri
9 Supreme Court Justices?
Bill "Microsoft" Gates?

Whiplash347 #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot t.me

<Links removed>

US Embassy & Consulates across China just issued emergency warning on 10/12 via email:

You can also Gregorian to Julian this to SOLAR ECLIPSE.
[11.3] (S) King Charles
[11.4] (♥️) [~] Overnight Cyber
[11.5] V Oct 15 >Oct 28 [10:10] Q1 5 yr Delta, Ultimatum. h
[11.6] [11_6] mirror 911.
When Prince Andrew Goes, Trump Presidency Made Public
William dissolves the UK Royals
CASTLE ROCK. Free XLM fees on Lobstr til here.

The FLOOD will come from beneath.
Remember DC
When River beds recede‼️

<Separate Post>


Dan Scavino Times Square NYC
V gonna appear in Times Square?
No Stock Without Source

Who ordered the illegal spying?
I mean who really did?
Think 5eyes/Fvey
Is King Charles gonna take it for his Mom?
She owned 5eyes
It's to get him now. The King 11.3
Think Diana
Daniel 2.21

When you no longer control the levers of POWER, do FVEY ('Allies') buckle & cooperate in order to preserve and maintain their future?
Danchenko Trial. [D5]

Re_ read drops re: Five Eyes / FVEY.
Will be extremely important going forward.

Australia is part of FIVE EYES!
Five Eyes is VERY important.
It won’t be around much longer.
Think CROWN being dissolved.
Royals No More‼️
Rule 5.4

Explosions on top of the FBI building at 2:30AM yesterday?
Sum Of All Fears Q
WhiteHouse Down
Rods of God incoming Satanic Landmarks. Q500 #34
Wildlife/Birdlife Sanctuary
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filed May 2020, Actioned January 2021.
You are watching many Movies
The Flood will come from below.

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Sequence drop. Q1245
Pre-cursor Turkey - Home of Ashkenazi.
1️⃣ - Turkey> Roman & Ottoman Empire, United Nations buildings hit.
Turkey will flip on NATO.

2️⃣ - SAUDI to decouple from USD & join BRICS. House Of Saud comes from Turkey originally. MBS flipped.
ISRAEL will attack Medina/Mecca
Rise of the IMAM MAHDI. The one who Unites all ISLAM together to take down the Anti-Christ in Israel. Saudi Arabia repaired Relationship with Syria [Sunni & Shi"ites]
[Hashemite Kingdom] original owners of Mecca prior to House of Saud War.
King Of Jordan mentioning reforming Hashemite Kingdom. #GreatProphet17
MBS/King Of Jordan will unite all of the Middle East then take down the Anti-Christ. Controllers in Israel.

3️⃣- NK 4th Beast Daniel 7 3.
China/Taiwan, Russia>Japan Kuril Islands. ChongQing Dams, 3GD, BTC Data Center, Wuhan Labs, Tiananmen Square. PACIFIC NAVAL BLOCKADE [Daniel 7 2-3] 4 Carriers In The Pacific [AUSTRALIA]🚫
Daniel 10: 2-3 Food coming off the shelves. Ports closed, Diesel cut off, Trucks Stop, Petrol skyrockets.
Ramadan - Fasting, Israel not eating food.
Biblical Flood 40 days 6 week closure.
Get food that lasts people.
Everything that is bad will not return to shelves. TESLA ELECTRIC TRUCKS⚡️

⭕️Kiev Falls - Poseidon to Sudzha Pipeline.
Crashes Oil & Gas companies on NYSE. BP & Royal Dutch SHELL etc
Here is the big key. 347 > 3/31/2023
March 31 & April 1
Qagg.news had a countdown to March 31. VK said March is last month of 2022. Trump says April 1.
Romanov Project April 1 [Closing The Gates]
State Bank Of Russia going live April 1
Q drop MOAB [A] Global Currency Reset + Declas + Precious Metal Standard + Quantum Gesara.

5️⃣- Iran [Regime Change]? OBL?
Israel Reversal of Balfour Declaration. IMAM MAHDI + the rest of the World will all turn on ISRAEL [ANTICHRIST] & ENGLAND. #GreatProphet17
Daniel 12 1. GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN will lead the Armies.
The GOOD PEOPLE of ISRAEL have the Power.

Vincent James #homophobia #sexist t.me

In 1950, abortion was not only a crime, but a shameful act you would be ostracized from any social group for. In 1960 the vast majority of America opposed the idea of gay marriage, and sodomy was illegal. It is precisely for this reason we must force gays back into the closet and women back into the kitchens.

