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Thought exercise: men who offer violence to women should lose an appendage each time they offend—hit a woman, commit rape, assault, etc.

Now the *key* to this plan is that the first offense always results in the penis being removed. It is very important to start with the penis so they get the message. Then each of the four limbs, then the head, if they really don’t get it.

The thing is, it wouldn’t take that many peepee-ectomies for men to start to get it. They are still mad about Lorena Bobbit removing her abuser’s raping tool and that was 30 years ago! I think we can make a dent in the culture way sooner than that. A hundred? A thousand? What about 47,000 a year? Then everyone knows a guy or knows of a guy who hit a women or hurt her and had the tackle taken off. It becomes common, culturally acceptable! We recognize that men who rape and beat women often end up dickless. We make them an object of ridicule. Men start to get scared. They start to monitor their own behavior, they get scared to go on dates. Catcallers worry they’ll get their tongues cut out next.

47,000 a year sure will sound like a LOT of people to men worried about their dingle dangles. That’s 128 a day! The court system would be full of these cases! This is a global nightmare! Society is a nightmare! This affects everything!

47,000 women are murdered every year by their partners or family members. When was the last time you heard a male care about this? On his own, without prompting?

What if those 47,000 women were still here? In fifty years, it’s more than two million. What if they had lived? What would they have contributed? Who were they?

Snip snip.



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