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Thrown in your face:

Force-fed wars, anal sex, drag queens, degeneracy, and mutilation of children’s testicles and genitals.

This is the kind of dreck coming out of DC, and neither Trump nor DeSantis can fix it.

Both are “Israel Firsters.”

That means whatever’s good for the Jews is good for Trump and DeSantis.
Here’s their schwartza shill, Lloyd Austin, rapt in adoration of his Ukrainian counterpart, the Yid, Oleksii Reznikov.

Oh, it makes the Yids all over de vorld, just vanna shimmy, do the Kizomba-Kompa jungle mumba, seeing this schwartza baboon woo and spoon this vittle little yiddle who’s been given a gold-plated key to the US Treasury.
We are being played.

It’s being built into our monthly national cycle:

‘Pride Month of June’ is nothing less than celebrating for thirty dirty days:

Anal sex between men, dildo sex between women, gender confusion, and child genital mutilation.
Last time I checked, shoving a penis up another man’s feces, is ignoble, ugly, unworthy of one’s manhood.

The very act of anal penetration sends a man to hell where demons stick their scorpion-tipped tails up the practitioner’s arse.
Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for less.

DC is the enemy of Jesus Christ.

If you love God you must hate DC.

You cannot serve God and Mammon.

Not only religious and moral issues are at stake, but practical and economic ones, too.

Under DC, your children face mandatory health-endangering ‘vaccines’ required to be educated.

Under DC, your children will learn to hate their skin color and their White Christian heritage.

Under DC, your borders are ravaged, drugs come pouring in, human trafficking explodes, and your demographics are altered forever.

Under DC, your property taxes increase, tied to escalating inflation, and home-ownership becomes a thing of the past.

Under DC, Third World illiterates are re-settled in Middle America, and your culture and racial unity are dismantled forever.

Under DC, firearms are eliminated and all you’re left with is squirt guns.



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