Lin Wood #wingnut t.me

In my opinion, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a communist. Greene is running around saying ‘Impeach Biden,’ that says that Biden won — he didn’t. And you would never impeach him with a communist Congress. It's a waste of time. It's all show. A traitor will come into you as a patriot. Be careful!

Qthestormrider77 #crackpot #wingnut #ufo #pratt #conspiracy t.me

As MUSK gets closer to being INDICTED, and Deep State DARPA > ROCKEFELLER'S CIA REGIME on a full attack to Bring down MUSK and bring Twitter Back into the control of the[ DS] ....>> The White hats have GAME THEORY Operations in place and counter measures.
_From inside Reports MUSK is BAIT< ( a well placed plan and Musk is part of the TRAP and EXPOSURE) .
>MUSK KNOWS WHERE THE DEAD BODIES ARE BURIED (IMPORTANT INTEL THAT WILL BRING DOWN THE DEEP STATE).... Including full information on 911 and the [ ds] Military's CLASSIFIED WEAPONS that was used in 911.

BEHIND THE SCENES>]; The Deep State Military is trying to get a hold of MUSK's servers. Computers, Data storages and full operations connected to under ground Facilities in California, Texas and Florida that house super computers and quantum computers that is unknown to public and the newest most advanced computers that operate SPACE-X .
_MUSK knows the Military Technology that was used to bring down the Twin Towers during 911 were Tesla Energy Weapons> ZERO POINT ENERGY WEAPONS (the same energy that surrounds you in everyday life, atoms ,molecules, atomic level structures that carry INFINITE ENERGY
Now when you look back at 911 an see the first Tower Fall.. You can see they turn to dust Instantly as they fall..... The false lies that the heat of the place crash was so strong it melted the steel iron is a lie as you can visibly see people standing in the hole left by the plane and next to the iron Steel columns before the collapse. >The MILLIONS of tons of steel used to create the twin towers were missing and mostly ash was left behind.
THE DEEP STATE IS WELL AWARE MUSK HAS CREATED A FAKE HOLOGRAM SYSTEM> The same fake hologram systems that was created in the early 50s by the Military industrial complex projects.
>These hologram systems can create fake military planes, space shuttles or alien UFOs or even planets in the skies
(China CCP also has the same holographic systems)

Aylin #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon t.me


People! Rejoice!

We were heard, we were seen, we will be seen and we will be heard!

Oh people, oh followers of Q, how glad I am for everyone, I am very glad!

🔥Good news,
Binance will list our GESARA & NESARA assets within 3 months. The price has already risen x2 after this news and this is just the beginning

As I said, everything is going according to plan, everything is going according to plan Q.

Soon everyone will understand what NESARA And GESARA are and then people will realize that it is possible to live by different rules, by HUMAN rules where everyone is equal.

⚠️ Buy GESARA & NESARA assets until it is not too late!


whiplash347 #crackpot #wingnut #racist #conspiracy t.me

<multiple links removed for size>

Nazi/Zionist war vs Christianity

Y is Israel & England last?
Y Evergrande? DOMINION
Y Red Cross? NAB, Westpac Trafficking
Wuhan Labs > ECOHEALTH
You can find all of this in Q Drops.
You have more than you know.

Australian Green Party = Nazi Germany = Zionist Khazarian Jew..

You will realise English Royal Family were bringing down England and siding with Nazi Germany who are & created by Zionist Jews & Romans dressed up as Catholics but are really Zionist Jews.
SOROS is targeted = Zionist Hungarian Jew, pretended to be Catholic, sided with Hitler, killing jews.
Hitler is a Rothschild. Rothschilds = Zionist Jew
Alec Baldwin
Red October



Who financed Bolshevic Revolution?
Rothschilds-Zionist Jews
Who financed Hitler>Zionist Jews
Who created Nazis>Zionist Jews
George Soros Zionist Jew does the same>Finances both sides, sits back & laughs.

Robert Maxwell > Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch = German, Czech, Hungarian, Ukranian Jew.
Here is 12000 for Google

Netflix CEO gone.

Do the rest for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing & Instagram.

Just like DC is Empty, FBI, IRS & Whitehouse etc. Just like StockMarkets will be empty.

Hello Hoover Dam - Superman 1
Motorists should brace for travel impacts on Hoover Dam bridge next week.

