Too Qrazy for QAnon Award

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #racist #ufo

*Operation Trust 2.0” is another codename for the Q psyop. The Q Psyop hss been rebranded and relaunched in several different forms since 2015. “Q Clearance Patriot” was the original name of the operation that eventually became the “Q” we all know(not “Qanon”, that’s what the media mistakenly refers to it as. “Q” will get very upset if you refer to it as “Qanon”). Though Q-anon is a homophony for Cannan or Cain, which makes a ton of sense. Q is also a nod to:

(1) the feathered serpent Mesoamerican diety Quatzecotal.

(2)the Queens subversive “Qinetiq” intelligence apparatus.

(3)the “sentient” Quantum computer program that creates the Q drops and manages the rhetoric and tone of the psychological operation as a whole.

Visually it also acts as a representation of the human Zygote embryo being infected by a synthetic or serpentine genetic invader.
Most of these partisan political movements and many of these “alternative” social media and video platforms like Truth.Social and Gab are obvious honey hole traps designed to identify dissident citizens and gather intelligence to be used against the American people. I’ve even heard the much beloved and very free speech friendly Bitchute platform is British Intelligence! Say it ain’t so! Just remember never to trust anyone or anything.

Anyone still smoking the Hopium and buying into Q as a benevolent military operation here to save America and annihilate the Jesuit/Zionist Cabal is dumber than a box of paperclips. The Q movement is designed to “identify and neutralize” the opposition. It’s the Feds gathering intelligence. They’ve done this before.

There no “White Hats” secretly vanquishing the Cabal behind the scenes and holding secret military tribunals to bring the EL-ite leaders who control our Clownworld to ultimate justice. It’s all an act.



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