Jan 19 - Alec Baldwin Red October comms, 31.4T Debt Ceiling reached
Press Secretary said President Harris, She will make a speech on the weekend. What's Joe gonna do 2day?
Jan 20 Inauguration Delta. Fryday
Jan 21 - New Moon, At it's Darkest
Jan 22 Lunar NY, Fireworks.
Jan 23
Jan 25
Jan 31 - USD to default or not be used in the world. Think Evergrande Reports? King Charlie Checkmate?

200,000 Evergrande Employees about to be laid off. Then Reports drop?

Trump has given us Wuhan Big Pharma Lab Comms, Law Of War Manual 5.13 Dams & Power Plants.

whiplash347 #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy t.me

SEP 19 - STATE FUNERAL - Air Space - No Fly ZoneUK No-Fly Zone Declared for Sept 19 over Central London
[19] Future Marker?
All attending Funeral
Mr Pool's latest video shows the Sub.
We Have The Sub
Think Nuclear Stand-off
Q2215 Panic in UK/DC
Queen Funeral & Bidan Impeachment same day.
Storm tweet?
11.3 King Charles
11.6 Prince Andrew

China/Taiwan Next
The Event 3GD
Tsunami alerts in Japan & Taiwan.
Evergrande - Black Swan

<seperate message>

DJT is the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces of the USA.

US Corporation has been bankrupted.
All the States need to sign on to the Republic.
Remember Chapter 11 from Mr Pool & General Flynn confirming this.

Jurisdiction United States of America Created September 17, 1787
Presented September 28, 1787
Possibly the date all the States sign on to the Republic.
VK chart ends SEP 29 which is another 9/11.
Calendar Flip from Gregorian to Julian
Deep September

<seperate message>

13848? <note; Trump executive order on foreign interference in elections> You know the bloke with the prosthetic mask on has extended Trump Executive Orders.

Remember everyone vs England & Israel.
Act of England 1871
Balfour Declaration 1917
Australia 1901
All Reversed/Null & Void
A heap of countries joining SCO/BRICS Alliance this week including Turkey.
Flipping on NATO.
Remember we said less mail too

Stew Peters #wingnut #conspiracy t.me

So here’s the deal on the flat earth question:

I’m an inquisitive person. I ask a lot of questions.

I’m a passionate person. I speak my mind.

I am an alpha male. I don’t care what anyone thinks.

I’m an investigator. I look for evidence.

Since I have recently been considering this conundrum, I have not seen any evidence to suggest that there’s any truth to what NASA or the government has been telling me since birth.

I don’t believe them. I will NOT be gaslighted into just believing a lie, or assuming something is truth just because it’s repeated relentlessly.

If the “globe” is “round”, someone is going to have to prove it to me.

Just like “viruses” are real, “vaccines” are “safe” and elections are “fair”.

Whiplash347 #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy t.me

<links removed for brevity>

Read E.O 13959 - Three Gorges Corporation, E.O13848- Evergrande Subsidaries.
2/24>11.6 Flip 6 [911] [1 Yr Rus/Ukr]
Mr Pool - Are You Ready?
Massive Cyber Attacks have just begun & there will be MANY MANY MORE TODAY.

It is time
The Great Collapse is Coming
Moldova about to rejoin Russia.
Romania - A NATO Country about to rejoin Russia
Belarus officially joined Russia against Ukraine.

IT IS THE NEW MOON PHASE til Monday 27th Quarter moon.
This is the 21 days in Daniel and 2nd Q Watch Marker.

2/27 - Q2903 [21 Days - Daniel 10 2]
Orthodox Lent
Marker [2]

Gregorian to Julian
3/1>2/16>11.7 [711] Here is your Elon Genesis Flood Comms
Elon Tesla investor day - Earth Announcement
+ 40 day Flood = 4-10-23

3/2>2/17 2nd Month 17th day.
The flood begins on the 17th day of the second month when "the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened"

3/3>2/18>11.9 [911]
Anywhere between Friday 3rd & Monday 6th COMEX 589 Rule.

3/4 - 3/15 October 4th - 15th 1582 Stolen days. Mirror October to March.
Red October happened in March.

3/6>2/21>11.3 King Charles
Operation Menai Bridge?
Captain Mike Green, CHECKMATE JET
🇪🇺🤡EU to hold emergency meeting March 6-7 to send all ammunition to Kiev - Borrell.
Ammunition Spent Q3165 >Delta 3/23

Replace Queen Elizabeth for King Charles. Full Worm Moon
3.15 Beware The Ides Of March
3.17 They Fooked, Red October Nuke Standoff over, Mr Pool Orthodox Easter Eggs, 2 Jokers - 2 Worlds Collide posts. Evacuation Day April 17 1775.

3.20 [21 days ends]
Eth Shanghai Upgrade>Kill Switch Activated, Evergrande Liquidation Court, Binance buys Voyager. SWIFT & EBA ISO20022 deadline. EVERGRANDE>GEORGE SOROS

WhipLash347 #conspiracy #wingnut #mammon t.me

<several telegram posts collected>
Mr Pool just psyched us up on China [Ready]
China takes Taiwan in a matter of hours. [DEAL DONE] China now is a Republican Gov't after air war early last yr. USA, Russia, Japan, Taiwan & India vs CCP. I mentioned Special Forces were then let in to clean CCP. Storm Rider has been talking about the inner clean up of the CCP ever since.
This awakens the Fourth Beast in Daniel 7. The Beast with 10 horns.
North Korea and the rest of Asia.
Japan, China, NK, SK, India, Pakistan and so on.

You know ChongQing to Wuhan.
2 Northern Dams then into the 3 Gorges Dam and onto Wuhan Big Pharma Labs.
You have seen Tiananmen Square have it's Statue's removed. 3rd Red Castle. 3 of 3.


Bitcoin DATA CENTRE is under the DAM.

Write DATA CENTER in Q Map.

Bitcoin DATA CENTRE is under the DAM.
As they were saying Death cross for BTC & ETHEREUM
Now you have STELLAR - PROJECT STARBRIDGE & many others i have mentioned.

Project Starbridge
Part of Starbridge is Starlight (CAP21&40)
Project Dunbar
Project Jump Cannon
Project Bridge Bounty

So many ways to do it.
3GD Collapse
Underwater Data Center
Evergrande Collapse
Tether Collapse
USD Collapse
Internet Collapse

It all Collapse's

CR = Climax Round
The big Kaboom.
Leaving the BTC Data Center to Last.
Big Pharma Labs, Tiananmen Square etc.
Who controls the CCP?
Think UK Royals & Zionist/Khazarian/Bolshevik Israeli Mossad/Govt.


US vs China (Covert) Tech War that Q Save The World shows

Really White Hats vs Khazarian Coins
Pretend to be weak when you are Strong.
Let BTC raise. Let em think they have won. Then Strike like the fastest animal on the planet.
Khazarian coins don't belong on the Quantum System.
You may see some across to Stellar where are no Gas Fees & it is Green Technology not Cancer causing Electrical set ups.

Brian Cates #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger t.me

The reason Biden and Co. suddenly had to drum up a war in Ukraine is because Zelensky working behind the scenes with Putin is setting up a vast sea change in Ukraine. He needed outside help to pull it off. This is what Trump was setting up before he left. And of course Biden and the WEF globalists are FREAKING OUT over not only losing their money laundering cash cow, but also being exposed for all the hundreds of billions of dollars they've stolen from their own countries and funneled through the Ukrainian banks.

Joshua Conner Moon #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #transphobia t.me

Hello! You might notice the site is down. This is because Zayo, the ISP that I have been trying to get online since December, was serving requests for less than 12 hours before succumbing to a few angry emails.

Simply getting the Kiwi Farms back online is not my main concern though.

Zayo is an Internet service provider. They are a big company with presence across the world. If Zayo is arbitrarily blocking entire networks because of individual sites, and they are doing so with no recourse, the Internet is doomed. We are watching in real time as the very foundations of our interconnected world buckle and fold.

The reality of a Tier 1 provider like Zayo censoring the Internet is very dire and I hope you will pay attention.

Without them, should you manage to peer, you are not on the Internet if you cannot handle DDoS attacks yourself. DDoS mitigation has never been made a core part of the Internet, and I believe that weakness is deliberately encouraged by governments, as the US government routinely utilizes DDoS attacks to censor networks like Tor.

I do like my website, and after spending time on other communities I know that nothing will ever replace it if the circus of sex pests and psychologically disturbed slacktivists have their way.

I also am very sad to see these state of affairs. Without breaking the law, without piracy, and without incident (like Tarrant and Jan 6 with 8chan), we have been censored at some of the highest reaches of the Internet. A handful of very mentally ill people sending nasty emails, threatening the families of datacenter employees, and calling in favors with friends in high places have very effectively snapped the neck of the interconnected world.

Every year the diversity of websites online shrinks, and the centralization of services grow. Those who should want to fight a tech oligarchy instead cheer it on and help consolidate its power. I am helplessly watching the Internet, and the freedom it has brought our entire species, die a slow death. It hurts. The Internet is being murdered by shortsighted parasites, and they will never realize how big a mistake it is until there's no going back.